Physical mechanisms of gas and perfluoron retinopexy and sub-retinal fluid displacement.


:Injection of gas into the eye, followed by face-down positioning, is a common protocol for the reseating of the retina in posterior and superior retinal tears and breaks. The physical mechanism by which injected gas helps reattach retinal flaps is often ascribed to the 'buoyancy' force of the injected gas bubble. The various forces at play in this system (surface tension and buoyancy) were calculated and compared. The results are extended to the case in which the retina is intact (pneumatic displacement of blood) and to the use of intraocular perfluoron (n-perfluorooctane). We show that buoyancy forces are applicable only for gas or n-perfluorooctane bubbles that are smaller than the detached retina and that do not invade underneath the retina. For larger bubbles, as is normally used in reattachment protocols, we show that it is the interfacial tension that reattaches the retina. The range of angles within which patients can position, and still maintain a gas-vitreous interface along a tear is calculated as a function of the volume of injected gas and size of the tear. The maximum retinal flap size that can be reattached using surface tension forces is also estimated.


Phys Med Biol


Foster WJ,Chou T




Has Abstract


2004-07-07 00:00:00












  • The use of customized spreadsheets in radiation therapy.

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  • NEMA NU 4-2008 validation and applications of the PET-SORTEO Monte Carlo simulations platform for the geometry of the Inveon PET preclinical scanner.

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  • Survey of numerical electrostimulation models.

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  • A numerical study on the influence of vulnerable plaque composition on intravascular thermography measurements.

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  • Radiation binary targeted therapy for HER-2 positive breast cancers: assumptions, theoretical assessment and future directions.

    abstract::A novel radiation targeted therapy is investigated for HER-2 positive breast cancers. The proposed concept combines two known approaches, but never used together for the treatment of advanced, relapsed or metastasized HER-2 positive breast cancers. The proposed radiation binary targeted concept is based on the anti HE...

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  • Comparative behaviour of the dynamically penalized likelihood algorithm in inverse radiation therapy planning.

    abstract::This paper presents a description of tests carried out to compare the behaviour of five algorithms in inverse radiation therapy planning: (1) The Dynamically Penalized Likelihood (DPL), an algorithm based on statistical estimation theory; (2) an accelerated version of the same algorithm: (3) a new fast adaptive simula...

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  • A Monte Carlo evaluation of RapidArc dose calculations for oropharynx radiotherapy.

    abstract::RapidArc, recently released by Varian Medical Systems, is a novel extension of IMRT in which an optimized 3D dose distribution may be delivered in a single gantry rotation of 360 degrees or less. The purpose of this study was to investigate the accuracy of the analytical anisotropic algorithm (AAA), the sole algorithm...

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  • Scatter compensation methods in 3D iterative SPECT reconstruction: a simulation study.

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  • A novel linear programming approach to fluence map optimization for intensity modulated radiation therapy treatment planning.

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  • Accurate helical cone-beam CT reconstruction with redundant data.

    abstract::We present a new image reconstruction algorithm for helical cone-beam computed tomography (CT). This algorithm is designed for data collected at or near maximum pitch, and provides a theoretically exact and stable reconstruction while beneficially using all measured data. The main operations involved are a differentia...

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  • A feasibility study of the use of fluorescence bronchoscopy for localization of small lung tumours.

    abstract::The possible use of fluorescence bronchoscopy for localization of bronchogenic tumours at the carcinoma in situ stage has been investigated. The target lesion is 80 micrometer thick with a mass of 250 microgram, containing 250 pg of haematoporphyrin derivative. The injected haematoporphyrin-derivative is preferentiall...

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    abstract::The behaviour of scatter dose in 4 and 8 MV wedged x-ray beams has been studied by calculating scatter-to-primary dose ratios (SPR) and comparing these with SPR for non-wedged beams. On the central axis the SPR for wedged and non-wedged beams differ only by a few per cent, a difference which increases slightly with we...

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  • In vitro double-integrating-sphere optical properties of tissues between 630 and 1064 nm.

    abstract::The optical properties (absorption and scattering coefficients and the scattering anisotropy factor) were measured in vitro for cartilage, liver, lung, muscle, myocardium, skin, and tumour (colon adenocarcinoma CC 531) at 630, 632.8, 790, 850 and 1064 nm. Rabbits, rats, piglets, goats, and dogs were used to obtain the...

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  • Modeling late rectal toxicities based on a parameterized representation of the 3D dose distribution.

    abstract::Many models exist for predicting toxicities based on dose-volume histograms (DVHs) or dose-surface histograms (DSHs). This approach has several drawbacks as firstly the reduction of the dose distribution to a histogram results in the loss of spatial information and secondly the bins of the histograms are highly correl...

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  • Evaluation of transmission methodology and attenuation correction for the microPET Focus 220 animal scanner.

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  • Fast laser scanning optical-CT apparatus for 3D radiation dosimetry.

    abstract::Optical computed tomography (optical-CT) of 3D radiation dosimeters is a promising avenue for delivering an economic and reliable quality control of radiotherapy treatments such as intensity modulated radiotherapy, brachytherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery. The main problems in transferring 3D dosimeters to clinical...

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  • The transformation method for the MIRD absorbed fraction as applied to various physiques.

    abstract::A transformation method was investigated for applying the MIRD absorbed fraction to internal dose calculations for an individual. The transformation method consists of two parts, transformation of the target organ mass, and of the distance between source and target organs. The variation of the specific absorbed fracti...

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  • Development of 4D mathematical observer models for the task-based evaluation of gated myocardial perfusion SPECT.

    abstract::This paper presents two 4D mathematical observer models for the detection of motion defects in 4D gated medical images. Their performance was compared with results from human observers in detecting a regional motion abnormality in simulated 4D gated myocardial perfusion (MP) SPECT images. The first 4D mathematical obs...

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    authors: Lee TS,Frey EC,Tsui BM

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  • DAVID--a translucent multi-wire transmission ionization chamber for in vivo verification of IMRT and conformal irradiation techniques.

    abstract::Permanent in vivo verification of IMRT photon beam profiles by a radiation detector with spatial resolution, positioned on the radiation entrance side of the patient, has not been clinically available so far. In this work we present the DAVID system, which is able to perform this quality assurance measurement while th...

    journal_title:Physics in medicine and biology

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    authors: Poppe B,Thieke C,Beyer D,Kollhoff R,Djouguela A,Rühmann A,Willborn KC,Harder D

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