Over 500 solitary pancreas transplants in nonuremic patients with brittle diabetes mellitus.


BACKGROUND:A pancreas transplant alone (PTA) in a nonuremic patient with brittle diabetes mellitus remains a rare procedure because the tradeoff for insulin independence is lifelong immunosuppression. METHODS:Herein we report our results at the University of Minnesota of 513 PTAs from December 17, 1966, through December 31, 2006. Of these recipients, 87% had previously experienced hypoglycemic unawareness and 23% experienced coma and/or seizures. These transplants spanned four immunosuppressive eras: pre-cyclosporine A (pre-CsA) era (16%), CsA era (23%), tacrolimus (TAC) era (47%), and calcineurin-inhibitor (CNI)-free era (14%). RESULTS:The overall patient survival rate at 1 year posttransplant was about 95%; at 5 years, it was 90%. The pancreas graft survival rate at 1 year increased significantly from the pre-CsA era (31%) to the TAC era (75%), thanks to a significant decline in immunologic and technical failures. The CNI-free protocol, because of its high infection and hematologic infection rate, did not further improve outcome. Risk factors for subsequent kidney failure (13% at 5 years posttransplant) were serum creatinine levels>1.5 mg/dl at the time of the pancreas transplant and recipient age<30 years. CONCLUSIONS:A technically successful PTA is currently the only treatment option that allows nonuremic patients with brittle diabetes to become insulin-independent in the long term.






Gruessner RW,Sutherland DE,Kandaswamy R,Gruessner AC




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  • Duodenal histology for monitoring treatment of acute rejection in pancreaticoduodenal allografts in rats.

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  • The use of a prostacyclin analog, iloprost, as an adjunct to pulmonary preservation with Euro-Collins solution.

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  • Evaluation of the drug interaction between intravenous high-dose fluconazole and cyclosporine or tacrolimus in bone marrow transplant patients.

    abstract::The purpose of this open-label, prospective study was to compare steady state concentrations and clearances of intravenously administered cyclosporine or tacrolimus with and without concomitant high-dose (400 mg/day) fluconazole in allogeneic BMT patients. Twenty-one patients were evaluable. The mean steady state cycl...


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  • Clinically relevant doses and blood levels produce experimental cyclosporine nephrotoxicity when combined with nitric oxide inhibition.

    abstract::Cyclosporine (CsA) administration and nitric oxide (NO) blockade promote similar chronic renal hemodynamic alterations in rats. We evaluated various clinical CsA doses under conditions of NO blockade using L-NAME (N-nitro L-arginine methyl ester). Groups of Sprague-Dawley rats kept on a normal salt (+NaCl) or low-salt...


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  • Activation of T lymphocytes for adhesion and cytokine expression by toxin-conjugated anti-CD3 monoclonal antibodies.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Immunosuppressive drugs that target T cells are useful for prolonging allograft survival. The anti-CD3 immunotoxin FN18-CRM9 has been shown to effectively prolong renal allograft survival in a rhesus monkey model of transplantation. However, immunotoxin-treated monkeys showed increased levels of inflammatory...


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  • Prolongation of allograft survival by combination therapy with anti-thymocyte serum and anti-immunoglobulin.

    abstract::Heterologous anti-immunoglobulin (AI) is a potent immunosuppressive agent which compares favorably to anti-thymocyte serum (ATS) in inhibiting E and EAC-rosette formation and diminishing the secondary antibody response to sheep erythrocytes and E. coli lipopolysaccharide. AI prolongs H-2 incompatible skin allograft su...


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    abstract::To investigate the clinical manifestations of Aspergillus infections in lung transplant recipients, we reviewed the mycology and autopsy reports of all double (DLT=93) and single (SLT=48) lung transplant recipients from November 1983 to May 1993. Positive Aspergillus cultures were identified in 22% of the recipients (...


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  • The association of IgA deficiency but not IgG or IgM deficiency with a reduced patient and graft survival following liver transplantation.

    abstract::Recipients of solid organ allografts require lifelong immunosuppression in order to prevent graft rejection and to maintain graft function. In general, such immunosuppression greatly impairs the cellular immune system, as this level of the immune system is principally responsible for self and non-self recognition. The...


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    abstract::The aim of this study was to assess the feasibility of detecting anti-HLA antibodies in eluates from needle core biopsies of renal transplants with chronic allograft nephropathy. Two methods of screening, the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and flow cytometry (FlowPRA) were compared. Twenty renal transplants...


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    abstract::Discordant xenogeneic organ transplantation is a potential solution to the critical shortage of suitable donor organs. However, clinical application of xenotransplantation with physiologically suitable organs such as those from the pig, is currently limited by the lack of agents to prevent antibody and complement-medi...


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  • Islet graft survival and function: concomitant culture and transplantation with vascular endothelial cells in diabetic rats.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Human islet transplantation is a great potential therapy for type I diabetes. To investigate islet graft survival and function, we recently showed the improved effects after co-culture and co-transplantation with vascular endothelial cells (ECs) in diabetic rats. METHODS:ECs were isolated, and the viability...


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  • Reversal of intrapulmonary arteriovenous shunting detected by two-dimensional contrast-enhanced echocardiography after liver transplantation.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Intrapulmonary arteriovenous shunting (IPS), occasionally associated with advanced liver disease, may reverse after liver transplantation (LTx). Two-dimensional contrast-enhanced echocardiography, a convenient noninvasive study, has never been used to demonstrate disappearance of IPS after LTx. METHODS:For ...


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  • Graft-versus-host reactivity and graft-versus-leukemia effect in murine allogeneic bone marrow chimeras conditioned with total body irradiation or total lymphoid irradiation.

    abstract::To investigate whether graft-versus-host reactivity (GVHR) and the graft-versus-leukemia (GVL) effect can be differentiated, C3H-->AKR mixed bone marrow (BM) chimeras were prepared using two different conditioning regimens. Total body irradiation (TBI) chimeras were induced by infusing 5 x 1O(6) T cell depleted syngen...


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    authors: Salam A,Waer M

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  • Lymphoma and hypercalcemia in a pediatric orthotopic liver transplant patient.

    abstract::We present a case report of a pediatric orthotopic liver transplant recipient who developed lymphoma with hypercalcemia on cyclosporine and prednisone immunosuppression. This is the first reported posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder complicated by hypercalcemia, with a finding of an elevated 1,25 dihydroxyl vi...


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