Renovascular hypertension induces myocardial mitochondrial damage, contributing to cardiac injury and dysfunction in pigs with metabolic syndrome.


BACKGROUND:Subjects with renovascular hypertension (RVH) often manifest with metabolic syndrome (MetS) as well. Coexisting MetS and hypertension increases cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, but the mechanisms underlying cardiac injury remain unknown. We hypothesized that superimposition of MetS induces myocardial mitochondrial damage, leading to cardiac injury and dysfunction in swine RVH. METHODS:Pigs were studied after 16 weeks of diet-induced MetS with or without RVH (unilateral renal artery stenosis), and Lean controls (n=6 each). Systolic and diastolic cardiac function were assessed by multi-detector CT, and cardiac mitochondrial morphology (transmission electron microscopy) and myocardial function in tissue and isolated mitochondria. RESULTS:Body weight was similarly higher in MetS groups vs. Lean. RVH groups achieved significant stenosis and developed hypertension. Mitochondrial matrix density and ATP production were lower and H2O2 production higher in RVH groups versus Lean and MetS. Lean+RVH (but not MetS+RVH) activated mitophagy, which was associated with decreased myocardial expression of mitophagy-related microRNAs. MetS groups exhibited higher numbers of inter-mitochondrial junctions (IMJs), which could have prevented membrane depolarization/activation of mitophagy in MetS+RVH. Cardiac fibrosis, hypertrophy (increased left ventricular muscle mass), and diastolic function (decreased E/A ratio) were greater in MetS+RVH versus Lean+RVH. CONCLUSIONS:Superimposition of MetS on swine RVH induces myocardial mitochondrial damage and dysfunction. MetS+RVH failed to activate mitophagy, resulting in greater cardiac remodeling, fibrosis, and diastolic dysfunction. Mitochondrial injury and impaired mitophagy may constitute important mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets to ameliorate cardiac damage and dysfunction in patients with coexisting MetS and RVH.


Am J Hypertens


Aghajani Nargesi A,Farah MC,Zhu XY,Zhang L,Tang H,Jordan KL,Saadiq IM,Lerman A,Lerman LO,Eirin A




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