Validation of a Chinese version of the short form of Metacognitions Questionnaire (MCQ-30).


BACKGROUND:This study investigated the psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the short form of Metacognitions Questionnaire (MCQ-30), which is an effective tool to assess metacognitive beliefs that have been linked to mental disturbance/disorder. We also tested whether metacognition factors would correlate with Internet gaming disorder (IGD) tendency. METHODS:Six hundred and eighty Chinese university students (Mean age=19.72, SD=1.38; 31.9% male) voluntarily completed an anonymous online questionnaire. Using standard translation procedures, the MCQ-30 items were translated from English into Chinese language and then back-translated. Depression, anxiety, and IGD tendency were assessed by validated scales. RESULTS:Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) results supported the five-factor structure of the MCQ-30, with satisfactory model fit and good reliability. Criterion-related validity was also supported by significant positive correlations between the five factors and depression/anxiety symptoms. All of the five metacognition factors were also significantly correlated with IGD tendency, with positive beliefs about worry and cognitive confidence being the most salient factor after controlling for gender and age. LIMITATIONS:This study did not examine the test-retest reliability of this scale, and the generalizability of the findings to other age groups remains unclear. CONCLUSIONS:This study showed satisfactory psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the MCQ-30 and is the first to demonstrate a positive association between specific metacognition factors and IGD tendency among Chinese people. The latter finding supports an application of metacognitive therapy to the treatment of behavioral addictions, including IGD.


J Affect Disord


Zhang MX,Lei LSM,Wells A,Dang L,Wu AMS




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  • Parsing cyclothymic disorder and other specified bipolar spectrum disorders in youth.

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  • A longitudinal analysis of posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and their relationship with Fear and Anxious-Misery disorders: implications for DSM-V.

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  • TrkB gene expression and DNA methylation state in Wernicke area does not associate with suicidal behavior.

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  • Recovery trajectories for long-term health-related quality of life following a road traffic crash injury: Results from the UQ SuPPORT study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Diminished physical and mental health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is a common consequence of road traffic crash (RTC) injury. This study aimed to (a) determine the probable recovery trajectories in physical and mental HRQoL; (b) examine the impact of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on HRQoL scores w...

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  • Prognostic factors in major depression: a long-term follow-up study of 323 patients.

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  • Determinants of occupational and residential functioning in bipolar disorder.

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  • Offspring of parents with recurrent depression: which features of parent depression index risk for offspring psychopathology?

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  • Personality disorders and suicide attempts in unipolar and bipolar mood disorders.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Comorbid personality disorders may predispose patients with mood disorders to suicide attempts (SAs), but factors mediating this effect are not well known. METHODS:Altogether 597 patients from three prospective cohort studies (Vantaa Depression Study, Jorvi Bipolar Study, and Vantaa Primary Care Depression ...

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  • Trait impulsivity in patients with mood disorders.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Impulsivity is a key component of the manic behavior of bipolar disorder and is reported to occur in bipolar patients as a stable characteristic, i.e. a trait. Nevertheless, impulsivity has not been widely studied in depressed bipolar patients. We assessed impulsivity in depressed and euthymic bipolar and un...

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  • Momentary changes in the cardiovascular autonomic system during mental loading in patients with panic disorder: a new physiological index "rho(max)".

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Although panic disorder (PD) is suggestive of autonomic nervous system dysfunction, especially in the cardiovascular autonomic system (CAS), the results in many previous studies are still controversial. Using a new physiological index which could well reflect emotional reaction to visual stimuli (Yoshizawa, ...

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  • Psychometric properties of the Clinically Useful Depression Outcome Scale supplemented with DSM-5 Mixed subtype questionnaire in Chinese patients with mood disorders.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:With the modification of DSM-5 mixed features specifier, a brief scale to screen mixed features in patients with mood disorders is needed in clinical practice. This study aimed to explore the psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Clinically Useful Depression Outcome Scale supplemented with DS...

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