Capturing the enthesitis related arthritis contemporary profile of Caucasian patients in the era of biologics.


:To describe the profile of Enthesitis Related Arthritis' (ERA) patients, in the era of biologic DMARDs (bDMARDs). This retrospective cohort study included patients with ERA monitored on a 3-month schedule for at least 1 year. Their metric assessment included the disease status and damage by applying the contemporary tools clinical-Juvenile Arthritis Disease Activity Score (c-JADAS), Juvenile Spondyloarthritis Disease Activity Index (JSpADA), clinical remission (CR) on/off medication and Juvenile Arthritis Damage Index (JADI). 43 patients (males 26) were enrolled, with a mean disease onset of 10.75 years. Median lag time from diagnosis to bDMARDs was 8.5 months. Patients with sacroiliitis received earlier bDMARDs (hazard ratio, HR 3.26). 36/43 patients achieved CR on medication (median time 11 months), which was correlated with compliance (HR: 3.62). The percentage of CR in patients with or without sacroiliitis was 35% and 63% respectively (p = 0.02). Twenty patients (47%) experienced a flare following CR (75%). The median flare-free survival following CR on/off medication was 42 and 34 months, respectively. At the last evaluation, both median baseline cJADAS and JSpADA dropped to 0, 13/43 patients had a persistent disease activity, while 17/43 and 13/43 patients were in CR on/off medication, respectively. The median patient percentage of CR was 54% and no patient had a JADI > 0. Increased lag time to bDMARDs was associated with increased CR (Odds ratio: 1.48). Early administration of bDMARDs and compliance improved long-term outcome of ERA. Sacroiliitis was a negative prognostic factor with an increased need for bDMARDs and diminished rates of CR.


Rheumatol Int


Deligeorgakis D,Trachana M,Pratsidou-Gertsi P,Dimopoulou D,Haidich AB,Garyfallos A




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