Assessment of focused multivector ultraviolet disinfection withshadowless delivery using 5-point multisided sampling ofpatientcare equipment without manual-chemical disinfection.


BACKGROUND:The aim of this study was to evaluate the performance of a focused multivector ultraviolet (FMUV) system employing shadowless delivery with a 90-second disinfection cycle for patient care equipment inside and outside the operating room (OR) suite without manual-chemical disinfection. METHODS:A 5-point multisided sampling protocol was utilized to measure the microbial burden on objects inside and outside the OR environment in a 3-phase nonrandomized observational study. Surface sampling was performed pre- and postdisinfection in between cases (IBCs) to assess the performance of manual-chemical disinfection. FMUV system performance was separately assessed pre- and postdisinfection before the first case and IBCs. Additionally, visibly clean high-touch objects were sampled outside the OR, and the microbial burden reductions after FMUV disinfection were quantified without manual-chemical disinfection. RESULTS:Manual-chemical disinfection reduced the active microbial burden on sampled objects IBCs by 52.8%-90.9% (P < .05). FMUV reduced the active microbial burden by 92%-97.7% (P < .0001) before the firstcase and IBCs combined, and 96.3%-99.6% (P < .0001) on objects outside the OR without chemical disinfection. CONCLUSIONS:Five-point multisided sampling proved effective for assessing disinfection performance on all exterior sides of equipment. FMUV produced significant overall reductions of the microbial burden on patient care equipment in all study phases and independent of manual cleaning and chemical disinfection.


Am J Infect Control


Armellino D,Walsh TJ,Petraitis V,Kowalski W




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    abstract::The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) began publishing their series of Elimination Guides in 2007. Since then, 9 Elimination Guides have been developed that cover a range of important infection prevention issues, including the prevention of catheter-related bloodstream infectio...

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  • Postoperative wound infection after total abdominal hysterectomy: a controlled study of the increased duration of hospital stay and trends in postoperative wound infection.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Total abdominal hysterectomy, a common operative procedure, is infrequently accompanied by incisional wound infection. No recent study has examined the excess hospital stay attributable to such infections. METHODS:This historical cohort study of cases and matched controls was performed in a tertiary care un...

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