Effect of Light Environment on Growth and Phenylpropanoids of Yarrow (Achillea collina cv. SPAK) Grown in the Alps.


:A 2-year field study on the effect of different light environments, obtained by using cladding materials (polyethylene films and shade net) able to cut off specific regions of the photosynthetically active radiation and ultraviolet wavebands, on the growth and phenylpropanoids content of Achillea collina grown in the Alps was conducted. Overall the plant growth was strongly enhanced in the second growing season irrespective of radiation treatment. The light environment did not affect total biomass accumulation, but only carbon allocation to leaves or inflorescences. Indeed the phenylpropanoid levels in inflorescences appeared to be more sensitive to the light environment than leaves as the latter showed high constitutive amounts of these compounds. However, the use of polyethylene films improved to some extent the content of caffeic acid derivatives in leaves. Our results showed that yarrow production, in the alpine situation considered, is influenced by the growing season and the light environment, providing a basis to optimize its quality, depending on the concentration of bioactive compounds, by means of proper agronomic practices.


Photochem Photobiol


Giorgi A,Manzo A,Vagge I,Panseri S




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    abstract::The efficacy of photodynamic therapy (PDT) depends upon the amount of photosensitizer accumulated in the malignant tissues. Radachlorin is a popular photosensitizer used in photodynamic therapy to treat various types of cancer. In this study, we have studied the main organelles responsible for the accumulation of rada...

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    abstract::Urban environments can have high-risk spaces that can provide excess personal sun exposure, such as urban or street canyons, and the spaces between buildings, among others. In these urban spaces, sun exposure can be high or low depending on several factors. Polysulphone film (PSF) was used to assess possible daily sol...

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    abstract::Solar light leads to thymine dimers that are mutagenic and primary cause of skin cancer. Here, we report absorption and synchrotron radiation circular dichroism (CD) spectra of Tn single strands with different number n of bases (n = 2-7, 10, 11) recorded after various 254 nm irradiation times. From a principal compone...

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