Evolution of consultation-liaison services in bone marrow transplantation.


:Bone marrow transplantation offers new hope for cure in a variety of leukemias, aplastic anemia, and other immunodeficiency and hematologic disorders. But the psychologic circumstances accompanying this procedure are often profoundly stressful. The evolution of consultation--liaison services on a bone marrow transplantation unit are described and illustrated with several clinical vignettes. The results of a survey of 52 other bone marrow transplantation centers report the percentage that provide such services and the extent to which they are performed by a psychiatrist, a nonphysician psychosocial counselor, or both.


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  • The reactions to research participation questionnaires for children and for parents (RRPQ-C and RRPQ-P).

    abstract::Systematic assessment of the effect of clinical research studies on child and parent participants has been limited. Such assessment could provide an empirical basis for the ethical conduct of research, assisting investigators and institutional review boards in balancing the need for sound research with the need to pro...

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  • Pernicious anemia presenting as catatonia: correlating vitamin B12 levels and catatonic symptoms.

    abstract::Pernicious anemia has been associated with various psychiatric manifestations, such as depression, mania and psychosis. Psychiatric symptoms can sometimes occur without hematological and neurological abnormalities and can be prodromal of vitamin B12 deficiency. We report a case of autoimmune B12 deficiency presenting ...

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    abstract::As the consultation-liaison psychiatrist for a large burn service, the author investigated the undermedication for pain. This phenomenon could not be adequately explained by the staff's insensitivity, by mistaken ideas about analgesics, or by fears of iatrogenic addiction. For both patients and staff, the pain served ...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective was to describe continuity of care approaches for psychiatric emergencies in the emergency department. METHODS:A national survey of all 138 academic emergency departments in the United States was conducted. RESULTS:Most emergency physicians (81%) had no systematic method for identifying psychi...

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