IL-25 promotes Th2-type reactions and correlates with disease severity in the pathogenesis of oral lichen planus.


OBJECTIVE:The aim of the present study was to investigate the correlation between IL-25 expression and disease severity, and the potential immunoregulatory role of IL-25 expression in oral lichen planus (OLP). MATERIALS AND METHODS:The oral mucosal tissue samples obtained from OLP patients and healthy controls (HCs) were analyzed for IL-25 expression by real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) and immunohistochemistry. Recombinant IL-25 was used to stimulate OLP patient-derived CD4 + T cells, and then IL-4 secretion and mRNA expression were evaluated by ELISA and qPCR, respectively. The efficiency of the siRNA-mediated knockdown of IL-25R expression in oral keratinocytes was determined by qPCR and Western blotting. Human oral keratinocyte cells were cultured with the recombinant human cytokines IL-25, IL-17 A and IL-17 F. The production of associated cytokines by keratinocytes was determined by qPCR. Statistical analyses of quantitative data were performed using SPSS software. RESULTS:The IL-25 and IL-4 mRNA levels were elevated and correlated significantly with each other in specific OLP subtype lesions compared to HCs, while the numbers of IL-25 positive cells were also increased in local OLP lesions as compared to HCs. In vitro culture with recombinant IL-25 could significantly promote CD4 + T cells from both subtypes of OLP to produce IL-4 mRNA and remarkably elevate supernatant IL-4 levels in reticular OLP CD4 + T cell cultures, which may be attributed to the elevated expression of IL-25R in local OLP lesions. Statistical analyses demonstrated that the simultaneously increased levels of IL-4, CXCL8 and CCL20 in keratinocytes were induced by IL-25 but not IL-17 A or IL-17 F. Decreasing IL-25R subunit expression by siRNA-mediated knockdown significantly blocked the expression of all cytokine-produced inflammatory mediators in oral keratinocytes. CONCLUSIONS:In OLP lesions, IL-25 can function to mediate the Th2 response in specific disease subtypes, which may be an important cause of OLP disease chronicity and persistent inflammation.


Arch Oral Biol


Archives of oral biology


Wang H,Jiang Y,Wang H,Luo Z,Wang Y,Guan X




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  • Fluid shifts across human dentine in vitro in response to hydrodynamic stimuli.

    abstract::Most authorities agree that the hydrodynamic theory of dentine sensitivity best explains the stimulus-response relations of most painful stimuli. However, as the usual hydrodynamic stimuli are so different, it has been impossible to compare them. The equivalency of hydrodynamic stimuli can be evaluated from measuremen...

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  • The detection of platelet-activating factor in inflamed human gingival tissue.

    abstract::Platelet-activating factor (1-O-alkyl-2-acetyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine; PAF) is a biologically active lipid, like the prostaglandins, which mediates allergic and inflammatory reactions. Aggregation of washed rabbit platelets was induced by a lipid prepared from inflamed gingiva. The mobility of the active lipid wa...

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  • Ultrastructure of granular materials in rat incisor enamel organ at early maturation stage.

    abstract::With scanning electron microscopy, globules were seen in inter-cellular spaces between ameloblasts with ruffled borders and papillary cells at early maturation stage. Numerous globules were located on longitudinal folds between parallel ridges on the sides of ameloblasts, but only a few in the papillary layer. In prev...

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  • Fluid and protein flux across the pulpodentine complex of the dog in vivo.

    abstract::Dentinal fluid volume and protein concentrations were measured from cavities prepared in the dentine of dog molars. Fluid was collected under spontaneous conditions, during the application of negative pressures, and during a recovery period. The data allowed the calculation of dentine permeability as hydraulic conduct...

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