Novel biotechnological approaches to produce biological compounds: challenges and opportunities for science communication.


:Novel biotechnological approaches such as Metabolic Engineering (ME) and New Plant Breeding Techniques (NPBTs) are currently being developed to produce biological compounds for food and non-food products. NPBTs span a range of methods for in vivo production in crops, some of which are classified as GMOs while others aren't. Deploying such techniques will not only provide new opportunities for industry, but also challenges with respect to the regulatory environment. Similarly, the process of communicating these new techniques and their products to stakeholders and consumers will not be without its own challenges. We argue that scientists should engage more with non-scientists, either directly or through collaborators. These engagements should not only be about the science, we suggest, but also explicitly deal with real world ramifications, such as economic, environmental and social issues.


Curr Opin Biotechnol


Pei L,Schmidt M




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  • Biomaterials meet microfluidics: building the next generation of artificial niches.

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  • Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for production of butanol isomers.

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  • Vernalization and flowering time.

    abstract::Vernalization is the process by which flowering is promoted by prolonged exposure to the cold of a typical winter. In certain plant species, the role of vernalization is to suppress the expression of genes that encode repressors of flowering. In Arabidopsis, this suppression is an epigenetic phenomenon in the sense th...

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  • Why recombinant antibodies - benefits and applications.

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  • Visualizing life with ambient mass spectrometry.

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  • Receptor-Fc fusion therapeutics, traps, and MIMETIBODY technology.

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  • Understanding cellular networks to improve hematopoietic stem cell expansion cultures.

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  • Engineered fatty acid catabolism for fuel and chemical production.

    abstract::Fatty acid oxidation pathways are attractive for metabolic engineering purposes due to their cyclic nature as well as their reactions that allow for the selective functionalization of alkyl chains. These characteristics allow for the production of various chemicals, such as alcohols, alkanes, ketones and hydroxyacids,...

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  • Advances in cellulosic conversion to fuels: engineering yeasts for cellulosic bioethanol and biodiesel production.

    abstract::Cellulosic fuels are expected to have great potential industrial applications in the near future, but they still face technical challenges to become cost-competitive fuels, thus presenting many opportunities for improvement. The economical production of viable biofuels requires metabolic engineering of microbial platf...

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  • Metabolic flux analysis in eukaryotes.

    abstract::Metabolic flux analysis (MFA) represents a powerful tool for systems biology research on eukaryotic cells. This review describes recent advances, the challenges as well as applications of metabolic flux analysis comprising fungi, mammalian cells and plants. While MFA is widely established and applied in microorganisms...

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  • Stable-isotope probing of DNA: insights into the function of uncultivated microorganisms from isotopically labeled metagenomes.

    abstract::Stable-isotope probing (SIP) of environmental genomic DNA allows populations in a natural microbial community to be identified through the incorporation of (13)C- or (15)N-labeled substrates into biomass. The isotopically labeled DNA is retrieved by density gradient centrifugation, and active microorganisms identified...

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  • Microbial biocatalyst developments to upgrade fossil fuels.

    abstract::Steady increases in the average sulfur content of petroleum and stricter environmental regulations concerning the sulfur content have promoted studies of bioprocessing to upgrade fossil fuels. Bioprocesses can potentially provide a solution to the need for improved and expanded fuel upgrading worldwide, because biopro...

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  • Discovery of new enzymatic functions and metabolic pathways using genomic enzymology web tools.

    abstract::The continuing expansion of protein and genome sequence databases is an opportunity to identify novel enzymes with biotechnological applications. Whether applied to enzymology, chemical biology, systems biology, and microbiology, database mining must be 'user-friendly' so that experimentalists can devise focused strat...

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  • Transgenic plants for phytoremediation of herbicides.

    abstract::Herbicides are economically important, but the non-point pollution that they cause may disrupt the surrounding environment. Phytoremediation of herbicides has been well studied using conventional plants. Transgenic plants produced for metabolizing herbicides and long-persisting pollutants can be used for phytoremediat...

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  • Sugarcane improvement: how far can we go?

    abstract::In recent years, efforts to improve sugarcane have focused on the development of biotechnology for this crop. It has become clear that sugarcane lacks tools for the biotechnological route of improvement and that the initial efforts in sequencing ESTs had limited impact for breeding. Until recently, the models used by ...

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  • Systems biology of yeast: enabling technology for development of cell factories for production of advanced biofuels.

    abstract::Transportation fuels will gradually shift from oil based fuels towards alternative fuel resources like biofuels. Current bioethanol and biodiesel can, however, not cover the increasing demand for biofuels and there is therefore a need for advanced biofuels with superior fuel properties. Novel cell factories will provi...

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  • Peptide ligation and semisynthesis.

    abstract::Semisynthesis is used to create defined analogues of proteins by the chemical manipulation of peptide fragments largely derived from the natural protein and the subsequent reassembly of those fragments into a near-native conformation. In common with the total synthesis of proteins, it requires efficient and non-destru...

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  • Biological function made crystal clear - annotation of hypothetical proteins via structural genomics.

    abstract::Many of the gene products of completely sequenced organisms are 'hypothetical' - they cannot be related to any previously characterized proteins - and so are of completely unknown function. Structural studies provide one means of obtaining functional information in these cases. A 'structural genomics' project has been...

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  • Microfabricated reaction and separation systems.

    abstract::Over the past year there have been a number of recent advances in the fields of miniaturized reaction and separation systems, including the construction of fully integrated 'lab-on-a-chip' systems. Microreactors, which initially targeted DNA-based reactions such as the polymerase chain reaction, are now used in severa...

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  • Predicting phenotypic variation from genotypes, phenotypes and a combination of the two.

    abstract::A central challenge for medicine is to predict disease risk and treatment outcomes for individuals. But what kind of information should be used to make useful predictions in biology? One important cause of phenotypic variation is of course genetics. However genetic predictions have both practical and fundamental limit...

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  • Fungi in lignocellulose breakdown and biopulping

    abstract::Biological pulping has the potential to improve the quality of pulp, properties of paper and to reduce energy costs and environmental impact relative to traditional pulping operations. It has been suggested that energy savings alone could make the process economically viable. Other benefits include improved burst stre...

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    authors: Breen A,Singleton FL

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  • Patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) as model systems for human cancer.

    abstract::Patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) are obtained by transplanting fragments of a patient's tumour into immunodeficient mice. Growth and propagation of PDXs allows correlating therapeutic response in vivo with extensive, multi-dimensional molecular annotation, leading to identification of predictive biomarkers. PDXs are ...

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    authors: Invrea F,Rovito R,Torchiaro E,Petti C,Isella C,Medico E

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  • Drinking water microbiology--from measurement to management.

    abstract::New microbial tools enable detailed quantification and characterization of complex drinking water (DW) microbiomes. Many opportunities exist from source to tap to apply this knowledge toward management of the microbiology. This requires consideration of the microbiome continuum across all phases harboring microbes (pl...

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    authors: Proctor CR,Hammes F

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  • Poxviruses as expression vectors.

    abstract::Poxviruses are widely used for the cytoplasmic expression of recombinant genes in mammalian cells. Recent improvements allow high expression and simplify the integration of multiple foreign genes. Vaccinia virus mutants and other poxviruses that undergo abortive infection in mammalian cells are receiving special atten...

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  • Phytoextraction of metals and metalloids from contaminated soils.

    abstract::The removal of inorganic contaminants by plants is termed phytoextraction. Recent studies have looked at the feasibility of phytoextraction, and demonstrate that both good biomass yields and metal hyperaccumulation are required to make the process efficient. Adding chelating agents to soil to increase the bioavailabil...

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  • Genetic circuitry for personalized human cell therapy.

    abstract::Synthetic biology uses engineering principles to design and assemble biological components and systems for a variety of applications. On the basis of genetic engineering, synthetic gene switches can be interconnected to construct complex gene circuits, capable of sensing and integrating diverse input signals for preci...

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  • Whole genome amplification--applications and advances.

    abstract::The concept of whole genome amplification is something that has arisen in the past few years as the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) has been adapted to replicate regions of genomes that are of biological interest. The applications are many--forensic science, embryonic disease diagnosis, bioterrorism genome detection, ...

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  • New methods for separation and recovery of biomolecules.

    abstract::New methods and applications in the separation of biomolecules are reviewed, with an emphasis on the large-scale recovery of proteins. Highlights include the advent of flow-through particles in perfusion chromatography, which allows for very high flow rates, while retaining a high chromatographic efficiency. ...

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  • Atomic force microscopy for the study of membrane proteins.

    abstract::Fundamental biological processes such as cell-cell communication, signal transduction, molecular transport and energy conversion are performed by membrane proteins. These important proteins are studied best in their native environment, the lipid bilayer. The atomic force microscope (AFM) is the instrument of choice to...

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  • Engineering of silk proteins for materials applications.

    abstract::Silk combines biological properties, such as non-toxicity and biodegradability, with physico-chemical ones, for example, mechanical strength. Base on molecular engineering, nowadays also new non-silk functions can be implemented in silk materials. Driven by rational design and ingenuity, innovative recombinant silk pr...

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