Plantibodies: applications, advantages and bottlenecks.


:Various strategies have been developed to exploit plants as bioreactors for the production of pharmaceutical antibodies, to engineer antibody-mediated pathogen resistance or to alter the plant phenotype by immunomodulation. Recent research developments focus on the fine-tuning of expression systems and the detailed characterisation of recombinant products, including the implications of plant-specific glycosylation. Meanwhile, the first of these plant-derived antibody products has successfully completed early phase clinical trials.


Curr Opin Biotechnol


Stoger E,Sack M,Fischer R,Christou P




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  • In vivo expression technology strategies: valuable tools for biotechnology.

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  • Single cell stable isotope probing in microbiology using Raman microspectroscopy.

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  • Dynamic covalent chemistry in aid of peptide self-assembly.

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  • In vitro display technologies: novel developments and applications.

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  • Receptor-Fc fusion therapeutics, traps, and MIMETIBODY technology.

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  • Membrane platforms for biological nanopore sensing and sequencing.

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  • Selection of biologically active peptides by phage display of random peptide libraries.

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  • Metabolic engineering and applications of flavonoids.

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  • Directed evolution and synthetic biology applications to microbial systems.

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  • Protein design in metabolic engineering and synthetic biology.

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  • Current initiatives for the validation of analytical methods for botanicals.

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  • Shared mechanisms among probiotic taxa: implications for general probiotic claims.

    abstract::Strain-specificity of probiotic effects has been a cornerstone principle of probiotic science for decades. Certainly, some important mechanisms are present in only a few probiotic strains. But scientific advances now reveal commonalities among members of certain taxonomic groups of probiotic microbes. Some clinical be...

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  • Opportunities toward hydrogen production biotechnologies.

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  • Plastid biotechnology: prospects for herbicide and insect resistance, metabolic engineering and molecular farming.

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  • Engineering yeast for utilization of alternative feedstocks.

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  • Recent advances in single-cell studies of gene regulation.

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  • New nuclear magnetic resonance structures and structural methodology.

    abstract::Progress in the field of protein nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy during the past year has included the elucidation of a number of new structures. In addition, several critical developments in the experimental methodology have opened up the potential for applying the nuclear magnetic resonance-based approach to...

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  • Bio-inspired engineering of thiopeptide antibiotics advances the expansion of molecular diversity and utility.

    abstract::Thiopeptide antibiotics, which are a class of sulfur-rich and highly modified peptide natural products, exhibit a wide variety of important biological properties. These antibiotics are ribosomally synthesized and arise from post-translational modifications, exemplifying a process through which nature develops the stru...

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  • Engineering solventogenic clostridia.

    abstract::Solventogenic clostridia are strictly anaerobic, endospore forming bacteria that produce a large array of primary metabolites, like butanol, by anaerobically degrading simple and complex carbohydrates, including cellulose and hemicellulose. Two genomes have been sequenced and some genetic tools have been developed, bu...

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  • Next generation sequencing and bioinformatic bottlenecks: the current state of metagenomic data analysis.

    abstract::The recent technological advances in next generation sequencing have brought the field closer to the goal of reconstructing all genomes within a community by presenting high throughput sequencing at much lower costs. While these next-generation sequencing technologies have allowed a massive increase in available raw s...

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  • Why recombinant antibodies - benefits and applications.

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  • Nanotechnology: convergence with modern biology and medicine.

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  • Globin gene switching: a paradigm or what?

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  • Predicting phenotypic variation from genotypes, phenotypes and a combination of the two.

    abstract::A central challenge for medicine is to predict disease risk and treatment outcomes for individuals. But what kind of information should be used to make useful predictions in biology? One important cause of phenotypic variation is of course genetics. However genetic predictions have both practical and fundamental limit...

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  • Antisense technology in molecular and cellular bioengineering.

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  • The Silicon Cell initiative: working towards a detailed kinetic description at the cellular level.

    abstract::The Silicon Cell initiative aims to understand cellular systems on the basis of the characteristics of their components. As a tool to achieve this, detailed kinetic models at the network reaction level are being constructed. Such detailed kinetic models are extremely useful for medical and biotechnological application...

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