Influence of training status and eNOS haplotypes on plasma nitrite concentrations in normotensive older adults: a hypothesis-generating study.


:The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between 3 eNOS gene polymorphisms and training status (TS) in affecting plasma nitrite concentration (NO2) in normotensive adults over 50 years old. Resting blood pressure (BP) was measured in all participants (n = 101). Plasma was taken to analyze: lipid profile, nitrite concentration (NO2) and lipid peroxide levels (T-BARS). Also, genomic DNA was extracted from plasma for genotyping NOS3 polymorphisms (-786T>C; 894G>T; and VNTR in intron 4). TS was determined by one-mile walk test and Functional Fitness Test Battery from AAHPERD (TS1-regular TS; TS2-good TS; and TS3-very good TS). BP was not influenced by TS, but NO2 was 15% higher in TS3 (123 ± 27 nM) compared to TS-2 (106 ± 22 nM). No differences were found in plasma NO2 in the haplotype analyses. However, the presence of the C allele (T-786C) and ASP allele (Glu298Asp) was found to enhance the correlation between TS and NO2 levels (r = 0.492 in C/4b/ASP haplotype and r = 0.855 in C/4a/ASP haplotype). This study thus identifies NOS3 polymorphism-dependent sensitivity to the effects of physical training on plasma NO2. Maintenance of good levels of training status, in carriers of C allele for T-786C polymorphism, combined with ASP allele for Glu298Asp polymorphism, may result in an increase in the NO2 plasma concentrations, which may reflect improved NO bioavailability in older adult normotensive individuals.


Aging Clin Exp Res


da Silva RF,Sertório JT,Lacchini R,Trapé AA,Tanus-Santos JE,Rush JW,Amaral SL,Zago AS




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