Hybrid ZTE/Dixon MR-based attenuation correction for quantitative uptake estimation of pelvic lesions in PET/MRI.


PURPOSE:This study introduces a new hybrid ZTE/Dixon MR-based attenuation correction (MRAC) method including bone density estimation for PET/MRI and quantifies the effects of bone attenuation on metastatic lesion uptake in the pelvis. METHODS:Six patients with pelvic lesions were scanned using fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) in an integrated time-of-flight (TOF) PET/MRI system. For PET attenuation correction, MR imaging consisted of two-point Dixon and zero echo-time (ZTE) pulse sequences. A continuous-value fat and water pseudoCT was generated from a two-point Dixon MRI. Bone was segmented from the ZTE images and converted to Hounsfield units (HU) using a continuous two-segment piecewise linear model based on ZTE MRI intensity. The HU values were converted to linear attenuation coefficients (LAC) using a bilinear model. The bone voxels of the Dixon-based pseudoCT were replaced by the ZTE-derived bone to produce the hybrid ZTE/Dixon pseudoCT. The three different AC maps (Dixon, hybrid ZTE/Dixon, CTAC) were used to reconstruct PET images using a TOF-ordered subset expectation maximization algorithm with a point-spread function model. Metastatic lesions were separated into two classes, bone lesions and soft tissue lesions, and analyzed. The MRAC methods were compared using a root-mean-squared error (RMSE), where the registered CTAC was taken as ground truth. RESULTS:The RMSE of the maximum standardized uptake values (SUVmax ) is 11.02% and 7.79% for bone (N = 6) and soft tissue lesions (N = 8), respectively, using Dixon MRAC. The RMSE of SUVmax for these lesions is significantly reduced to 3.28% and 3.94% when using the new hybrid ZTE/Dixon MRAC. Additionally, the RMSE for PET SUVs across the entire pelvis and all patients are 8.76% and 4.18%, for the Dixon and hybrid ZTE/Dixon MRAC methods, respectively. CONCLUSION:A hybrid ZTE/Dixon MRAC method was developed and applied to pelvic regions in an integrated TOF PET/MRI, demonstrating improved MRAC. This new method included bone density estimation, through which PET quantification is improved.


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Leynes AP,Yang J,Shanbhag DD,Kaushik SS,Seo Y,Hope TA,Wiesinger F,Larson PE




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  • The properties of the ultramicrocylindrical ionization chamber for small field used in stereotactic radiosurgery.

    abstract::Accurate dosimetry of small-field photon beams tends to be difficult to perform due to the presence of lateral electronic disequilibrium and steep dose gradients. In stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), small fields of 6-30 mm in diameter are used. Generally thermoluminescence dosimetry chips, Farmer, Thimble ion chamber,...

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  • A simple model for examining issues in radiotherapy optimization.

    abstract::Convolution/superposition software has been used to produce a library of photon pencil beam dose matrices. This library of pencil beams is designed to serve as a tool for both education and investigation in the field of radiotherapy optimization. The elegance of this pencil beam model stems from its cylindrical symmet...

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