Comparison of four PCR methods for efficient detection of Trypanosoma cruzi in routine diagnostics.


:Due to increased migration, Chagas disease has become an international health problem. Reliable diagnosis of chronically infected people is crucial for prevention of non-vectorial transmission as well as treatment. This study compared four distinct PCR methods for detection of Trypanosoma cruzi DNA for the use in well-equipped routine diagnostic laboratories. DNA was extracted of T. cruzi-positive and negative patients' blood samples and cultured T. cruzi, T. rangeli as well as Leishmania spp. One conventional and two real-time PCR methods targeting a repetitive Sat-DNA sequence as well as one conventional PCR method targeting the variable region of the kDNA minicircle were compared for sensitivity, intra- and interassay precision, limit of detection, specificity and cross-reactivity. Considering the performance, costs and ease of use, an algorithm for PCR-diagnosis of patients with a positive serology for T. cruzi antibodies was developed.


Seiringer P,Pritsch M,Flores-Chavez M,Marchisio E,Helfrich K,Mengele C,Hohnerlein S,Bretzel G,Löscher T,Hoelscher M,Berens-Riha N




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  • National surveillance of nosocomial blood stream infection due to species of Candida other than Candida albicans: frequency of occurrence and antifungal susceptibility in the SCOPE Program. SCOPE Participant Group. Surveillance and Control of Pathogens of

    abstract::A national surveillance program of nosocomial blood stream infections (BSI) in the USA between April 1995 and June 1996 revealed that Candida was the fourth leading cause of nosocomial BSI, accounting for 8% of all infections. Forty-eight percent of 379 episodes of candidemia were due to species other than Candida alb...

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  • Genetic and phenotypic characterization of pyrazinamide-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis complex isolates in Japan.

    abstract::The pncA gene mutations associated with pyrazinamide (PZA) resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex were determined in 26 PZA-resistant isolates in Japan. Of the 26 PZA-resistant isolates included, 21 were negative for pyrazinamidase (PZase). Of these, 20 isolates had various pncA mutations, resulting in alter...

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  • Evaluation of the FiltraCheck-UTI for detection of bacteriuria.

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  • Trypanosoma cruzi: isolation of an immunodominant peptide of TESA (Trypomastigote Excreted-Secreted Antigens) by gene cloning.

    abstract::Trypomastigote forms of Trypanosoma cruzi excrete-secrete several molecules, which are immunodominant during the human infection. This complex antigenic mixture termed TESA (Trypomastigote Excreted-Secreted Antigens) presents a 150-160 kDa band that shows excellent specificity and sensitivity in Chagas' disease diagno...

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  • Enzymatic characterization of three aeromonas species using API Peptidase, API "Osidase," and API Esterase test kits.

    abstract::An enzymatic characterization of 16 strains of Aeromonas species including A. hydrophila (7), A. sobria (5), and A. caviae (4) was carried out using API Peptidase (strips numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6); API Esterase and API "Osidase" test strips. A total of 89 substrates was used in the assay and included 59 arylamide...

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  • Laboratory investigation of an Escherichia coli O157:H7 strain possessing a vtx2c gene with an IS1203 variant insertion sequence isolated from an asymptomatic food handler in Japan.

    abstract::We isolated an Escherichia coli O157:H7 strain that was negative for verocytotoxin production, but positive for the vtx2 gene using commercial kits, from an asymptomatic food handler. The laboratory investigations revealed that a 1310-bp insertion sequence, IS1203 variant, was present in the B subunit-coding region of...

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    authors: Harada T,Hirai Y,Itou T,Hayashida M,Seto K,Taguchi M,Kumeda Y

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  • Bacterial pathogens isolated from patients with skin and soft tissue infections: frequency of occurrence and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns from the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program (United States and Canada, 1997). SENTRY Study Group (Nor

    abstract::As part of the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program, 1562 bacterial isolates were recovered from hospitalized patients with skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) in 30 United States (U.S.) and 8 Canadian medical centers between October and December, 1997. The overall rank order of recovery of the six most commo...

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    authors: Doern GV,Jones RN,Pfaller MA,Kugler KC,Beach ML

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  • Clinical significance of Candida colonization of intravascular catheters in the absence of documented candidemia.

    abstract::In order to assess the significance of Candida colonization of intravascular catheters (IVC) in patients without documented candidemia, we retrospectively reviewed all Candida-positive IVC tip cultures over a 4-year period. Cases were defined as those with a culture yielding ≥15 colony-forming units of Candida spp. th...

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    authors: López-Medrano F,Fernández-Ruiz M,Origüen J,Belarte-Tornero LC,Carazo-Medina R,Panizo-Mota F,Chaves F,Sanz-Sanz F,San Juan R,Aguado JM

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  • Distribution of capsular and surface polysaccharide serotypes of Staphylococcus aureus.

    abstract::Because of its ability to cause serious and fatal infections, Staphylococcus aureus remains one of the most feared microorganisms. Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) has long been a common pathogen in healthcare facilities, but within the past decade, it has emerged as a problematic pathogen in the community setti...

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  • Evaluation of CPS ID 2 chromogenic agar as a single medium for urine culture.

    abstract::The CPS ID 2 (CPS) chromogenic agar was compared to routine media for use in the isolation, enumeration, identification, and susceptibility testing of bacteria recovered from urine specimens. Of 487 urine specimens, 318 were culture negative, 12 were positive on CPS only, 16 positive on routine only, and 141 positive ...

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  • Evaluation of a pan-serotype point-of-care rapid diagnostic assay for accurate detection of acute dengue infection.

    abstract::The catastrophic rise in dengue infections in India and globally has created a need for an accurate, validated low-cost rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for dengue. We prospectively evaluated the diagnostic performance of NS1/IgM RDT (dengue day 1) using 211 samples from a pediatric dengue cohort representing all 4 serotyp...

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