Mechanical characterization of bone anchors used with a bone-attached, parallel robot for skull surgery.


:Bone-attached robots and microstereotactic frames, intended for deep brain stimulation and minimally invasive cochlear implantation, typically attach to a patient's skull via bone anchors. A rigid and reliable link between such devices and the skull is mandatory in order to fulfill the high accuracy demands of minimally invasive procedures while maintaining patient safety. In this paper, a method is presented to experimentally characterize the mechanical properties of the anchor-bone linkage. A custom-built universal testing machine is used to measure the pullout strength as well as the spring constants of bone anchors seated in four different bone substitutes as well as in human cranial bone. Furthermore, the angles at which forces act on the bone anchors are varied to simulate realistic conditions. Based on the experimental results, a substitute material that has mechanical properties similar to those of cranial bone is identified. The results further reveal that the pullout strength of the investigated anchor design is sufficient with respect to the proposed application. However, both the measured load capacity as well as the spring constants vary depending on the load angles. Based on these findings, an alternative bone anchor design is presented and experimentally validated. Furthermore, the results serve as a basis for stiffness simulation and optimization of bone-attached microstereotactic frames.


Med Eng Phys


Kobler JP,Prielozny L,Lexow GJ,Rau TS,Majdani O,Ortmaier T




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2015-05-01 00:00:00














  • The effect of the subcutaneous fat on the transfer of current through skin and into muscle.

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  • Femur finite element model instantiation from partial anatomies using statistical shape and appearance models.

    abstract::Accurate models of bone shapes are essential for orthopaedic reconstructions. The commonly used methods of using the contralateral side requires an intact bone and anatomical symmetry. Recent studies have shown that statistical shape and appearance models (SSAMs) as an alternative can predict accurate geometric models...

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  • Investigation to predict patellar tendon reflex using motion analysis technique.

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  • Including aortic valve morphology in computational fluid dynamics simulations: initial findings and application to aortic coarctation.

    abstract::Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations quantifying thoracic aortic flow patterns have not included disturbances from the aortic valve (AoV). 80% of patients with aortic coarctation (CoA) have a bicuspid aortic valve (BAV) which may cause adverse flow patterns contributing to morbidity. Our objectives were to d...

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  • Robust infrarenal aortic aneurysm lumen centerline detection for rupture status classification.

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  • Validation of three-dimensional model-based tibio-femoral tracking during running.

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  • Grasping soft tissue by means of vacuum technique.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:A notable characteristic of bariatric surgery is the frequent manipulation of the bowel. The bowel is large, delicate, flexible, and has a natural lubricant on the tissue surface. Therefore the bowel is difficult to grasp and manipulate. Vacuum technique is commonly used in industry for all types of graspi...

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  • Pilot study of a surgical robot system for zygomatic implant placement.

    abstract::Zygomatic implant technology has been regarded as an alternative treatment to massive grafting surgery in the severe atrophic maxillary. Nowadays, the assistant method with a real-time surgical navigation has been applied to reduce the risks of zygomatic implant placement. However, the accuracy of the complex operatio...

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