Clinical evaluation of the improved streptex method for grouping streptococci.


:The improved Streptex method for serogrouping streptococci incorporates a new extraction enzyme and a simplified procedure requiring no centrifugation. A total of 114 clinical isolates of beta-hemolytic streptococci were serogrouped from primary plates, isolation plates, and Todd-Hewitt broth cultures using this system. Results were compared to those of the heat extraction Lancefield precipitin method. An additional 33 stock culture isolates of related streptococcal species and 5 strains of Listeria were serogrouped to assess the specificity of the test. Agreement between the two methods was 82.5% with primary plates and 96.5% with both isolation plates and broth cultures. Four isolates from three different serogroups were nongroupable by the Lancefield method, but did agglutinate in specific Streptex antisera; therefore, the enzyme extraction procedure appeared more sensitive than the heat extraction method. Streptex accurately grouped five isolates of gamma-hemolytic group B streptococci, but failed to detect antigen in 33% of the group D streptococcal extracts tested. In addition, cross-reactions were observed with strains of alpha-hemolytic streptococci. Streptex produced fewer ambiguous results and required fewer repeat tests. When used with isolation plates or broth cultures, Streptex is both sensitive and specific for the grouping of beta-hemolytic streptococci of groups A, B, C, F, and G.


Bixler-Forell E,Martin WJ,Moody MD




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  • Impact of AmpC overexpression on outcomes of patients with Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteremia.

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    abstract::Candida tropicalis is the 2nd most frequent agent of candidemia in Brazil (20-24%). We attempted to characterize the epidemiology, microbiology, and outcome of candidemia due to C. tropicalis by comparing patients with candidemia due to C. tropicalis with those with candidemia due to Candida albicans. Among the 924 ep...

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  • Two cases of acute hepatitis after a serial knife stabbing.

    abstract::Three persons became victims of a serial knife stabbing in a fight. Three months later, one of the victims presented with acute hepatitis. On the fifth day of his admission to the hospital, another victim of this serial stabbing presented to our clinic with acute hepatitis B infection. The patients told that the first...

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  • Assessment of a new test to detect Legionella urinary antigen for the diagnosis of Legionnaires' Disease.

    abstract::Given that the rate of mortality by Legionella pneumonia increases in incorrectly treated patients, rapid diagnosis and early antibiotic treatment are needed. We have assessed the performance of a new enzyme immunoassay (EIA) test (Bartels Inc. Trinity Biotech Company, Wicklow, Ireland) to detect Legionella pneumophil...

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  • IS6110 dot blot hybridization for the identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.

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  • Erysipelothrix bacteremia without endocarditis: rare event or under-reported occurrence?

    abstract::A patient presented with inflamed hands and Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae bacteremia. Because a high incidence of endocarditis has been reported with this organism, a transesophageal echocardiogram was obtained, which was normal. Treatment with oral moxifloxacin resolved all manifestations of illness. The association b...

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  • Effects of echinocandins on cytokine/chemokine production by human monocytes activated by infection with Candida glabrata or by lipopolysaccharide.

    abstract::Serious Candida glabrata infections, which can be difficult to treat, are often treated with echinocandins. We compared in vitro the effects of high and low concentrations of 3 echinocandins (micafungin [MCF], caspofungin [CAS], and anidulafungin [ANF]), voriconazole (VRC), and amphotericin B (AmB), singly and VRC in ...

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  • Analytical and clinical performance of a Chikungunya qRT-PCR for Central and South America.

    abstract::Chikungunya was introduced into the Americas in 2015 causing a pandemic across the continent. Testing during the acute phase of infection relies on qRT-PCR, but available assays have a number of limitations. A qRT-PCR assay specific to the chikungunya E1 gene was designed using sequence data from contemporary strains....

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  • Epidemiology and outcome of multiple-species candidemia at a tertiary care center between 2004 and 2007.

    abstract::The incidence of multiple-species candidemia (MSC) among cases of candidemia ranges between 2.8% and 8.0%. We sought to study the epidemiology and outcome of MSC at a tertiary care center. A retrospective analysis of MSC episodes occurring between 2004 and 2007 was performed. MSC was defined as > or =2 different Candi...

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  • Comparison of CMY-2 plasmids isolated from human, animal, and environmental Escherichia coli and Salmonella spp. from Canada.

    abstract::A total of 244 CMY-2 plasmids from 5 separate studies involving Escherichia coli and Salmonella human clinical cases as well as E. coli from feedlots and water sources were examined. Genetically similar CMY-2 plasmids isolated from either E. coli or Salmonella from human, animal, and environmental sources are widely d...

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  • Rapid differentiation between clinically relevant mycobacteria in microscopy positive clinical specimens and mycobacterial isolates by line probe assay.

    abstract::The Inno LiPA Mycobacteria assay, based on PCR amplification of the 16-23S rRNA spacer region of Mycobacterium species, has been designed for identification of mycobacteria grown in culture media and discrimination between Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, M. avium, M. intracellulare, M. kansasii, M. gordonae, M. xe...

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