Comparison of two methods for accurate measurement of modulation transfer functions of screen-film systems.


:The modulation transfer function (MTF) of a screen-film system can be measured by two methods, i.e., a slit method with Fourier transform on the line spread function and a square-wave response function (SWRF) method. However, it is still uncertain whether MTFs obtained by the two methods are identical. In this study, MTFs of relatively sharp and unsharp screen-film systems were measured by using the two methods. The slit method provided slightly greater MTF for the relatively sharp system than the SWRF method. However, MTFs of the unsharp system obtained with the two methods were comparable. Generally, the slit method tends to provide reliable results for unsharp systems, whereas the SWRF method is favorable for sharp systems. Accuracy and consistency of these measurements were examined by comparison of experimental and theoretical edge responses derived from the measured MTFs. However, the difference in edge responses obtained by the two methods was relatively small compared with the variation of the measured edge responses, and thus results were considered inconclusive as to whether either of the methods can provide more accurate MTFs. International interlaboratory comparison indicated that the variation in the measured MTFs at six different institutions was relatively large for both methods. However, the MTFs of two screen-film systems measured by the slit method appear to agree with those by the SWRF method within the variation expected from the interlaboratory comparison.


Med Phys


Medical physics


Morishita J,Doi K,Bollen R,Bunch PC,Hoeschen D,Sirand-rey G,Sukenobu Y




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1995-02-01 00:00:00












  • An adaptive probabilistic atlas for anomalous brain segmentation in MR images.

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  • SU-F-BRCD-09: Total Variation (TV) Based Fast Convergent Iterative CBCT Reconstruction with GPU Acceleration.

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  • Effect of respiratory gating on reducing lung motion artifacts in PET imaging of lung cancer.

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  • MOSFET dosimetry for microbeam radiation therapy at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility.

    abstract::Preclinical experiments are carried out with approximately 20-30 microm wide, approximately 10 mm high parallel microbeams of hard, broad-"white"-spectrum x rays (approximately 50-600 keV) to investigate microbeam radiation therapy (MRT) of brain tumors in infants for whom other kinds of radiotherapy are inadequate an...

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  • Validation of Monte Carlo calculated surface doses for megavoltage photon beams.

    abstract::Recent work has shown that there is significant uncertainty in measuring build-up doses in mega-voltage photon beams especially at high energies. In this present investigation we used a phantom-embedded extrapolation chamber (PEEC) made of Solid Water to validate Monte Carlo (MC)-calculated doses in the dose build-up ...

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  • An automatic seed finder for brachytherapy CT postplans based on the Hough transform.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of the work is to describe a new algorithm for the automatic detection of implanted radioactive seeds within the prostate. The algorithm is based on the traditional Hough transform. A method of quality assurance is described as well as a quantitative phantom study to determine the accuracy of the al...

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  • Technical Note: On maximizing Cherenkov emissions from medical linear accelerators.

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  • A simple model for examining issues in radiotherapy optimization.

    abstract::Convolution/superposition software has been used to produce a library of photon pencil beam dose matrices. This library of pencil beams is designed to serve as a tool for both education and investigation in the field of radiotherapy optimization. The elegance of this pencil beam model stems from its cylindrical symmet...

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  • Knowledge-based segmentation of thoracic computed tomography images for assessment of split lung function.

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  • Current status and future perspective of flattening filter free photon beams.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Flattening filters (FFs) have been considered as an integral part of the treatment head of a medical accelerator for more than 50 years. The reasons for the longstanding use are, however, historical ones. Advanced treatment techniques, such as stereotactic radiotherapy or intensity modulated radiotherapy have s...

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  • A data-mining framework for large scale analysis of dose-outcome relationships in a database of irradiated head and neck cancer patients.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To develop a hypothesis-generating framework for automatic extraction of dose-outcome relationships from an in-house, analytic oncology database. METHODS:Dose-volume histograms (DVH) and clinical outcomes have been routinely stored to the authors' database for 684 head and neck cancer patients treated from 200...

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  • Experimental test of theoretical models for time-resolved reflectance.

    abstract::Four different expressions, derived from the diffusion theory or the random walk model, were used to fit time-resolved reflectance data for the evaluation of tissue optical properties. The experimental reflectance curves were obtained from phantoms of known optical parameters (absorption and transport scattering coeff...

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  • A voxel-based multiscale model to simulate the radiation response of hypoxic tumors.

    abstract:PURPOSE:In radiotherapy, it is important to predict the response of tumors to irradiation prior to the treatment. This is especially important for hypoxic tumors, which are known to be highly radioresistant. Mathematical modeling based on the dose distribution, biological parameters, and medical images may help to impr...

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  • Development of a Monte Carlo multiple source model for inclusion in a dose calculation auditing tool.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The Imaging and Radiation Oncology Core Houston (IROC-H) (formerly the Radiological Physics Center) has reported varying levels of agreement in their anthropomorphic phantom audits. There is reason to believe one source of error in this observed disagreement is the accuracy of the dose calculation algorithms an...

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  • Measurement with microscopic MRI and simulation of flow in different aneurysm models.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The impact and the development of aneurysms depend to a significant degree on the exchange of liquid between the regular vessel and the pathological extension. A better understanding of this process will lead to improved prediction capabilities. The aim of the current study was to investigate fluid-exchange in ...

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  • Anatomical noise in contrast-enhanced digital mammography. Part I. Single-energy imaging.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The use of an intravenously injected iodinated contrast agent could help increase the sensitivity of digital mammography by adding information on tumor angiogenesis. Two approaches have been made for clinical implementation of contrast-enhanced digital mammography (CEDM), namely, single-energy (SE) and dual-ene...

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  • A comparative contrast-detail study of five medical displays.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to compare the contrast-detail performance of five different commercial liquid crystal displays (LCDs) to other LCD and cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays for medical applications. A contrast-detail phantom, supplemented with 5 in. of acrylic, was imaged on a commercial digital radiographi...

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  • Projection-domain scatter correction for cone beam computed tomography using a residual convolutional neural network.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Scatter is a major factor degrading the image quality of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). Conventional scatter correction strategies require handcrafted analytical models with ad hoc assumptions, which often leads to less accurate scatter removal. This study aims to develop an effective scatter correction ...

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  • Evaluations of magnetic resonance imaging parameters with simple phantoms.

    abstract::Imaging parameters associated with a clinical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, evaluated with the use of simple and inexpensive phantoms, are described in evaluation of a clinical MRI system. Images, obtained with a Diasonics 0.35-T MRI system using an elliptical whole-body radio frequency coil, are presented ...

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  • A nonvoxel-based dose convolution/superposition algorithm optimized for scalable GPU architectures.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Real-time adaptive planning and treatment has been infeasible due in part to its high computational complexity. There have been many recent efforts to utilize graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate the computational performance and dose accuracy in radiation therapy. Data structure and memory access pat...

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  • An improved electron energy-loss straggling algorithm for Monte Carlo transport codes.

    abstract::The commonly used Blunck and Leisegang electron energy-loss distribution falls off too rapidly with increasing energy loss. Also, for large thicknesses and/or low-Z media, where their distribution should approach Landau's, it normalizes to 0.92 rather than 1.0, it overestimates the number of very small energy-loss eve...

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  • Flattening filter removal for improved image quality of megavoltage fluoroscopy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Removal of the linear accelerator (linac) flattening filter enables a high rate of dose deposition with reduced treatment time. When used for megavoltage imaging, an unflat beam has reduced primary beam scatter resulting in sharper images. In fluoroscopic imaging mode, the unflat beam has higher photon count pe...

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  • A generic TG-186 shielded applicator for commissioning model-based dose calculation algorithms for high-dose-rate 192 Ir brachytherapy.

    abstract:PURPOSE:A joint working group was created by the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM), the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO), and the Australasian Brachytherapy Group (ABG) with the charge, among others, to develop a set of well-defined test case plans and perform calculations and ...

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  • Measurement of transit time of a remote after-loading high dose rate brachytherapy source.

    abstract::Quantification of transit time of a remote after-loading high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy source is important both for accurate treatment planning and for quality assurance checks. In this investigation, an HDR-1000 well ionization chamber and a precision electrometer are used to measure the transit time of the Ir-1...

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  • Deconvolution techniques for removing the effects of chemical shift in 19F nuclear magnetic resonance imaging of perfluorocarbon compounds.

    abstract::Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging of perfluorocarbon (PFC) emulsions and neat liquids has shown potential for in vivo oxygen imaging in blood and organ tissue. PFC compounds exhibit complicated NMR spectra caused by chemical shifts and spin-spin couplings which can lead to artifacts and degraded spatial resolut...

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  • Computerized detection of masses in digital mammograms: analysis of bilateral subtraction images.

    abstract::A computerized scheme is being developed for the detection of masses in digital mammograms. Based on the deviation from the normal architectural symmetry of the right and left breasts, a bilateral subtraction technique is used to enhance the conspicuity of possible masses. The scheme employs two pairs of conventional ...

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    authors: Yin FF,Giger ML,Doi K,Metz CE,Vyborny CJ,Schmidt RA

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  • An evaluation of the TSE MR sequence for time efficient data acquisition in polymer gel dosimetry of applications involving high doses and steep dose gradients.

    abstract::The use of magnetic resonance imaging as a readout method for polymer gel dosimetry commonly involves long imaging sessions, particularly when high spatial resolution is required in all three dimensions, for the investigation of dose distributions with steep dose gradients and stringent dose delivery specifications. I...

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    authors: Baras P,Seimenis I,Sandilos P,Vlahos L,Bieganski T,Georgiou E,Pantelis E,Papagiannis P,Sakelliou L

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