Enhancement in mesophilic aerobic digestion of waste activated sludge by chemically assisted thermal pretreatment method.


:The effects of hybrid microwave (MW)-alkali pretreatment methods on the efficiency of mesophilic aerobic digestion were studied. The MW-alkali pretreatment (95°C-pH 12) was observed to enhance the sludge solubilization synergistically from 0.5% (raw) to 52.5% (MW-NaOH) and 48.7% (MW-KOH), which are 20% greater than the additive value of MW only and alkali only (16%(MW)+28.4%(NaOH)=44.4% and 16%(MW)+25.5(KOH)=41.5). The higher VSS solubilization was observed for hybrid MW-NaOH (53.9%) and MW-KOH (47.4%) methods. The batch mesophilic (35°C) aerobic digestion system led to 81.1% TCOD degradation and 72.4% VSS degradation at 20 days of retention time, with 35% higher TCOD and VSS reduction in comparison with the control system. The filterability of microwave-alkali pretreated sludge was improved remarkably after aerobic digestion. Moreover, the proposed method is capable of effectively sanitize the sewage sludge and produce Class A biosolids.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Tyagi VK,Lo SL




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2012-09-01 00:00:00












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  • Gas controlled hydrogen fermentation.

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  • Aerobic granulation under the combined hydraulic and loading selection pressures.

    abstract::Two SBR reactors were set up to investigate the feasibility of aerobic granulation under the combined selection pressures of hydraulic shear force and substrate loading. Aerobic granulation was studied at superficial upflow air velocity of 3.2 and 2.4 cm/s under an organic loading rate (OLR) range of 6.0-15.0 kg COD/m...

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  • The removal of chromium(VI) from aqueous solutions by Fagus orientalis L.

    abstract::The removal of chromium(VI) from aqueous solution under different conditions using an adsorbent was investigated. This adsorbent is Beech (Fagus orientalis L.) sawdust studied by using batch techniques. Batch studies indicated that the percent adsorption decreased with increasing initial concentration of chromium(VI)....

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  • Supplementation of waste tea fungal biomass as a dietary ingredient for broiler chicks.

    abstract::The waste tea fungal biomass produced during black tea fermentation was investigated as a dietary ingredient in poultry feeds. A small portion of fungal mat was used as starter culture for the next cycle while the major portion is discarded as waste. Hence a trial study was carried out to utilize the waste fungal biom...

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  • Heavy metal removal and crude bio-oil upgrading from Sedum plumbizincicola harvest using hydrothermal upgrading process.

    abstract::The main aim of this study was to separate heavy metals and yield crude bio-oil from a heavy metals hyperaccumulator harvest, Sedum plumbizincicola, through hydrothermal upgrading process. Parameters such as granularity, temperature, pressure, and duration were examined for their effect on the removal efficiency of he...

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  • One-step process for debromination and aerobic mineralization of tetrabromobisphenol-A by a novel Ochrobactrum sp. T isolated from an e-waste recycling site.

    abstract::A novel bacterium, Ochrobactrum sp. T, capable of simultaneous debromination and aerobic mineralization of tetrabromobisphenol-A (TBBPA), was isolated from a sludge sample collected from an electronic-waste recycling site. The bacterium exhibited maximal debrominase activity at pH 6.5, 35 °C, and 200 rpm in Luria-Bert...

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  • Bioleaching of rare earth and radioactive elements from red mud using Penicillium tricolor RM-10.

    abstract::The aim of this work is to investigate biological leaching of rare earth elements (REEs) and radioactive elements from red mud, and to evaluate the radioactivity of the bioleached red mud used for construction materials. A filamentous, acid-producing fungi named RM-10, identified as Penicillium tricolor, is isolated f...

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