Amelanotic melanomas presenting as red skin lesions: a diagnostic challenge with potentially lethal consequences.


OBJECTIVE:To characterize epidemiologic and clinical features of red primary amelanotic melanomas, an atypical presentation of melanoma that is underemphasized in patient and physician education. PATIENTS AND METHODS:Review of a prospectively collected melanoma database identified 46 patients with red amelanotic melanomas, whose clinical features were compared with 329 patients with pigmented melanomas from the same database and same timeframe from January 1964 to September 2005. RESULTS:Red amelanotic melanomas represented 3.9% of all melanomas recorded in our database and accounted for nearly 70% of amelanotic melanomas. Melanoma was included in the clinical differential diagnosis in 32% of red amelanotic melanomas vs. 94% of pigmented melanomas (P<0.001). Red amelanotic melanomas more commonly underwent shave biopsy (55 vs. 12%, P<0.001) and more likely had positive deep margins (35 vs. 9%, P<0.001) but had comparable risks of metastasis and mortality. CONCLUSION:Red amelanotic melanomas are often misdiagnosed clinically but carry a mortality risk comparable to pigmented melanomas. Clinicians screening for melanoma should be more vigilant in considering melanoma in the differential diagnosis of red skin lesions.


Int J Dermatol


McClain SE,Mayo KB,Shada AL,Smolkin ME,Patterson JW,Slingluff CL Jr




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) is the standard method for the detection of pemphigus autoantibodies. Commercially available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) have recently become available to measure serum antibodies (Abs) against desmoglein1 (Dsg1) and desmoglein3 (Dsg3). It has been suggested ...

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  • Activation of melanoblasts and melanocytes after treatment with monochromatic excimer light and narrowband-ultraviolet B of skin of vitiligo patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Vitiligo is a hypopigmentation disease characterized by achromatic or hypochromatic macules in several sites of human skin. Although monochromatic excimer light (MEL) and narrowband-ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) have recently been used for efficacious treatment of vitiligo, the repigmentation process and role of me...

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  • Pseudopelade: an inherited alopecia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Pseudopelade is a rare idiopathic progressive alopecia that has no initial inflammatory phase. Even so, pseudopelade has been classified as scarring alopecia with postinflammatory alopecias. Atrophy rather than true scarring is the cardinal feature of pseudopelade. MATERIALS AND METHODS:A review of reported...

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  • The investigation of autonomic functions in patients with psoriasis.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Psoriasis is a common Th1-mediated skin disease whose etiology remains obscure. Loss of sweating caused by retention hyperkeratosis is seen in psoriasis plaques, which is likely to have resulted from autonomic dysfunction. OBJECTIVE:In the present study, we aimed to evaluate autonomic nervous system (ANS) f...

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