Protective effect of TiF(4) solutions with different concentrations and pH on development of erosion-like lesions.


AIM:To evaluate how concentration and pH of TiF(4) influence the erosion-protective effect. METHODS:Specimens were treated with a TiF(4) solution: (1) 0.5 M F, pH 1.2, (2) 0.05 M F, pH 2.1, (3) 0.5 M F, pH 2.1, or (4) 0.05 M F, pH 1.2; then, they were exposed to HCl. RESULTS:After 2 min, the proportions of the area covered with the coating were 93, 71, 17 and 0% in groups 1-4. When present, the coating seemed to protect the surface. After 6 min, a coating could only be seen in group 1 (43%). CONCLUSION:Reducing the concentration of TiF(4) and increasing the pH of the solution decreased the protective effect.


Caries Res


Caries research


Hove LH,Holme B,Stenhagen KR,Tveit AB




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  • Comparison of in vivo human dental plaque pH changes within artificial fissures and at interproximal sites.

    abstract::Ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (ISFET) pH electrodes were used to monitor changes in plaque pH at the base of artificial occlusal surface fissures and at interproximal sites. Bovine enamel was used to construct fissures (1.5 x 0.1 x 1.0 mm) containing a small ISFET electrode. The fissures were fixed to carrier ...

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  • Three-year survival of one-surface ART restorations and glass-ionomer sealants in a school oral health programme in Zimbabwe.

    abstract::An oral health care programme in secondary schools using the atraumatic restorative treatment (ART) approach for dental caries was started in 1993. Glass ionomer (restorative type II, 1) was used as the restorative and sealant material. Sealants were placed using the 'press-finger' technique. Results after 3 years rev...

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  • Binding characteristics of Streptococcus mutans for calcium and casein phosphopeptide.

    abstract::Casein phosphopeptides (CPP) stabilize amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) and may be used to localize ACP in dental plaque, maintaining a state of supersaturation with respect to tooth enamel, reducing demineralization and enhancing remineralization [Reynolds, J Dent Res 1997;76:1587-1595]. The aim of this paper is to ...

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