Biohydrogen production in alkalithermophilic conditions: Thermobrachium celere as a case study.


:In the present work the hydrogenesis in the anaerobic alkalithermophilic bacterium Thermobrachium celere was studied. The impact of several factors on hydrogen production during glucose fermentation was investigated in batch conditions. The optimal hydrogen production occurred at pH (67 °C) 8.2 with phosphate buffer concentration of 50 mM. Hydrogen yield reached the highest value of 3.36 mol H2/mol glucose when the partial pressure in the gas headspace was reduced. Supplementation of nitrogen sources and iron affected hydrogen production. Under optimized conditions, the maximum H2 accumulation and H2 production rate were estimated to be respectively 124.3 mmol H2/l culture and 20.7 mmol H2/l/h. Considering the efficient and rapid hydrogen evolution, and the ability to grow in extreme environments, T. celere might be a good candidate for biohydrogen production in open (non-sterile) bioprocess system.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Ciranna A,Santala V,Karp M




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2011-09-01 00:00:00














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  • A novel glycosylated solution from Dioscorea zingiberensis C.H. Wright significantly improves the solvent productivity of Clostridium beijerinckii.

    abstract::The economics of bio-solvent production are largely dependent on the cost of the fermentation substrate. Dioscorea zingiberensis C.H. Wright (DZW), the main raw material used to produce saponin, contains 13-18% starch which can be directly saccharified to a saccharification liquid of DZW starch (SLDS) that contains ab...

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