Chemolytic and solid-state spectroscopic evaluation of organic matter transformation during vermicomposting of sugar industry wastes.


:The molecular structure of humic acid (HA) extracted was investigated by FT-IR and (13)C CP/MAS NMR spectroscopy during the vermicomposting of sugar industry wastes, viz. pressmud, trash and bagasse for 60days. A rapid decrease in C/N and lignocellulosic (lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose) content was observed in vermicompost during early phase of the process. The FT-IR and (13)C CP/MAS NMR spectra of HA indicated a high rate of change in structure with increase in the alkyl C/O-alkyl C ratio during the process. Aromatic structures and carboxyl groups showed an initial increase but decreased after approximately 40days indicating extensive mineralization during final stages of vermicomposting.


Bioresour Technol


Bioresource technology


Sen B,Chandra TS




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2007-05-01 00:00:00














  • Enhanced treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater by short-term applied voltage in single chamber microbial fuel cell.

    abstract::Electrochemically active anodic biofilm that has adapted under mild applied potentials in the range 100-500 mV was evaluated for its improved bioelectrogenesis and bioelectrochemical treatment of petroleum refinery wastewater (PRW) in a single chamber air cathode microbial fuel cell (MFC). MFC operation with 500 mV as...

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  • Metagenomic analysis of oxygenases from activated sludge.

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  • Biodegradation characteristics of quinoline by Pseudomonas putida.

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  • Processing anaerobic sludge for extended storage as anaerobic digester inoculum.

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  • Illumina MiSeq sequencing reveals the key microorganisms involved in partial nitritation followed by simultaneous sludge fermentation, denitrification and anammox process.

    abstract::A combined process including a partial nitritation SBR (PN-SBR) followed by a simultaneous sludge fermentation, denitrification and anammox reactor (SFDA) was established to treat low C/N domestic wastewater in this study. An average nitrite accumulation rate of 97.8% and total nitrogen of 9.4mg/L in the effluent was ...

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  • Lipase coated clusters of iron oxide nanoparticles for biodiesel synthesis in a solvent free medium.

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  • Improving the remaining activity of lignocellulolytic enzymes by membrane entrapment.

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  • Fractionation of oil palm empty fruit bunch by bisulfite pretreatment for the production of bioethanol and high value products.

    abstract::In this work, fractionation of empty fruit bunch (EFB) by bisulfite pretreatment was studied for the production of bioethanol and high value products to achieve biorefinery of EFB. EFB was fractionated to solid and liquor components by bisulfite process. The solid components were used for bioethanol production by quas...

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  • New frontiers from removal to recycling of nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater in the Circular Economy.

    abstract::Nutrient recovery technologies are rapidly expanding due to the need for the appropriate recycling of key elements from waste resources in order to move towards a truly sustainable modern society based on the Circular Economy. Nutrient recycling is a promising strategy for reducing the depletion of non-renewable resou...

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  • An evaluation of the potential of Acacia dealbata as raw material for bioethanol production.

    abstract::In this work, the potential of Acacia dealbata as raw material for ethanol production was evaluated, as well as its composition with regard to cellulose, hemicelluloses, lignin, extractives and ash. The tree samples were subjected to several dilute acid pretreatments using a combined severity parameter ranging from 0....

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  • Sustainability of sugarcane lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment for the production of bioethanol.

    abstract::The sustainability of a biofuel is severely affected by the technological route of its production. Chemical pretreatment can be considered the traditional method of decomposition of the lignocellulose into its mono and oligomeric units, which can be further bioconverted to ethanol. The evaluation of the recent advance...

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  • Chelating and radical scavenging activities of soy protein hydrolysates prepared from microbial proteases and their effect on meat lipid peroxidation.

    abstract::Three commercial microbial proteases, neutral protease from Bacillus subtilis (NP), validase from Aspergillus oryze (Val), and alkaline protease from Bacillus licheniformis (AP), were investigated for producing antioxidant hydrolysates from soy protein. The resulting hydrolysates were fractioned by sequential ultrafil...

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  • In situ transesterification of highly wet microalgae using hydrochloric acid.

    abstract::This study addresses in situ transesterification of highly wet microalgae with hydrochloric acid (HCl) as a catalyst. In situ transesterification was performed by heating the mixture of wet algal cells, HCl, methanol, and solvent in one pot, resulting in the fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) yield over 90% at 95°C. The e...

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  • Bio-electrochemical removal of nitrate from water and wastewater--a review.

    abstract::Nitrates in different water and wastewater streams raised concerns due to severe impacts on human and animal health. Diverse methods are reported to remove nitrate from water streams which almost fail to entirely treat nitrate, except biological denitrification which is capable of reducing inorganic nitrate compounds ...

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  • Synergistic effect of sugarcane scum as an accelerant co-substrate on anaerobic co-digestion with agricultural crop residues from non-centrifugal cane sugar agribusiness sector.

    abstract::Anaerobic co-digestion (AcoD) of the main residues from the non-centrifugal cane sugar (NCS) making process, agricultural crop residues (ACR) and sugarcane scum (SCS), was evaluated using biochemical methane potential tests. Substrates were pretreated: ACR through particle size reduction, and SCS with dilution. The ma...

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  • Removal of oxytetracycline (OTC) in a synthetic pharmaceutical wastewater by a sequential anaerobic multichamber bed reactor (AMCBR)/completely stirred tank reactor (CSTR) system: biodegradation and inhibition kinetics.

    abstract::An anaerobic multichamber bed reactor (AMCBR) was effective in removing both molasses-chemical oxygen demand (COD), and the antibiotic oxytetracycline (OTC). The maximum COD and OTC removals were 99% in sequential AMCBR/completely stirred tank reactor (CSTR) at an OTC concentration of 300 mg L(-1). 51%, 29% and 9% of ...

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  • A novel aerated surface flow constructed wetland using exhaust gas from biological wastewater treatment: Performance and mechanisms.

    abstract::In this study, a novel aerated surface flow constructed wetland (SFCW) using exhaust gas from biological wastewater treatment was investigated. Compared with un-aerated SFCW, the introduction of exhaust gas into SFCW significantly improved NH4+-N, TN and COD removal efficiencies by 68.30 ± 2.06%, 24.92 ± 1.13% and 73....

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  • Simultaneous removal of nitrate, phosphorous and cadmium using a novel multifunctional biomaterial immobilized aerobic strain Proteobacteria Cupriavidus H29.

    abstract::A novel biomaterial FeCl3/CaCl2/KH2PO4 modified municipal sludge biochar (FCPC) was synthesized. And the impacts of critical factors such as HRT, temperature and C/N ratio on simultaneous denitrification, dephosphorization and Cd(II) removal were investigated. Results show that the highest nitrate removal efficiency r...

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  • Ethanolic cofermentation with glucose and xylose by the recombinant industrial strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae NAN-127 and the effect of furfural on xylitol production.

    abstract::Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain NAN-127 (2n, prototroph), which contains the xylose reductase-xylitol dehydrogenase (XR-XDH) xylose metabolic pathway was used for the cofermentation of glucose and xylose. Oxygen supply was the most important factor for xylose fermentation and pH 4.5 and a ventilation rate of 0.04 vvm ...

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  • Biosorption of cobalt by fungi from serpentine soil of Andaman.

    abstract::Fungi belonging to Aspergillus, Mortierella, Paecilomyces, Penicillium, Pythium, Rhizopus and Trichoderma, isolated from serpentine soil of Andaman (India) were screened for cobalt-resistance. Eleven out of total 38 isolated fungi which tolerated > 6.0 mM Co(II) were evaluated for cobalt biosorption using dried myceli...

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  • Preparation of nitrogen doped magnesium oxide modified biochar and its sorption efficiency of lead ions in aqueous solution.

    abstract::A N-doped couping MgO-modified biochar (MgO-N-BC) was synthesized from corncob-to-xylose residue by two-step slow pyrolysis method. The biochar exhibited a remarkable Pb(II) sorption capacity (maximum 1429 mg·g-1) in aqueous solution. The sorption of Pb(II) onto MgO-N-BC best fitted Freundlich model and pseudo-second-...

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  • Purification and characterization of haloalkaline thermoactive, solvent stable and SDS-induced protease from Bacillus sp.: a potential additive for laundry detergents.

    abstract::An extracellular haloalkaline, thermoactive, solvent stable, SDS-induced serine protease was purified and characterized from an alkali-thermo tolerant strain Bacillus sp. SM2014 isolated from reverse osmosis reject. The enzyme was purified to homogeneity with recovery of 54.4% and purity fold of 64. The purified enzym...

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  • Alkalinity and salinity favor bioelectricity generation potential of Clostridium, Tetrathiobacter and Desulfovibrio consortium in Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) treating sulfate-laden wastewater.

    abstract::Clostridium, Tetrathiobacter and Desulfovibrio species are identified as suitable biocatalysts for treating organic-rich and sulfate-laden wastewater. Results from this study show that the power generation was much higher under alkaline conditions, i.e., pH of 8 when compared to neutral and acidic conditions. The effe...

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  • Enhancement of xylose utilization from corn stover by a recombinant Escherichia coli strain for ethanol production.

    abstract::Effects of substrate-selective inoculum prepared by growing on glucose, xylose, arabinose, GXA (glucose, xylose, arabinose, 1:1:1) and corn stover hydrolyzate (dilute acid pretreated and enzymatically hydrolyzed, CSH) on ethanol production from CSH by a mixed sugar utilizing recombinant Escherichia coli (strain FBR5) ...

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  • Hydrothermal carbonization of pulp mill streams.

    abstract::The progress of the conversion, the yield, the structure and the morphology of the produced carbonaceous materials as a function of time were systematically studied with pyrolysis-GC/FID and FESEM microscope. The conversion of galactoglucomannan, bleached kraft pulp and TEMPO oxidized cellulose nanofibrils followed th...

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  • Influence of free air space on microbial kinetics in passively aerated compost.

    abstract::The influence of free air space (FAS) on passively aerated composting has been reported, but the quantitative relationship between FAS and the microbial kinetics in passively aerated compost has not been investigated. This relationship was studied by composting dairy manure and straw in an enclosed, passively aerated,...

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  • Identification and characterization of an amidase from Leclercia adecarboxylata for efficient biosynthesis of L-phosphinothricin.

    abstract::L-phosphinothricin (L-PPT) is an important broad-spectrum herbicide with expanding utilization because it is environmentally benign. A strain Leclercia adecarboxylata ZJB-17008 with capability of catalyzing rac-4-(hydroxy(methyl)phosphoryl)-2-(2-phenylacetamido) butanoic acid (rac-S) to L-PPT was screened and identifi...

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    authors: Kang XM,Cai X,Liu ZQ,Zheng YG

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  • Media arrangement impacts cell growth in anaerobic fixed-bed reactors treating sugarcane vinasse: Structured vs. randomic biomass immobilization.

    abstract::This study reports on the application of an innovative structured-bed reactor (FVR) as an alternative to conventional packed-bed reactors (PBRs) to treat high-strength solid-rich wastewaters. Using the FVR prevents solids from accumulating within the fixed-bed, while maintaining the advantages of the biomass immobiliz...

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    authors: de Aquino S,Fuess LT,Pires EC

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  • Use of biochars in anaerobic digestion.

    abstract::This study investigated the behavior of biochars from pyrolysis (pyrochar) and hydrothermal carbonization (hydrochar) in anaerobic digestion regarding their degradability and their effects on biogas production and ammonia inhibition. A batch fermentation experiment (42°C, 63 days) was conducted in 100mL syringes fille...

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    authors: Mumme J,Srocke F,Heeg K,Werner M

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  • The long-term effects of hexavalent chromium on anaerobic ammonium oxidation process: Performance inhibition, hexavalent chromium reduction and unexpected nitrite oxidation.

    abstract::The toxicity of hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) is one of the challenges in implementing Anammox process to ammonium-rich wastewater treatment. However, the response of Anammox process to Cr(VI) stress and the inhibition mechanism remain unclear. Here, two Anammox UASB reactors were operated for 285 days under different ...

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