The glutamate transporter GLAST is involved in spinal nociceptive processing.


:GLAST and GLT-1 are the most abundant glutamate transporters in the CNS and protect neurons from glutamate neurotoxicity. Here, we investigated the role of GLAST in spinal nociceptive processing. GLAST protein expression was not altered after treatment of rats with either formalin or zymosan. Surprisingly, knock-down of GLAST in the spinal cord using antisense-oligonucleotides decreased glutamate concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and reduced the nociceptive behaviour in the rat formalin assay. However, it did not influence thermal hyperalgesia in the zymosan-induced paw inflammation model indicating that GLAST is associated with spontaneous rather than inflammatory nociception. Mechanisms that might explain the decreased response in the formalin assay may include compensatory activation of other glutamate transporters, inhibition of glutamate release or disturbance of glutamate recycling. In conclusion, these data suggest that inhibition of GLAST expression in the spinal cord reduces excitatory synaptic activity and thereby spontaneous responses after nociceptive stimulation of the paw.


Niederberger E,Schmidtko A,Coste O,Marian C,Ehnert C,Geisslinger G




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  • Glioma inhibition by HGF/NK2, an antagonist of scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor.

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  • Isolation and characterization of a novel cytochrome P-450-like pseudogene.

    abstract::A rabbit liver P-450-like pseudogene has been isolated from a lambda phage genomic library. Sequence analysis revealed structural homology with respect to the rat P-450b and P-450e genes as well as a similar intron-exon organization. A 5'-proximal TATA box-like sequence and two 3'-distal putative polyadenylation signa...

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  • Collagen remodeling in the anterior cruciate ligament associated with developing spontaneous murine osteoarthritis.

    abstract::The initiating factors in primary, idiopathic osteoarthritis are unknown, the characteristic bone and cartilage changes being late features of the disease. We have proposed that biochemical cruciate ligament alteration may be important in early osteoarthritis by mediating loading consequences on the bone and cartilage...

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  • Molecular cloning and expression of 56-58 KD antigen associated with transplant coronary artery disease.

    abstract::High circulating levels of anti-endothelial antibodies have been reported in patients with accelerated transplant coronary artery disease (TxCAD); however, the nature or characteristics of the antigen to which these antibodies bind in vivo remain unclear. To identify the antigen, a human endothelial cell cDNA expressi...

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