Oxidation and cytotoxicity of 6-OHDA are mediated by reactive intermediates of COX-2 overexpressed in PC12 cells.


:Parkinson's disease is characterized by a progressive loss of dopaminergic neurons, likely associated with dysregulation of oxidation of catechols, such as dopamine (DA) and 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA), and resulting in oxidative stress. The involvement of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease has been suggested. However, specific COX-2 triggered mechanisms participating in catalysis of DA oxidation and enhanced catechol-induced cytotoxicity remain poorly characterized. Here, we demonstrate that in a model biochemical system, recombinant heme-reconstituted COX-2 induced oxidation of 6-OHDA in the course of its peroxidase (H(2)O(2)-dependent) and cyclooxygenase (arachidonic acid (AA)-dependent) catalytic half-cycles. Similarly, COX-2 was able to stimulate 6-OHDA oxidation during its peroxidase- and cyclooxygenase half-cycles and caused oxidative stress in homogenates of PC12 cells stably overexpressing the enzyme (but not in mock-transfected cells). In addition, the increased levels of COX-2 were associated with enhanced cytotoxicity of 6-OHDA in stably transfected PC12 cells. Finally, co-oxidation of 6-OHDA by COX-2 triggered production of superoxide radicals critical for both propagation of 6-OHDA oxidation and induction of oxidative stress in COX-2 overexpressing cells. Thus, we conclude that both peroxidase and cyclooxygenase half-cycles of COX-2-catalyzed reactions are essential for COX-2-dependent activation of 6-OHDA oxidation, oxygen radical production, oxidative stress, and cytotoxicity.


Brain Res


Brain research


Tyurina YY,Kapralov AA,Jiang J,Borisenko GG,Potapovich AI,Sorokin A,Kochanek PM,Graham SH,Schor NF,Kagan VE




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    abstract::Bilateral microinjection of kainic acid (30-117 pmol) into the substantia nigra induced convulsive seizures resembling those elicited from limbic system structures. The convulsive seizures, which consisted of facial and forelimb clonus with rearing and falling, developed after a latency of more than 30 min and were pr...

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    abstract::In the sea hare, Aplysia californica, consummatory feeding behavior is selectively abolished by bilateral crushes of the cerebral-buccal connectives and recovers by postlesion day 13. Recovered biting responses are initially weak and increase in magnitude gradually with time. The lesions do not affect appetitive feedi...

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