Immunisation of a cohort Pacific children living in New Zealand over the first 2 years of life.


:Pacific children have had consistently evidenced low rates for routine childhood immunisations. Using the Pacific Islands Families: First 2 Years of Life cohort study, we investigated the immunisation rate of Pacific infants residing in New Zealand at 24-months postpartum. Full immunisation was reported for 89% of infants, substantially increased from the 53% found in the 1992 national survey and closer to the New Zealand Ministry of Health's target of 95%. Increased parity and maternal smoking were associated with incomplete child immunisation status. Initiatives to increase immunisation rates amongst Pacific children appear to be succeeding and warrant continuation.






Paterson J,Schluter P,Percival T,Carter S




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2006-05-29 00:00:00
















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  • In vivo CTL induction with point-substituted ovalbumin peptides: immunogenicity correlates with peptide-induced MHC class I stability.

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  • Delivery of the Pertactin/P.69 polypeptide of Bordetella pertussis using an attenuated Salmonella typhimurium vaccine strain: expression levels and immune response.

    abstract::Pertactin/P.69, a surface-associated polypeptide antigen of Bordetella pertussis, was expressed in a Salmonella typhimurium aroA aroD vaccine strain, BRD509, using different expression systems, and the immune response in mice against these constructs was compared. Initially, Pertactin/P.69 was expressed on the surface...


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  • Outer membrane vesicles derived from Bordetella parapertussis as an acellular vaccine against Bordetella parapertussis and Bordetella pertussis infection.

    abstract::Bordetella parapertussis, a close related species of B. pertussis, can also cause the disease named pertussis or whooping cough. The number of cases caused by this related pathogen has risen sustained in the last years. The widely used cellular (wP) or acellular (aP) pertussis vaccines have little or no efficacy again...


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