Gata4 regulates testis expression of Dmrt1.


:The doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 1 (Dmrt1) is a putative transcriptional regulator that is expressed exclusively in the gonads and is required for postnatal testis differentiation. Here we describe the transcriptional mechanisms regulating testis-specific expression of the Dmrt1 gene. Transient-transfection analysis identified a region of the promoter between kb -3.2 and -2.8 that is important for Sertoli cell-specific expression. DNase I footprinting revealed four sites of DNA-protein interaction within this region, three of which were prominent in primary Sertoli cells. Analysis of these sites, using electrophoretic mobility shift assays, revealed that Gata4 and another unknown factor bound within these regions. Further transient-transfection assays of various mutant promoters established the functional relevance of the Gata4-response and unknown factor-response elements, while studies of Dmrt1 expression in 13.5 days postcoitum Fog2 null gonads supported the in vivo importance of Gata4's regulation. As a whole, these studies identify Gata4 as an important regulator in the Dmrt1 transcriptional machinery that is responsible for robust expression of Dmrt1 in the testis.


Mol Cell Biol


Lei N,Heckert LL




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2004-01-01 00:00:00












  • Human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 Tax induction of NF-kappaB involves activation of the IkappaB kinase alpha (IKKalpha) and IKKbeta cellular kinases.

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  • Protein phosphatase 2A forms a molecular complex with Shc and regulates Shc tyrosine phosphorylation and downstream mitogenic signaling.

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  • Hepatocyte nuclear factor 3/fork head homolog 11 is expressed in proliferating epithelial and mesenchymal cells of embryonic and adult tissues.

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  • Identification of a series of transforming growth factor beta-responsive genes by retrovirus-mediated gene trap screening.

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  • Regulated antisense transcription controls expression of cell-type-specific genes in yeast.

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  • The NF45/NF90 Heterodimer Contributes to the Biogenesis of 60S Ribosomal Subunits and Influences Nucleolar Morphology.

    abstract::The interleukin enhancer binding factors ILF2 (NF45) and ILF3 (NF90/NF110) have been implicated in various cellular pathways, such as transcription, microRNA (miRNA) processing, DNA repair, and translation, in mammalian cells. Using tandem affinity purification, we identified human NF45 and NF90 as components of precu...

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  • Pairing between gypsy insulators facilitates the enhancer action in trans throughout the Drosophila genome.

    abstract::The Suppressor of the Hairy wing [Su(Hw)] binding region within the gypsy retrotransposon is the best known chromatin insulator in Drosophila melanogaster. According to previous data, two copies of the gypsy insulator inserted between an enhancer and a promoter neutralize each other's actions, which is indicative of a...

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  • Molecular localization and developmental expression of the otu locus of Drosophila melanogaster.

    abstract::The female-sterile ovarian tumor gene, otu, is located in cytological region 7F1 on the Drosophila melanogaster chromosome map. We have mapped the gene at the molecular level by using four dysgenic alleles and two revertant derivatives of these alleles as well as an ethyl methanesulfonate-induced allele. The insertion...

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  • Transcription factor binding is limited by the 5'-flanking regions of a Drosophila tRNAHis gene and a tRNAHis pseudogene.

    abstract::We determined the sequence of a Drosophila tRNA gene cluster containing a tRNAHis gene and a tRNAHis pseudogene in close proximity on the same DNA strand. The pseudogene contains eight consecutive base pairs different from the region of the bona fide gene which codes for the 3' portion of the anticodon stem of tRNAHis...

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  • Identification of cis-acting intron and exon regions in influenza virus NS1 mRNA that inhibit splicing and cause the formation of aberrantly sedimenting presplicing complexes.

    abstract::In in vitro splicing reactions, influenza virus NS1 mRNA was not detectably spliced, but nonetheless very efficiently formed ATP-dependent 55S complexes containing the U1, U2, U4, U5, and U6 small nuclear ribonucleoproteins (snRNPs) (C. H. Agris, M. E. Nemeroff, and R. M. Krug, Mol. Cell. Biol. 9:259-267, 1989). We de...

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  • Endoplasmic reticulum stress accelerates p53 degradation by the cooperative actions of Hdm2 and glycogen synthase kinase 3beta.

    abstract::Inactivation of the tumor suppressor p53 by degradation is a mechanism utilized by cells to adapt to endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. However, the mechanisms of p53 destabilization by ER stress are not known. We demonstrate here that the E3 ubiquitin-ligase Hdm2 is essential for the nucleocytoplasmic transport and p...

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  • Association of type I phosphatidylinositol kinase activity with mutationally activated forms of human pp60c-src.

    abstract::Chicken embryo fibroblast cells overexpressing activated mutant forms of human pp60c-src, but not those overexpressing normal human pp60c-src, exhibited high levels of type I phosphatidylinositol (PI) kinase activity associated with pp60c-src. Levels of PI kinase activity were positively correlated with src tyrosine p...

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  • Induction of mammary tumors by expression of polyomavirus middle T oncogene: a transgenic mouse model for metastatic disease.

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  • Association of MEK1 with p21ras.GMPPNP is dependent on B-Raf.

    abstract::We have previously reported that immobilized p21ras forms a GMPPNP-dependent complex with a MEK activity. Furthermore, the association of the MEK activity was found to be independent of the presence of Raf-1. We have extended those observations to show that MEK1 is the MEK activity previously described to associate wi...

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  • Sequence and expression of GLN3, a positive nitrogen regulatory gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae encoding a protein with a putative zinc finger DNA-binding domain.

    abstract::The GLN3 gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae is required for the activation of transcription of a number of genes in response to the replacement of glutamine by glutamate as source of nitrogen. We cloned the GLN3 gene and constructed null alleles by gene disruption. GLN3 is not essential for growth, but increased copies ...

    journal_title:Molecular and cellular biology

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  • Impaired retinoic acid (RA) signal leads to RARbeta2 epigenetic silencing and RA resistance.

    abstract::Resistance to the growth-inhibitory action of retinoic acid (RA), the bioactive derivative of vitamin A, is common in human tumors. One form of RA resistance has been associated with silencing and hypermethylation of the retinoic acid receptor beta2 gene (RARbeta2), an RA-regulated tumor suppressor gene. The presence ...

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  • MEK kinase 1, a substrate for DEVD-directed caspases, is involved in genotoxin-induced apoptosis.

    abstract::MEK kinase 1 (MEKK1) is a 196-kDa protein that, in response to genotoxic agents, was found to undergo phosphorylation-dependent activation. The expression of kinase-inactive MEKK1 inhibited genotoxin-induced apoptosis. Following activation by genotoxins, MEKK1 was cleaved in a caspase-dependent manner into an active 9...

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  • The human SPT20-containing SAGA complex plays a direct role in the regulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced genes.

    abstract::One of the central questions in eukaryotic transcription is how activators can transmit their signal to stimulate gene expression in the context of chromatin. The multisubunit SAGA coactivator complex has both histone acetyltransferase and deubiquitination activities and remodels chromatin to allow transcription. Whet...

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  • Positive and negative autoregulation of REB1 transcription in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

    abstract::Reb1p is a DNA binding protein of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that has been implicated in the activation of transcription by polymerase (Pol) II, in the termination of transcription by Pol I, and in the organization of nucleosomes. Studies of the transcriptional control of the REB1 gene have led us to identify three Reb1...

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  • A minimal regulatory region maintains constitutive expression of the max gene.

    abstract::Max is a basic helix-loop-helix/leucine zipper protein that forms heterodimers with the Myc family of proteins to promote cell growth and with the Mad/Mxi1 family of proteins to inhibit cell growth. The role of Max as the obligate binding partner for these two protein families necessitates the observed constitutive ex...

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  • Eucaryotic RNA polymerase conditional mutant that rapidly ceases mRNA synthesis.

    abstract::We have isolated a yeast conditional mutant which rapidly ceases synthesis of mRNA when subjected to the nonpermissive temperature. This mutant (rpb1-1) was constructed by replacing the wild-type chromosomal copy of the gene encoding the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II with one mutagenized in vitro. The rapid ces...

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  • Recognition and repair of compound DNA lesions (base damage and mismatch) by human mismatch repair and excision repair systems.

    abstract::Nucleotide excision repair and the long-patch mismatch repair systems correct abnormal DNA structures arising from DNA damage and replication errors, respectively. DNA synthesis past a damaged base (translesion replication) often causes misincorporation at the lesion site. In addition, mismatches are hot spots for DNA...

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  • Canonical Notch signaling is dispensable for early cell fate specifications in mammals.

    abstract::The canonical Notch signaling pathway mediated by Delta- and Jagged-like Notch ligands determines a variety of cell fates in metazoa. In Caenorhabditis elegans and sea urchins, canonical Notch signaling is essential for different cell fate specifications during early embryogenesis or the formation of endoderm, mesoder...

    journal_title:Molecular and cellular biology

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    authors: Shi S,Stahl M,Lu L,Stanley P

    更新日期:2005-11-01 00:00:00

  • SRm160 splicing coactivator promotes transcript 3'-end cleavage.

    abstract::Individual steps in the processing of pre-mRNA, including 5'-end cap formation, splicing, and 3'-end processing (cleavage and polyadenylation) are highly integrated and can influence one another. In addition, prior splicing can influence downstream steps in gene expression, including export of mRNA from the nucleus. H...

    journal_title:Molecular and cellular biology

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    authors: McCracken S,Lambermon M,Blencowe BJ

    更新日期:2002-01-01 00:00:00

  • Strong natural pausing by RNA polymerase II within 10 bases of transcription start may result in repeated slippage and reextension of the nascent RNA.

    abstract::We find that immediately following transcript initiation, RNA polymerase II pauses at several locations even in the presence of relatively high (200 microM) levels of nucleoside triphosphates. Strong pauses with half-lives of >30 s were observed at +7, +18/19, and about +25 on the template used in these experiments. W...

    journal_title:Molecular and cellular biology

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    authors: Pal M,Luse DS

    更新日期:2002-01-01 00:00:00

  • Occludin S471 Phosphorylation Contributes to Epithelial Monolayer Maturation.

    abstract::Multiple organ systems require epithelial barriers for normal function, and barrier loss is a hallmark of diseases ranging from inflammation to epithelial cancers. However, the molecular processes regulating epithelial barrier maturation are not fully elucidated. After contact, epithelial cells undergo size-reductive ...

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