A structure-based approach to a synthetic vaccine for HIV-1.


:The generation of neutralizing antibodies by peptide immunization is dependent on achieving conformational compatibility between antibodies and native protein. Consequently, approaches are needed for developing conformational mimics of protein neutralization sites. We replace putative main-chain hydrogen bonds (NH --> O=CRNH) with a hydrazone link (N-N=CH-CH(2)CH(2)) and scan constrained peptides for fit with neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). To explore this approach, a V3 MAb 58.2 that potently neutralizes T-cell lab-adapted HIV-1(MN) was used to identify a cyclic peptide, [JHIGPGR(Aib)F(D-Ala)GZ]G-NH(2) (loop 5), that binds with >1000-fold higher affinity than the unconstrained peptide. NMR structural studies suggested that loop 5 stabilized beta-turns at GPGR and R(Aib)F(D-Ala) in aqueous solvent implying considerable conformational mimicry of a Fab 58.2 bound V3 peptide determined by X-ray crystallography [Stanfield, R. L. et al. (1999) Structure 142, 131-142]. Rabbit polyclonal antibodies (PAbs) generated to loop 5 but not to the corresponding uncyclized peptide bound the HIV-1(MN) envelope glycoprotein, gp120. When individual rabbit antisera were scanned with linear and cyclic peptides, further animal-to-animal differences in antibody populations were characterized. Loop 5 PAbs that most closely mimicked MAb 58.2 neutralized HIV-1(MN) with similar potency. These results demonstrate the remarkable effect that conformation can have on peptide affinity and immunogenicity and identify an approach that can be used to achieve these results. The implications for synthetic vaccine and HIV-1 vaccine research are discussed.






Cabezas E,Wang M,Parren PW,Stanfield RL,Satterthwait AC




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2000-11-28 00:00:00














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    abstract::The carbon-13 (13C) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) behavior of the hyperactive analogue of luteinizing-hormone-releasing hormone (LH-RH), des-Gly-NH2(10)-[D-Leu6]LH-RH ethylamide, has been studied. The spectra are compared with those of the hypoactive des-Gly-NH2(10)-[L-Leu6]LH-RH ethylamide. Spin-lattice relaxation...


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  • Purification and characterization of the messenger ribonucleic acid capping enzyme GTP:RNA guanylyltransferase from wheat germ.

    abstract::A GTP:RNA guanylyltransferase or capping enzyme has been purified approximately 2000-fold from wheat germ. The enzyme catalyzes the transfer of the GMP residue from GTP to the 5' end of RNA or synthetic polyribonucleotides. Diphosphate-ended polymers were capped more efficiently than molecules with triphosphate ends, ...


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