Mitotic block and delayed lethality in HeLa epithelial cells exposed to Escherichia coli BM2-1 producing cytotoxic necrotizing factor type 1.


:The cytopathic effect (CPE) of Escherichia coli producing cytotoxic necrotizing factor type 1 (CNF1) was investigated by using a human epithelial cell (HeLa) model of infection with CNF1-producing E. coli BM2-1. This strain was shown to bind loosely, but massively, to HeLa cells. A 4-h interaction between bacteria and eukaryotic cells triggered the delayed appearance of a progressive dose-dependent CPE characterized by (i) intense swelling of cells accompanied by the formation of a dense network of actin stress fibers, (ii) inhibition of cell division due to a complete block in the G2 phase of the cell cycle, and (iii) nucleus swelling and chromatin fragmentation. These alterations resulted in cell death starting about 5 days after interaction. The absence of multinucleation clearly distinguished the CPE from the effect produced by cell-free culture supernatants of infected cells nor prevented by a CNF1-neutralizing antiserum. Pathogenicity was completely abolished after Tn5::phoA insertion mutagenesis in the cnf-1 structural gene but not restored by trans complementation with a recombinant plasmid containing intact cnf-1 and its promoter. These results suggest that a gene downstream of cnf-1, essential to the induction of the CPE, was affected by the mutation. On the other hand, transformation of the wild-type strain BM2-1 with the same recombinant plasmid leads to a significant increase in both CNF1 activity and CPE, demonstrating the direct contribution of CNF1 to the CPE. In conclusion, the pathogenicity of E. coli BM2-1 for HeLa cells results from a complex interaction involving cnf-1 and associated genes and possibly requiring a preliminary step of binding of bacterial organisms to target cells.


Infect Immun


Infection and immunity


De Rycke J,Mazars P,Nougayrede JP,Tasca C,Boury M,Herault F,Valette A,Oswald E




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    abstract::The selC tRNA gene is a common site for the insertion of pathogenicity islands in a variety of bacterial enteric pathogens. We demonstrate here that Escherichia coli that produces Shiga toxin 2d and does not harbor the locus of enterocyte effacement (LEE) contains, instead, a novel genomic island. In one representativ...

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  • Cell-associated hemagglutinin-deficient mutant of Vibrio cholerae.

    abstract::Cell-associated hemagglutinin-negative mutants were derived from cholera enterotoxin-negative Vibrio cholerae JBK70 by Tn5 mutagenesis. One of the mutants identified, SB001, was characterized in greater detail. Its ability to colonize ilea of adult rabbits was determined by feeding approximately 10(8) V. cholerae to e...

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