Spin trapping endogenous radicals in MC-1010 cells: evidence for hydroxyl radical and carbon-centered ascorbyl radical adducts.


:Incubation of MC-1010 cells with the spin-trapping agent 5,5-dimethyl-1-pyrroline 1-oxide (DMPO) followed by brief treatment with the solid oxidant lead dioxide (PbO2) yielded, after filtration, a cell-free solution that contained two nitroxyl adducts. The first was the hydroxyl radical adduct, 5,5-dimethyl-2-hydroxypyrrolidine-1-oxyl (DMPO-OH), which formed immediately upon PbO2 oxidation. The second had a 6-line EPR spectrum typical of a carbon-centered radical (AN = 15.9 G; AH = 22.4 G) and formed more slowly. No radical signals were detected in the absence of either cells or PbO2 treatment. The 6-line spectrum could be duplicated in model systems that contained ascorbate, DMPO and DMPO-OH, where the latter was formed from hydroxyl radicals generated by sonolysis or the cleavage of hydrogen peroxide with Fe2+ (Fenton reaction). In addition, enrichment of MC-1010 cells with ascorbate prior to spin trapping yielded the 6-line EPR spectrum as the principal adduct following PbO2 oxidation and filtration. These results suggest that ascorbate reacted with DMPO-OH to form a carbon-centered ascorbyl radical that was subsequently trapped by DMPO. The requirement for mild oxidation to detect the hydroxyl radical adduct suggests that DMPO-OH formed in the cells was reduced to an EPR-silent form (i.e., the hydroxylamine derivative). Alternatively, the hydroxylamine derivative was the species initially formed. The evidence for endogenous hydroxyl radical formation in unstimulated leukocytes may be relevant to the leukemic nature of the MC-1010 cell line. The spin trapping of the ascorbyl radical is the first report of formation of the carbon-centered ascorbyl radical by means other than pulse radiolysis. Unless it is spin trapped, the carbon-centered ascorbyl radical immediately rearranges to the more stable oxygen-centered species that is passive to spin trapping and characterized by the well-known EPR doublet of AH4 = 1.8 G.


Mol Cell Biochem


Bernofsky C,Bandara BM




Has Abstract


1995-07-19 00:00:00












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