Control of endogenous cell regulators by the second-stage tumor promoter phorbol-12-retinoate 13-acetate.


:The phorbol esters phorbol 12-retinoate 13-acetate (RPA) and 12-O-tetradecanoyl phorbol 13-acetate (TPA) were used to investigate the role of tumor promoters in the control of hormone response in normal and leukemic myeloid cells. RPA and TPA inhibited the binding of [20-3H]phorbol 12,13-dibutyrate to the leukemic cells in a competitive manner with 50% inhibition values of 5.2 +/- 1.3 and 1.1 +/- 0.6 nM, respectively. RPA, like TPA, enhanced (1) prostaglandin E1-induced cyclic AMP synthesis, (2) the differentiation of leukemic cells induced by the normal myeloid differentiation-inducing protein, and (3) the formation of normal myeloid cells colonies induced by the normal myeloid growth-inducing protein. Both compounds can thus control endogenous cell regulators. Since RPA functions in the second stage of tumor promotion in mouse skin, it is suggested that the control of such endogenous regulators may involve biochemical pathways similar to those that are activated in the second stage of tumor promotion.


Int J Cancer


Simantov R,Marks F,Fürstenberger G,Sachs L




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1983-04-15 00:00:00












  • Parenteral is more efficient than mucosal immunization to induce regression of human papillomavirus-associated genital tumors.

    abstract::Cervical cancer is a public health concern as it represents the second cause of cancer death in women worldwide. High-risk human papillomaviruses (HPV) are the etiologic agents, and HPV E6 and/or E7 oncogene-specific therapeutic vaccines are under development to treat HPV-related lesions in women. Whether the use of m...

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  • Circulating tumor DNA and circulating tumor cells in metastatic triple negative breast cancer patients.

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  • Pesticide exposure as risk factor for non-Hodgkin lymphoma including histopathological subgroup analysis.

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  • Involvement of alphavbeta 3 integrin and disruption of endothelial fibronectin network during the adhesion of the human ovarian adenocarcinoma cell line IGROV1 on the human umbilical vein cell extracellular matrix.

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  • A monoclonal antibody detects heterogeneity in vascular endothelium of tumours and normal tissues.

    abstract::A new murine monoclonal antibody (MAb), E-9, has been raised using tissue-cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells. The antigen recognized by this MAb is a peptide of 170 kDa under non-reducing conditions and 96 kDa under reducing conditions. MAb E-9 showed marked heterogeneity in its distribution in various ti...

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  • Characteristics of five human tumor cell lines and sublines resistant to cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(II).

    abstract::In order to study the mechanisms responsible for resistance to CDDP, 5 human tumor cell lines were made resistant to CDDP by repeated in vitro exposures. After cloning it was found that the cell lines developed were between 3.3-fold and 17-fold more resistant to CDDP than the parental cell lines at the IC90. These lin...

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  • Drugging "undruggable" genes for cancer treatment: Are we making progress?

    abstract::RAS, TP53 (p53) and MYC are among the most frequently altered driver genes in cancer. Thus, RAS is the most frequently mutated oncogene, MYC the most frequently amplified gene and TP53 the most frequently mutated tumor suppressor gene and overall the most frequently mutated gene in cancer. Theoretically, therefore, th...

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  • Cost of decentralized CAR T-cell production in an academic nonprofit setting.

    abstract::Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy is a promising immunotherapy with high acquisition costs, and it has raised concerns about affordability and sustainability in many countries. Furthermore, the current centralized production paradigm for the T cells is less than satisfactory. Therefore, several countries ...

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  • Circulating perivascular progenitors: a target of PDGFR inhibition.

    abstract::Cancer blood vessels consist of two interacting types of cells: inner lining endothelial cells (ECs) and surrounding perivascular cells (pericytes, vascular smooth muscle cells or mural cells). PDGFRbeta(CD140b)+ progenitor perivascular cells (PPC) can differentiate into pericytes and regulate vessel stability and vas...

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  • Fatty-acid composition in serum phospholipids and risk of breast cancer: an incident case-control study in Sweden.

    abstract::The study of the relationship between dietary intake of fatty acids and the risk of breast cancer has not yielded definite conclusions with respect to causality, possibly because of methodological issues inherent to nutritional epidemiology. To evaluate the hypothesis of possible protection of n-3 polyunsaturated fatt...

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  • Organochlorine insecticides DDT and chlordane in relation to survival following breast cancer.

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  • Antitumor effects of interferon in mice injected with interferon-sensitive and interferon-resistant Friend leukemia cells. III. Inhibition of growth and necrosis of tumors implanted subcutaneously.

    abstract::Administration of highly purified interferon to DBA/2 mice inhibited the growth of interferon-sensitive or interferon-resistant Friend erythroleukemia cells implanted subcutaneously. Injection of interferon at the site of tumor inoculation was more effective than injection of interferon intraperitoneally. Histologic e...

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  • Characterization of C57BL/6 plasmacytomas lacking a c-myc translocation.

    abstract::BALB/c peritoneal plasmacytomas induced by a variety of agents are invariably associated with a c-myc translocation. In contrast, naturally arising bone marrow plasma cell tumors in C57BL/KaLwRij mice lack this translocation. This difference has led to the suggestion that these are 2 fundamentally different plasma cel...

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  • Prevalence of antibodies to human papillomaviruses in the general population of the Czech Republic.

    abstract::Sera from 450 individuals between the age of 1 and 80 years, representing the general population of the Czech Republic, were tested for the presence of antibodies to human-papillomavirus(HPV)-derived antigens. The following antigens were used: (i) HPV1 virions; (ii) HPV16, -18 and -33-virus-like particles (VLP); (iii)...

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  • Risk of second cancer after lymphohematopoietic neoplasm.

    abstract::People living with lymphohematopoietic neoplasms (LHNs) are known to have increased risks of second cancer; however, the incidence of second cancers after LHNs has not been studied extensively in Australia. The Australian Cancer Database was used to analyze site-specific risk of second primary cancer after LHNs in 127...

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  • Stimulation of CD8+ T cell responses to MAGE-3 and Melan A/MART-1 by immunization to a polyvalent melanoma vaccine.

    abstract::A critical requirement for cancer vaccines is that they stimulate CD8+ T cell responses. In this study, we tested the ability of a polyvalent melanoma vaccine to induce CD8+ T cell responses to the melanoma associated antigens MAGE-3 and Melan A/MART-1. Fifteen HLA-A2+ patients with resected malignant melanoma were im...

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  • Overuse of antianaerobic drug is associated with poor postchemotherapy prognosis of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.

    abstract::Overuse of antibiotic drugs alters the composition of gut microbiota and has detrimental effects on the host. In our study, we investigated association of gut flora and antibiotics in the prognosis of patients with liver cancer who have undergone chemotherapy by analyzing two independent clinical studies. We retrospec...

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  • Antiproliferative activity of interferon alpha and retinoic acid in SiHa carcinoma cells: the role of cell adhesion.

    abstract::Several lines of evidence have demonstrated that IFNs could be relevant in the treatment of certain neoplastic diseases such as carcinomas. In particular, IFN-alpha, in addition to the anti-proliferative and cytostatic effects, was demonstrated to be capable of inducing cell death by apoptosis both in vivo and in vitr...

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  • Human melanoma-specific oncofetal antigen defined by a mouse monoclonal antibody.

    abstract::140.240, an IgG2a mouse monoclonal antibody raised against a cultured human melanoma cell line, was highly specific for melanoma cells as determined by direct and absorption analyses in a mixed hemadsorption assay. Supernatants of doubly cloned hybridomas producing antibody 140.240 reacted with all cultured and fresh ...

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  • Physical activity and risk for lung cancer in a Danish cohort.

    abstract::Physical activity might reduce the risk for lung cancer by various mechanisms, but the evidence is inconclusive. We therefore examined the relationship between physical activity and risk for lung cancer in a large population-based Danish cohort with detailed information about number of hours per week spent on specific...

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  • Intracellular localization of metaiodobenzyl guanidine in human neuroblastoma cells by electron spectroscopic imaging.

    abstract::The targeted radiotherapy of neuroblastoma with 131l-labelled metaiodobenzyl guanidine (mIBG) is now the subject of several clinical studies. The precise intracellular localization of mIBG, necessary for nuclear microdosimetry, has not previously been described. We report the use of electron-energy-loss spectroscopy a...

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  • Risk of invasive cervical cancer in relation to clinical investigation and treatment after abnormal cytology: a population-based case-control study.

    abstract::A substantial proportion of women with cervical cancer that have participated in cervical screening have a history of an abnormal cytology result. Our objective was to assess the impact of histological investigation and treatment of women with abnormal cytology on the subsequent risk of invasive cervical cancer. All i...

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  • Transformation of rabbit kidney cells by BKV(MM) human papovavirus.

    abstract::Primary rabbit kidney cells were transformed by BKV(MM), a papovavirus isolated from the urine of a child with the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. The transformed cells contained BK T-antigen, but no antigen that reacted with SV40 U-antiserum. The transformed cells failed to produce tumors in nude mice, and BKV (MM) was not...

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  • A candidate CpG SNP approach identifies a breast cancer associated ESR1-SNP.

    abstract::Altered DNA methylation is often seen in malignant cells, potentially contributing to carcinogenesis by suppressing gene expression. We hypothesized that heritable methylation potential might be a risk factor for breast cancer and evaluated possible association with breast cancer for single nucleotide polymorphisms (S...

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  • The association of hormonal contraceptive use and HPV prevalence.

    abstract::Women diagnosed with cervical cancer report longer duration and more recent use of combined oral contraceptives (COCs). It is unclear whether COC use is associated with upstream events of human papillomavirus (HPV) infection prior to development of clinical disease. The objective of our study was to assess the associa...

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  • Altered expression of CD44 isoforms in squamous-cell carcinomas and cell lines derived from them.

    abstract::CD44 is a transmembrane glycoprotein that binds hyaluronan, extracellular matrix proteins and growth factors. Multiple isoforms of CD44 are generated by alternative splicing of 10 separate exons (V1-V10). Expression of the variable exons has been correlated with tumour progression and metastasis in a range of cell typ...

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  • Transient depletion of CD4(+) T cells augments IL-21-based immunotherapy of disseminated neuroblastoma in syngeneic mice.

    abstract::IL-21 is a member of the IL-2 cytokine family, produced by CD4+ T cells. We previously showed that immunotherapy (IT) with IL-21-transduced neuroblastoma cells (Neuro2a/IL-21) cured 33% of syngeneic mice bearing systemic NB. Here, we studied whether the removal of Treg cells could potentiate the therapeutic efficacy o...

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  • Modulation of invasive properties of murine squamous carcinoma cells by heterologous expression of cathepsin B and cystatin C.

    abstract::Murine SCC-VII squamous carcinoma cells have the capacity to penetrate reconstituted basement membranes (Matrigel) in vitro. The invasion of Matrigel layers by SCC-VII cells was significantly reduced by E-64, a specific inhibitor of lysosomal cysteine proteinases. The cathepsin-B-selective E-64 derivative, CA-074, inh...

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  • Statins revert doxorubicin resistance via nitric oxide in malignant mesothelioma.

    abstract::Human malignant mesothelioma (HMM) is resistant to many anticancer drugs, including doxorubicin. Mevastatin and simvastatin, 2 inhibitors of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A (HMGCoA) reductase, potentiated the intracellular accumulation and the cytotoxicity of doxorubicin in HMM cells constitutively expressing P-...

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  • Efficient tumor targeting by single-domain antibody fragments of camels.

    abstract::The variable domain of functional heavy chain antibodies (VHH) devoid of light chains, found in camels, constitute the smallest intact antigen-binding domain fragment. Two camel single-domain fragments, cAb-Lys2 and cAb-Lys3, recognizing an overlapping epitope of lysozyme with a dissociation constant of 2 nM and 65 nM...

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