Characterization of p53 gene mutations in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cell lines: increased frequency and different spectrum of mutations from primary tumors.


:We screened 29 human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESC) cell lines for mutations of the p53 gene through all coding exons and exon-intron junctions. Mutations were found in 22 cell lines (76%), consisting of 20 single-base substitutions, 2 small deletions and 1 single-base insertion. Out of 20 single-base substitution, 5 were located at the exon-intron junctions and mRNAs with abnormal splicing were detected by RT-PCR in 4 of them. A G:C to T:A transversion, which occurred rather frequently in resected tumors of ESC, was observed in only 1 cell line, and, instead, frequent transitions at CpG sites were detected. We also examined 65 fresh tumor materials, from all of which we tried to establish cell lines, and detected mutations in 26 samples (40%). Compared with the results in these fresh tumor materials, the mutation incidence in cell lines was significantly high and the mutation spectrum was also different. From these 65 tumors, 10 cell lines were established, including 3 cell lines from 26 tumors with p53 mutations and 7 cell lines from 39 without mutations, which indicates that there was no significant correlation between the status of the p53 gene in each fresh tumor and its establishment as a cell line. In 7 cell lines established from mutation-free tumors, newly acquired mutations were detected in 5, which suggests that mutations might occur during the process of establishing cell lines.


Int J Cancer


Tanaka H,Shibagaki I,Shimada Y,Wagata T,Imamura M,Ishizaki K




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1996-01-26 00:00:00














  • Curcumin induces cell-arrest and apoptosis in association with the inhibition of constitutively active NF-kappaB and STAT3 pathways in Hodgkin's lymphoma cells.

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  • Synthetic siRNA targeting the breakpoint of EWS/Fli-1 inhibits growth of Ewing sarcoma xenografts in a mouse model.

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  • p16/MTS1 inactivation in ovarian carcinomas: high frequency of reduced protein expression associated with hyper-methylation or mutation in endometrioid and mucinous tumors.

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  • HLA-B alleles, high-risk HPV infection and risk for cervical neoplasia in southern Chinese women.

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  • Functional impact of sequence variation in the promoter region of TGFB1.

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  • The importance of 5-HT for tumor cell lodgement in the liver.

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  • HS3ST2 modulates breast cancer cell invasiveness via MAP kinase- and Tcf4 (Tcf7l2)-dependent regulation of protease and cadherin expression.

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  • Better outcomes of modified myeloablative conditioning without antithymocyte globulin versus myeloablative conditioning in cord blood transplantation for hematological malignancies: A retrospective (development) and a prospective (validation) study.

    abstract::Cord blood transplantation (CBT) is an effective option for treating hematological malignancies, but graft failure (GF) remains the primary cause of therapy failure. Thus, based on myeloablative conditioning (MAC) of busulfan with cyclophosphamide (Bu/Cy) or total body irradiation with Cy (TBI/Cy), fludarabine (Flu) w...

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  • The association between markers of tumour cell metabolism, the tumour microenvironment and outcomes in patients with colorectal cancer.

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  • ALDH1A1 in patient-derived bladder cancer spheroids activates retinoic acid signaling leading to TUBB3 overexpression and tumor progression.

    abstract::Acquired chemoresistance is a critical issue for advanced bladder cancer patients during long-term treatment. Recent studies reveal that a fraction of tumor cells with enhanced tumor-initiating potential, or cancer stem-like cells (CSCs), may particularly contribute to acquired chemoresistance and recurrence. Thus, CS...

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  • Analgesics and cancers of the renal pelvis and ureter.

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  • Enzymatic oxidation products of spermine induce greater cytotoxic effects on human multidrug-resistant colon carcinoma cells (LoVo) than on their wild-type counterparts.

    abstract::The occurrence of resistance to cytotoxic agents in tumor cells, associated with several phenotypic alterations, is one of the major obstacles to successful anticancer chemotherapy. A new strategy to overcome MDR of human cancer cells was studied, using BSAO, which generates cytotoxic products from spermine, H(2)O(2) ...

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  • Sulfonated aluminium phthalocyanines as sensitizers for photochemotherapy. Effects of small light doses on localization, dye fluorescence and photosensitivity in V79 cells.

    abstract::V79 cells incubated with di- or tetrasulfonated aluminium phthalocyanines (AlPcS2 or AlPcS4) showed a granular fluorescence pattern. Co-staining with the lysosomotropic dye acridine orange (AO) indicated that the granules that were stained by these photoactive phthalocyanines were identical to lysosomes. Small light e...

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  • Cancer-germline gene expression in pediatric solid tumors using quantitative real-time PCR.

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  • Genetic analysis of in vitro leukemogenesis induced by thymus epithelial reticulum cells transmitting murine leukemia viruses.

    abstract::Lymphatic leukemia developed in C57BL/6 mice following inoculation of normal thymocytes that and been co-cultured on leukemic thymus epithelial reticulum monolayer cells. Using thymocytes genetically marked in Ly membrane antigens, we showed that the thymomas which developed were produced by the co-cultured thymocytes...

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  • Binding activities of cis-platin-damage-recognition proteins in human tumour cell lines.

    abstract::Proteins can be detected by South-western analyses of human tumour-cell extracts binding to double-stranded oligonucleotide DNA treated in vitro with the chemotherapeutic drug cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (II) (CDDP), but not to untreated DNA. The relative molecular masses of proteins binding to the CDDP-treated doubl...

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  • Survival in patients with human papillomavirus positive tonsillar cancer in relation to treatment.

    abstract::The incidence of tonsillar cancer and the proportion of human papillomavirus (HPV) positive tonsillar cancer cases have increased in the last decades. In parallel, treatment for tonsillar cancer has been intensified e.g., by accelerated radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, resulting in more side effects. Patients with HPV-...

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  • Loss of specific natural cell-mediated cytotoxicity with absorption of natural antibodies from serum.

    abstract::When effector cells from most individuals are tested directly against a number of target cells for cell-mediated cytotoxicity, most of the reactivity is non-selective. This apparent non-selectiveness is a result of specific activity against multiple antigens on target cells by each effector suspension. The specific re...

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  • Association of DNA base excision repair genes (OGG1, APE1 and XRCC1) polymorphisms with outcome to platinum-based chemotherapy in advanced nonsmall-cell lung cancer patients.

    abstract::Polymorphism of DNA base excision repair (BER) genes affects DNA repair capacity and may alter sensitivity to platinum-based chemotherapy regimens. This study investigated polymorphisms of OGG1 Ser326Cys, APE1 Asp148Glu APE1-141T/G and XRCC1 Arg399Gln for association with clinical outcome in 235 advanced inoperable no...

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  • Active oxygen transforms murine myeloid progenitor cells in vitro.

    abstract::Active oxygen (AO) is ubiquitous in nature and its many forms can act as natural carcinogens. Their effect on the transformation of a mouse myeloid progenitor cell line was studied using anchorage-independent colony formation in methylcellulose as the primary assay. Both cytotoxic and non-toxic concentrations of t-but...

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  • Cerebrovascular inflammation promotes the formation of brain metastases.

    abstract::Brain metastases are the most prevalent intracranial malignancy. Patient outcome is poor and treatment options are limited. Hence, new avenues must be explored to identify potential therapeutic targets. Inflammation is a known critical component of cancer progression. Intratumoral inflammation drives progression and l...

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  • Several genes encoding ribosomal proteins are over-expressed in prostate-cancer cell lines: confirmation of L7a and L37 over-expression in prostate-cancer tissue samples.

    abstract::A cDNA library specific for mRNA over-expressed in prostate cancer was generated by subtractive hybridization of transcripts originating from prostatic hyperplasia and cancer tissues. cDNA encoding ribosomal proteins L4, L5, L7a, L23a, L30, L37, S14 and S18 was found to be present among 100 analyzed clones. Levels of ...

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  • Chromosome 18 deletions are common events in classical midgut carcinoid tumors.

    abstract::Classical midgut carcinoids are rare intestinal neuroendocrine tumors that often present with metastases at diagnosis. In contrast to foregut carcinoids, midgut carcinoids are not related to the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 1 syndrome, and the mechanisms involved in their tumorigenesis are unknown. Eight classica...

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