The difference in mortality between adult patients with laboratory documented Influenza A and B, a single centre retrospective observational study.


BACKGROUND:Seasonal influenza is an annual occurrence that leads to large community outbreaks and increased hospitalisation. A number of studies have suggested that influenza A (FLUAV) is associated with increased rates of hospitalisation and mortality compared to influenza B (FLUBV). This study compared demographic and clinical variables in patients diagnosed with FLUAV or FLUBV during the 2017-2018 UK Influenza season. METHODS:Patient demographic and clinical information were obtained by accessing medical records of patients testing FLUAV or FLUBV positive using the Cepheid GXP. We used χ2 test to compare variables in patients with laboratory confirmed FLUAV and FLUBV. RESULTS:127 adult patients had confirmed Influenza, 71 (55.9%) had FLUAV and 56 (44.1%) FLUBV. There was no significant difference between severity at presentation, admission to HDU/ITU or median length of stay. The overall mortality was 6 (4.5%) and 9 (7.1%) at 7 and 30-days respectively. There was a statistically significant difference in 7-day mortality between patients with FLUAV and FLUBV, 1 (1.4%) vs 5 (8.9%) respectively, p= 0.047) although this became non-significant at 30-days. CONCLUSIONS:With the exception of mortality, we did not observe significant differences between patients with FLUAV and FLUBV. 7-day mortality in patients with FLUBV was significantly higher with FLUAV, although this was was not apparent at 30 days. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.


J Med Virol


Mabayoje DA,Cutino-Moguel T,Haigh J,Wilks M,Welch CA,Melzer M




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    abstract::Nineteen Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, seropositive for HBV e antigen (HBeAg) and HBV DNA on at least three occasions in 6 months, were randomised to receive either recombinant human interferon-gamma (rIFN gamma) 0.1 mg/m2 intramuscularly thrice weekly for 16 weeks (n = 11) or no ant...

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  • Prediction of the virological response to etravirine in clinical practice: Comparison of three genotype algorithms.

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