Development of a fast and efficient root transgenic system for functional genomics and genetic engineering in peach.


:Peach is an economically import fruit crop worldwide, and serves as a model species of the Rosaceae family as well. However, peach functional genomics studies are severely hampered due to its recalcitrance to regeneration and stable transformation. Here, we report a fast and efficient Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated transformation system in peach. Various explants, including leaf, hypocotyl and shoot, were all able to induce transgenic hairy roots, with a transformation efficiency of over 50% for hypocotyl. Composite plants were generated by infecting shoots with A. rhizogenes to induce transgenic adventitious hairy roots. The composite plant system was successfully used to validate function of an anthocyanin-related regulatory gene PpMYB10.1 in transgenic hairy roots, and two downstream genes, PpUFGT and PpGST, were strongly activated. Our stable and reproductive A. rhizogenes-mediated transformation system provides an avenue for gene function assay, genetic engineering, and investigation of root-rhizosphere microorganism interaction in peach.


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Xu S,Lai E,Zhao L,Cai Y,Ogutu C,Cherono S,Han Y,Zheng B




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2020-02-18 00:00:00












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  • Disparity of time-contrast curves generated by various types of power injectors used in magnetic resonance imaging.

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  • Expression of NOTCH3 exon 16 differentiates Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma into molecular subtypes and is associated with prognosis.

    abstract::Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) is a heterogeneous disease with diverse clinical presentation and outcome. Bio-clinical prognostic models including oncogene expression and cell-of-origin phenotyping has been developed, however, approximately 30% of all patients still die from their disease, illustrating the need...

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  • Field-programmable beam reconfiguring based on digitally-controlled coding metasurface.

    abstract::Digital phase shifters have been applied in traditional phased array antennas to realize beam steering. However, the phase shifter deals with the phase of the induced current; hence, it has to be in the path of each element of the antenna array, making the phased array antennas very expensive. Metamaterials and/or met...

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  • How to Regenerate and Protect Desert Riparian Populus euphratica Forest in Arid Areas.

    abstract::We found that the most suitable flooding disturbance model for regenerating Populus euphratica forest was two to three times per year with a duration of 15-20 days and an intensity of 25-30 m(3)/s. The flooding should take place during the seed emergence to young tree growth stages, and should be based on flooding exp...

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  • Network reconstruction of platelet metabolism identifies metabolic signature for aspirin resistance.

    abstract::Recently there has not been a systematic, objective assessment of the metabolic capabilities of the human platelet. A manually curated, functionally tested, and validated biochemical reaction network of platelet metabolism, iAT-PLT-636, was reconstructed using 33 proteomic datasets and 354 literature references. The n...

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