Esophageal Button Battery in the Pediatric Population: Experience from a Tertiary Care Center.


OBJECTIVES:To highlight different patterns of clinical presentation, share authors' experience in the management of children following button battery ingestion and their outcomes. METHODS:This is a single center descriptive cohort study with a total duration of 5 y (January 2014 through December 2018). Battery removal was performed by urgent rigid esophagoscopy following department protocols. Outcomes and complications were observed in the post-operative period in all children. Contrast esophagogram was performed at 4-6 wk post battery removal for assessing esophageal emptying and detecting sequelae (stricture). RESULTS:Fifty-two children (M:F = 31:21) with a mean age (+SD) at presentation of 47 (+27) mo were managed at authors' center during the study period. Most common source of button battery was electronic appliance remote (50%) and common symptoms at presentation were vomiting after feeds, dysphagia, chest pain etc. During endoscopic retrieval, majority (60%) of the batteries were lodged in the upper esophagus and predominant impaction was noticed at anterior wall (81%) of esophagus. Upon injury assessment, grade 3 followed by grade 2 were detected in 59% and 41% cases respectively. Five children developed complications. Two deaths due to catastrophic hemorrhage (aorto-esophageal fistula) and refractory sepsis (tracheoesophageal fistula) occurred in present cohort. While contrast esophagogram was normal in all survivors, self-limiting symptoms like mild chest pain during swallowing and cough were observed during the follow-up. Median (IQR) duration of hospital stay and follow-up were 2 d (1-2.75) and 14.5 mo (8.5-17.5) respectively. CONCLUSIONS:Accidental button battery ingestion can be life-threatening. Diagnosis is often delayed due to non-specific clinical presentation and unwitnessed ingestions. Esophagoscopic retrieval is the treatment modality of choice. Despite having significant esophageal injury at the time of removal, no long-term sequelae (clinical or radiological) were observed in present study.


Indian J Pediatr


Anand S,Jain V,Agarwala S,Dhua AK,Yadav DK




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