Modulation of the in vitro angiogenic potential of human mesenchymal stromal cells from different tissue sources.


:Mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) have been widely exploited for the treatment of several conditions due to their intrinsic regenerative and immunomodulatory properties. MSC have demonstrated to be particularly relevant for the treatment of ischemic diseases, where MSC-based therapies can stimulate angiogenesis and induce tissue regeneration. Regardless of the condition targeted, recent analyses of MSC-based clinical trials have demonstrated limited benefits indicating a need to improve the efficacy of this cell product. Preconditioning MSC ex vivo through microenvironment modulation was found to improve MSC survival rate and thus prolong their therapeutic effect. This workstudy aims at enhancing the in vitro angiogenic capacity of a potential MSC-based medicinal product by comparing different sources of MSC and culture conditions. MSC from three different sources (bone marrow [BM], adipose tissue [AT], and umbilical cord matrix [UCM]) were cultured with xenogeneic-/serum-free culture medium under static conditions and their angiogenic potential was studied. Results indicated a higher in vitro angiogenic capacity of UCM MSC, compared with cells derived from BM and AT. Physicochemical preconditioning of UCM MSC through a microcarrier-based culture platform and low oxygen concentration (2% O2 , compared with atmospheric air) increased the in vitro angiogenic potential of the cultured cells. Envisaging the clinical manufacturing of an allogeneic, off-the-shelf MSC-based product, preconditioned UCM MSC maintain the angiogenic gene expression profile upon cryopreservation and delivery processes in the conditions of our study. These results are expected to contribute to the development of MSC-based therapies in the context of angiogenesis.


J Cell Physiol


Pinto DS,Ahsan T,Serra J,Fernandes-Platzgummer A,Cabral JMS,da Silva CL




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