Genome-Wide Association Study Detected Novel Susceptibility Genes for Schizophrenia and Shared Trans-Populations/Diseases Genetic Effect.


:Genome-wide association studies (GWASs) have identified >100 susceptibility loci for schizophrenia (SCZ) and demonstrated that SCZ is a polygenic disorder determined by numerous genetic variants but with small effect size. We conducted a GWAS in the Japanese (JPN) population (a) to detect novel SCZ-susceptibility genes and (b) to examine the shared genetic risk of SCZ across (East Asian [EAS] and European [EUR]) populations and/or that of trans-diseases (SCZ, bipolar disorder [BD], and major depressive disorder [MDD]) within EAS and between EAS and EUR (trans-diseases/populations). Among the discovery GWAS subjects (JPN-SCZ GWAS: 1940 SCZ cases and 7408 controls) and replication dataset (4071 SCZ cases and 54479 controls), both comprising JPN populations, 3 novel susceptibility loci for SCZ were identified: SPHKAP (Pbest = 4.1 × 10-10), SLC38A3 (Pbest = 5.7 × 10-10), and CABP1-ACADS (Pbest = 9.8 × 10-9). Subsequent meta-analysis between our samples and those of the Psychiatric GWAS Consortium (PGC; EUR samples) and another study detected 12 additional susceptibility loci. Polygenic risk score (PRS) prediction revealed a shared genetic risk of SCZ across populations (Pbest = 4.0 × 10-11) and between SCZ and BD in the JPN population (P ~ 10-40); however, a lower variance-explained was noted between JPN-SCZ GWAS and PGC-BD or MDD within/across populations. Genetic correlation analysis supported the PRS results; the genetic correlation between JPN-SCZ and PGC-SCZ was ρ = 0.58, whereas a similar/lower correlation was observed between the trans-diseases (JPN-SCZ vs JPN-BD/EAS-MDD, rg = 0.56/0.29) or trans-diseases/populations (JPN-SCZ vs PGC-BD/MDD, ρ = 0.38/0.12). In conclusion, (a) Fifteen novel loci are possible susceptibility genes for SCZ and (b) SCZ "risk" effect is shared with other psychiatric disorders even across populations.


Schizophr Bull


Schizophrenia bulletin


Ikeda M,Takahashi A,Kamatani Y,Momozawa Y,Saito T,Kondo K,Shimasaki A,Kawase K,Sakusabe T,Iwayama Y,Toyota T,Wakuda T,Kikuchi M,Kanahara N,Yamamori H,Yasuda Y,Watanabe Y,Hoya S,Aleksic B,Kushima I,Arai H,Takaki




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  • Variability and the dopamine hypothesis of schizophrenia.

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  • Healthy Adolescent Performance With Standardized Scoring Tables for the MATRICS Consensus Cognitive Battery: A Multisite Study.

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    abstract::North American outcome studies of schizophrenia conducted within the past quarter century are reviewed if their minimum average followup is 10 years and they meet at least some modern design criteria. Ten such investigations are described and summarized. Taken as a whole, they demonstrate that schizophrenia can be a c...

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  • Long-term course of hospitalization for schizophrenia: Part II. Change with passage of time.

    abstract::This analysis examines the notion of progressive deterioration in schizophrenia, using long-term followup data on hospital episodes in defined cohorts from psychiatric case registers in Victoria, Australia; Denmark; and Salford, England. The analyses differentiate heterogeneity existing at the first hospitalization fo...

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  • Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders in a Danish 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Cohort Compared to the Total Danish Population--A Nationwide Register Study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Cross-sectional studies have shown associations between 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and schizophrenia. However, large-scale prospective studies have been lacking. We, therefore, conducted the first large-scale population based study on the risk of being diagnosed with schizophrenia in persons identified with 22...

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  • A Network Approach to Psychosis: Pathways Between Childhood Trauma and Psychotic Symptoms.

    abstract::Childhood trauma (CT) has been identified as a potential risk factor for the onset of psychotic disorders. However, to date, there is limited consensus with respect to which symptoms may ensue after exposure to trauma in early life, and whether specific pathways may account for these associations. The aim of the prese...

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  • Psychosis as a disorder of reduced cathectic capacity: Freud's analysis of the Schreber case revisited.

    abstract::Approximately 100 years ago, a prominent German public figure name Daniel Schreber wrote memoirs of his experiences in asylums. His case was diagnosed Dementia Praecox at times and Paranoia at others by his treaters. Freud analyzed Schreber's memoirs from the perspective of his "libido" theory of developmentally organ...

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  • A review of cognitive training in schizophrenia.

    abstract::Empirically supported treatments for schizophrenia now include a variety of psychosocial interventions, such as social skills training, vocational rehabilitation, and psychotherapy. As awareness of the functional importance of neurocognitive impairments in schizophrenia has increased, interest in treatments to improve...

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  • Does long-term treatment of schizophrenia with antipsychotic medications facilitate recovery?

    abstract::Antipsychotic medications are viewed as cornerstones for both the short-term and long-term treatment of schizophrenia. However, evidence on long-term (10 or more years) efficacy of antipsychotics is mixed. Double-blind discontinuation studies indicate significantly more relapses in unmedicated schizophrenia patients i...

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