Wnt signalling in the development of axon, dendrites and synapses.


:Wnts are a highly conserved family of secreted glycoproteins that play essential roles in the morphogenesis and body patterning during the development of metazoan species. In recent years, mounting evidence has revealed important functions of Wnt signalling in diverse aspects of neural development, including neuronal polarization, guidance and branching of the axon and dendrites, as well as synapse formation and its structural remodelling. In contrast to Wnt signalling in cell proliferation and differentiation, which mostly acts through β-catenin-dependent pathways, Wnts engage a diverse array of non-transcriptional cascades in neuronal development, such as the planar cell polarity, cytoskeletal or calcium signalling pathways. In this review, we summarize recent advances in the mechanisms of Wnt signalling in the development of axon, dendrite and synapse formation.


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  • Core regulatory circuitries in defining cancer cell identity across the malignant spectrum.

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  • Biochemical evidence for diverse strategies in the inner kinetochore.

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  • Neutrophil heterogeneity in health and disease: a revitalized avenue in inflammation and immunity.

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  • Global regulation of heterochromatin spreading by Leo1.

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  • Understanding the mammalian TRAP complex function(s).

    abstract::In eukaryotic cells, about one-third of the synthesized proteins are translocated into the endoplasmic reticulum; they are membrane or lumen resident proteins and proteins direct to the Golgi apparatus. The co-translational translocation takes place through the heterotrimeric protein-conducting channel Sec61 which is ...

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  • Targeting of Helicobacter pylori thymidylate synthase ThyX by non-mitotoxic hydroxy-naphthoquinones.

    abstract::ThyX is an essential thymidylate synthase that is mechanistically and structurally unrelated to the functionally analogous human enzyme, thus providing means for selective inhibition of bacterial growth. To identify novel compounds with anti-bacterial activity against the human pathogenic bacterium Helicobacter pylori...

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