Normative Interlimb Impedance Ratios: Implications for Early Diagnosis of Uni- and Bilateral, Upper and Lower Limb Lymphedema.


: Background: Bioimpedance spectroscopy detects unilateral lymphedema if the ratio of extracellular fluid (ECF) between arms or between legs is outside three standard deviations (SDs) of the normative mean. Detection of bilateral lymphedema, common after bilateral breast or gynecological cancer, is complicated by the unavailability of an unaffected contralateral limb. The objectives of this work were to (1) present normative values for interarm, interleg, and arm-to-leg impedance ratios of ECF and ECF normalized to intracellular fluid (ECF/ICF); (2) evaluate the influence of sex, age, and body mass index on ratios; and (3) describe the normal change in ratios within healthy individuals over time. Methods: Data from five studies were combined to generate a normative data set (n = 808) from which mean and SD were calculated for interarm, interleg, and arm-to-leg ratios of ECF and ECF/ICF. The influence of sex, age, and body mass index was evaluated using multiple linear regression, and normative change was calculated for participants with repeated measures by subtracting their lowest ratio from their highest ratio. Results: Mean (SD) interarm, interleg, dominant arm-to-leg, and nondominant arm-to-leg ratios were 0.987 (0.067), 1.005 (0.072), 1.129 (0.160), and 1.165 (0.174) for ECF ratios; and 0.957 (0.188), 1.024 (0.183), 1.194 (0.453), and 1.117 (0.367) for ECF/ICF ratios, respectively. Arm-to-leg ratios were significantly affected by sex, age, and body mass index. Mean normative change ranged from 7.2% to 14.7% for ECF ratios and from 14.7% to 67.1% for ECF/ICF ratios. Conclusion: These findings provide the necessary platform for extending bioimpedance-based screening beyond unilateral lymphedema.


Lymphat Res Biol


Steele ML,Janda M,Vagenas D,Ward LC,Cornish BH,Box R,Gordon S,Matthews M,Poppitt SD,Plank LD,Yip W,Rowan A,Reul-Hirche H,Obermair A,Hayes SC




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:Lymphedema leads to adipose tissue deposition. Water-fat magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can quantify and localize fat and water. The presence of excess fat and excess water/muscle in the subfascial compartment of the lymphedematous limb has not been investigated before. The aim of this study was to investi...

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  • SF-36 Shows Increased Quality of Life Following Complete Reduction of Postmastectomy Lymphedema with Liposuction.

    abstract::Abstracts Background: Arm lymphedema after breast cancer surgery affects women both from physical and psychological points of view. Lymphedema leads to adipose tissue deposition. Liposuction and controlled compression therapy (CCT) reduces the lymphedema completely. METHODS AND RESULTS:Sixty female patients with arm ...

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  • Impairment of lymph drainage in subfascial compartment of forearm in breast cancer-related lymphedema.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:In arm lymphedema secondary to axillary surgery and radiotherapy (breast cancer-related lymphedema), the swelling is largely epifascial and lymph flow per unit epifascial volume is impaired. The subfascial muscle compartment is not measurably swollen despite the iatrogenic damage to its axillary drainage pat...

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  • Pathophysiological aspects of lymphedema of human limbs: I. Lymph protein composition.

    abstract::The knowledge of humoral and cellular factors retained in tissues affected by ineffective lymph transport is necessary to comprehend the pathological mechanisms of the evolving changes in the extremity. In this article, we report our observations on changes in the protein composition of lymph in obstructive lymphedema...

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  • Responsiveness of the Lymphedema Functioning, Disability, and Health Questionnaire for Upper Limb Lymphedema in Patients with Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema.

    abstract:: Background: The Lymphedema Functioning, Disability, and Health questionnaire for Upper Limb Lymphedema (Lymph-ICF-UL) is a health-related quality-of-life questionnaire for patients with breast cancer-related lymphedema. Previous testing of this questionnaire showed very go...

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  • Outcomes in Vascularized Lymph Node Transplantation in Rabbits: A Reliable Model for Improving the Surgical Approach to Lymphedema.

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