When DAWN went dark: Can the Nationwide Emergency Department Sample (NEDS) fill the surveillance gap left by the discontinued Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN)?


BACKGROUND:This study assessed whether the Nationwide Emergency Department Sample (NEDS) could reliably fill the national drug surveillance gap caused by the discontinuation of the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN). METHODS:Estimates of the drug-related emergency department (ED) visits derived from DAWN (2004-2011) and NEDS (2006-2013). Estimates of the underlying reason for the drug-related ED visit, patient characteristics, and the specific drugs involved were compared for 2011, the most recent overlapping data year in DAWN and NEDS. Trends in ED visits for major drugs of abuse were then compared over the period 2004-2013. RESULTS:In 2011, DAWN and NEDS produced statistically similar estimates of the overall number of drug-related ED visits (5.1 vs. 4.9 million) and those involving drug misuse or abuse (2.65 vs. 2.77 million). Among the latter, estimates by gender, age group, and patient disposition were generally consistent across data systems, suggesting that NEDS and DAWN samples draw from a similar population. Main analyses reveal statistically similar estimates across data systems in both levels and trends for cocaine, amphetamines, and narcotic pain relievers. In contrast, the number of ED visits for sedatives and heroin was significantly undercounted in NEDS, whereas marijuana-related ED visits were undercounted in DAWN. CONCLUSIONS:This study demonstrates the utility of NEDS for conducting post-DAWN drug surveillance. Because NEDS cannot provide targeted surveillance of certain established (e.g., heroin) and emerging (e.g., fentanyl) drugs, however, it is critical that a data system that employs medical record-based reviews be implemented to augment the known weaknesses of NEDS.


Drug Alcohol Depend


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  • Major depression and treatment response in adolescents with ADHD and substance use disorder.

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  • Epidemiologic trends and geographic patterns of fatal opioid intoxications in Connecticut, USA: 1997-2007.

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  • 1-Pentyl-3-phenylacetylindoles and JWH-018 share in vivo cannabinoid profiles in mice.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Smoking of synthetic cannabinoid-enhanced "herbal incense" is an emerging substance abuse problem. The indole-derived cannabinoids identified in these products were originally developed as research tools and are structurally distinct from cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Although abused by humans, most pu...

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  • Aerobic exercise decreases the positive-reinforcing effects of cocaine.

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  • Inhalant use among incarcerated adolescents in the United States: prevalence, characteristics, and correlates of use.

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  • Cognitive ability in early adulthood as a predictor of habitual drug use during later military service and civilian life: the Vietnam Experience Study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Recent reports have linked cognitive ability (IQ) with alcohol dependency, but the relationship with illegal drug use is not well understood. METHODS:Participants were 14,362 male US Vietnam veterans with IQ test results at entry into military service in 1965-1971 (mean age 22.58) who participated in a tele...

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  • Comparing homeless and domiciled pregnant substance dependent women on psychosocial characteristics and treatment outcomes.

    abstract::The present study compared pregnant drug-dependent women reporting homelessness (n=117) or being domiciled (n=118) at treatment enrollment on initial psychosocial functioning and subsequent drug treatment outcome. Homeless pregnant women presented with greater drug use and medical problems, less social service income,...

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  • GABAA Receptor Subtypes and the Reinforcing Effects of Benzodiazepines in Remifentanil-Experienced Rhesus Monkeys.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Opioid-use disorder is associated with a high degree of co-abuse with benzodiazepines. While the mechanisms underlying the co-abuse of opioids and benzodiazepines remain unknown, α1 subunit-containing GABAA receptors may play a critical role in the reinforcing effects of benzodiazepine-type compounds, depend...

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  • Pragmatic randomized controlled trial of a web-based intervention for alcohol use among Brazilian college students: Motivation as a moderating effect.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Web-based personalized normative feedback (PNF) interventions are less effective than their laboratory versions. Participant motivation may account for this reduced effect, but there is only a limited amount of research into the influence of motivation on PNF effectiveness. We evaluated the effectiveness of ...

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  • Substances injected at the Sydney supervised injecting facility: A chemical analysis of used injecting equipment and comparison with self-reported drug type.

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  • Nicotine concentration of e-cigarettes used by adolescents.

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  • The predictability of the Addiction Severity Index criminal justice assessment instrument and future imprisonment: A Swedish registry study with a national sample of adults with risky substance use.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:In Sweden, social workers uses the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) as their main assessment tool when assessing individuals with risky substance use (RSU) or substance use disorder. The aim of this study is to identify among individuals with RSU, the associations of ASI Composite Scores (CSs) with future impri...

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  • Toward DSM-V: mapping the alcohol use disorder continuum in college students.

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  • Assessing 30-day quantity-frequency of U.S. adolescent cigarette smoking as a predictor of adult smoking 14 years later.

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  • Exercise training - A beneficial intervention in the treatment of alcohol use disorders?

    abstract:BACKGROUND:A growing body of evidence suggests that exercise training may have multiple beneficial effects in individuals with mental health or substance use disorders. Yet, relatively little knowledge exists regarding the benefits of exercise training to augment treatment for alcohol use disorders (AUDs). PURPOSE:The...

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  • Adaptive changes in the dopamine system produced by chronic ethanol feeding.

    abstract::The consumption of ethanol by mice resulted in an altered sensitivity of the brain dopamine systems to perturbations produced by agonists and antagonists. The results indicate that ethanol feeding and withdrawal produces a state in which the normal coupling between dopamine receptors and the effectors for these recept...

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    abstract::This paper examines patterns of self-reported alcohol, tobacco and illicit drug use amongst a representative sample of 600 qualified nurses in the Lothian Region of Scotland. General levels of alcohol use were not exceptional. Even so, levels of tobacco smoking and the use of illicit drugs were higher than for the gen...

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  • Child maltreatment increases sensitivity to adverse social contexts: neighborhood physical disorder and incident binge drinking in Detroit.

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  • Evaluation of Wistar rats' individual sensitivity to the development of physical dependence on morphine.

    abstract::Behavioral and physiological indices which could be symptoms of individual Wistar rats' sensitivity to the development of physical dependence on morphine, were studied. This state was induced in three different ways: (1) by i.p. injection of increasing doses of the drug; (2) by i.p. injection of morphine as a reward o...

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  • Sex ratio among opium addicts in Asia: influences of drug availability and sampling method.

    abstract::The literature on opium addiction in Asia reveals widely different sex ratios. Analysis of these reports indicates that community surveys provide the most reliable and valid ratios. Surveys in psychiatric hospitals appear to overreport women, while case registers and surveys in addiction treatment facilities, vends an...

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  • Influence of comorbid drug use disorder on receipt of evidence-based treatment for alcohol use disorder among VA patients with alcohol use disorder and Hepatitis C and/or HIV.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Alcohol use is risky for patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) and/or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection, but alcohol use disorder (AUD) treatment is underutilized in these populations. Comorbid drug use disorders (DUD) are common, but their influence on AUD treatment receipt is understudied. We ev...

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  • Systematic review and meta-analysis of socio-cognitive and socio-affective processes association with adolescent substance use.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Social impairments are important features of a substance use disorder diagnosis; and recent models suggest early impairments in socio-cognitive and -affective processes may predict future use. However, no systematic reviews are available on this topic. METHODS:We conducted a systematic review and meta-analy...

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