Drinking pattern during midlife and risk of developing depression during 28 years of follow-up: A prospective cohort study.


BACKGROUND:The long-term impact of alcohol intake in midlife on developing depression is not clear. We aimed to investigate drinking pattern during midlife as a risk factor for developing depression during 28 years of follow-up. METHODS:We used data from a well characterised prospective cohort study (the Whitehall II study) of 7478 men and women (70% male) aged 35 to 55 years, and free from depression in 1985-1988, followed up regularly until 2013. Drinking pattern was defined in terms of usual and maximum amounts consumed within a single drinking session, total weekly volume of alcohol consumed and drinking frequency. Depression was assessed using the General Health Questionnaire Depression Subscale at multiple follow-up occasions (up to eight times in total). Associations between different drinking pattern components during midlife and depression were estimated using flexible parametric survival models. RESULTS:After adjustment for confounding factors only abstaining from alcohol during midlife was associated with an increased risk of developing depression during long-term observation. However, this association became non-significant after adjusting for baseline self-reported health. CONCLUSIONS:In this community dwelling population, drinking pattern during midlife was not associated with an increased risk of developing depression.


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  • Naltrexone shortened opioid detoxification with buprenorphine.

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  • Clinical efficacy of buprenorphine: comparisons to methadone and placebo.

    abstract::Buprenorphine has been studied extensively since 1978 when it was initially proposed as an alternative to methadone for treatment of opioid dependence. Early work by Jasinski et al., 1978; Mello and Mendelson, 1980; Mello et al., 1982; Mello et al., 1983 and Mendelson et al., 1984 and their colleagues demonstrated bup...

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  • Follow-up study of subjects on methadyl acetate and methadone.

    abstract::Fifty of sixty original study subjects were assessed via two questionnaires and urinalysis tests between six months and one year following completion of the experimental program. Results indicate a high rate of retention in methadone/methadyl acetate treatment, and point to the need for positive social context, satisf...

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