A novel Cep120-dependent mechanism inhibits centriole maturation in quiescent cells.


:The two centrioles of the centrosome in quiescent cells are inherently asymmetric structures that differ in age, morphology and function. How these asymmetric properties are established and maintained during quiescence remains unknown. Here, we show that a daughter centriole-associated ciliopathy protein, Cep120, plays a critical inhibitory role at daughter centrioles. Depletion of Cep120 in quiescent mouse and human cells causes accumulation of pericentriolar material (PCM) components including pericentrin, Cdk5Rap2, ninein and Cep170. The elevated PCM levels result in increased microtubule-nucleation activity at the centrosome. Consequently, loss of Cep120 leads to aberrant dynein-dependent trafficking of centrosomal proteins, dispersal of centriolar satellites, and defective ciliary assembly and signaling. Our results indicate that Cep120 helps to maintain centrosome homeostasis by inhibiting untimely maturation of the daughter centriole, and defines a potentially new molecular defect underlying the pathogenesis of ciliopathies such as Jeune Asphyxiating Thoracic Dystrophy and Joubert syndrome.






Betleja E,Nanjundappa R,Cheng T,Mahjoub MR




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2018-05-09 00:00:00










  • Slowly folding surface extension in the prototypic avian hepatitis B virus capsid governs stability.

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  • High-order thalamic inputs to primary somatosensory cortex are stronger and longer lasting than cortical inputs.

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  • Cryo-EM of dynein microtubule-binding domains shows how an axonemal dynein distorts the microtubule.

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  • Exchange of water for sterol underlies sterol egress from a StARkin domain.

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  • Single-cell transcriptomics reveals a new dynamical function of transcription factors during embryonic hematopoiesis.

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  • BAD and KATP channels regulate neuron excitability and epileptiform activity.

    abstract::Brain metabolism can profoundly influence neuronal excitability. Mice with genetic deletion or alteration of Bad (BCL-2 agonist of cell death) exhibit altered brain-cell fuel metabolism, accompanied by resistance to acutely induced epileptic seizures; this seizure protection is mediated by ATP-sensitive potassium (KAT...


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  • Perceptually relevant remapping of human somatotopy in 24 hours.

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  • Dynamic change of electrostatic field in TMEM16F permeation pathway shifts its ion selectivity.

    abstract::TMEM16F is activated by elevated intracellular Ca2+, and functions as a small-conductance ion channel and as a phospholipid scramblase. In contrast to its paralogs, the TMEM16A/B calcium-activated chloride channels, mouse TMEM16F has been reported as a cation-, anion-, or non-selective ion channel, without a definite ...


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  • Lipids and ions traverse the membrane by the same physical pathway in the nhTMEM16 scramblase.

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  • AP2 hemicomplexes contribute independently to synaptic vesicle endocytosis.

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  • AMPK and vacuole-associated Atg14p orchestrate μ-lipophagy for energy production and long-term survival under glucose starvation.

    abstract::Dietary restriction increases the longevity of many organisms, but the cell signaling and organellar mechanisms underlying this capability are unclear. We demonstrate that to permit long-term survival in response to sudden glucose depletion, yeast cells activate lipid-droplet (LD) consumption through micro-lipophagy (...


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  • Decoding gripping force based on local field potentials recorded from subthalamic nucleus in humans.

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  • Distinct ipRGC subpopulations mediate light's acute and circadian effects on body temperature and sleep.

    abstract::The light environment greatly impacts human alertness, mood, and cognition by both acute regulation of physiology and indirect alignment of circadian rhythms. These processes require the melanopsin-expressing intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs), but the relevant downstream brain areas involved...


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  • Multifactorial processes underlie parallel opsin loss in neotropical bats.

    abstract::The loss of previously adaptive traits is typically linked to relaxation in selection, yet the molecular steps leading to such repeated losses are rarely known. Molecular studies of loss have tended to focus on gene sequences alone, but overlooking other aspects of protein expression might underestimate phenotypic div...


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  • BRAF activates PAX3 to control muscle precursor cell migration during forelimb muscle development.

    abstract::Migration of skeletal muscle precursor cells is a key step during limb muscle development and depends on the activity of PAX3 and MET. Here, we demonstrate that BRAF serves a crucial function in formation of limb skeletal muscles during mouse embryogenesis downstream of MET and acts as a potent inducer of myoblast cel...


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  • Crystal structure of intraflagellar transport protein 80 reveals a homo-dimer required for ciliogenesis.

    abstract::Oligomeric assemblies of intraflagellar transport (IFT) particles build cilia through sequential recruitment and transport of ciliary cargo proteins within cilia. Here we present the 1.8 Å resolution crystal structure of the Chlamydomonas IFT-B protein IFT80, which reveals the architecture of two N-terminal β-propelle...


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    authors: Taschner M,Lorentzen A,Mourão A,Collins T,Freke GM,Moulding D,Basquin J,Jenkins D,Lorentzen E

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