High sulfur-containing carbon polysulfide polymer as a novel cathode material for lithium-sulfur battery.


:The lithium-sulfur battery, which offers a high energy density and is environmental friendly, is a promising next generation of rechargeable energy storage system. However, despite these attractive attributes, the commercialization of lithium-sulfur battery is primarily hindered by the parasitic reactions between the Li metal anode and dissolved polysulfide species from the cathode during the cycling process. Herein, we synthesize the sulfur-rich carbon polysulfide polymer and demonstrate that it is a promising cathode material for high performance lithium-sulfur battery. The electrochemical studies reveal that the carbon polysulfide polymer exhibits superb reversibility and cycle stability. This is due to that the well-designed structure of the carbon polysulfide polymer has several advantages, especially, the strong chemical interaction between sulfur and the carbon framework (C-S bonds) inhibits the shuttle effect and the π electrons of the carbon polysulfide compound enhance the transfer of electrons and Li+. Furthermore, as-prepared carbon polysulfide polymer-graphene hybrid cathode achieves outstanding cycle stability and relatively high capacity. This work highlights the potential promise of the carbon polysulfide polymer as the cathode material for high performance lithium-sulfur battery.


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Zhang Y,Peng Y,Wang Y,Li J,Li H,Zeng J,Wang J,Hwang BJ,Zhao J




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2017-09-12 00:00:00












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