Capacity of humic substances to complex with iron at different salinities in the Yangtze River estuary and East China Sea.


:The iron binding capacities (IBC) of fulvic acid (FA) and humic acid (HA) were determined in the salinity range from 5 to 40. The results indicated that IBC decreased while salinity increased. In addition, dissolved iron (dFe), FA and HA were also determined along the Yangtze River estuary's increasing salinity gradient from 0.14 to 33. The loss rates of dFe, FA and HA in the Yangtze River estuary were up to 96%, 74%, and 67%, respectively. The decreases in dFe, FA and HA, as well as the change in IBC of humic substances (HS) along the salinity gradient in the Yangtze River estuary were all well described by a first-order exponential attenuation model: y(dFe/FA/HA, S) = a0 × exp(kS) + y0. These results indicate that flocculation of FA and HA along the salinity gradient resulted in removal of dFe. Furthermore, the exponential attenuation model described in this paper can be applied in the major estuaries of the world where most of the removal of dFe and HS occurs where freshwater and seawater mix.


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Yang R,Su H,Qu S,Wang X




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  • Continuous-wave phase-matched molecular optical modulator.

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  • Roles of cellular heterogeneity, intrinsic and extrinsic noise in variability of p53 oscillation.

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  • Genetic characterization of cysteine-rich type-b avenin-like protein coding genes in common wheat.

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  • Mild heat induces a distinct "eustress" response in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells but does not induce heat shock protein synthesis.

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    abstract::Current approaches to predicting a cardiovascular disease (CVD) event rely on conventional risk factors and cross-sectional data. In this study, we applied machine learning and deep learning models to 10-year CVD event prediction by using longitudinal electronic health record (EHR) and genetic data. Our study cohort i...

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  • Influence of dietary supplementation with Bacillus licheniformis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae as alternatives to monensin on growth performance, antioxidant, immunity, ruminal fermentation and microbial diversity of fattening lambs.

    abstract::Alternatives to antibiotics for improving productivity and maintaining the health of livestock health are urgently needed. The scope of this research was conducted to investigate the effects of two alternatives (Bacillus licheniformis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae) to monensin on growth performance, antioxidant capacit...

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  • Formation of graphene grain boundaries on Cu(100) surface and a route towards their elimination in chemical vapor deposition growth.

    abstract::Grain boundaries (GBs) in graphene prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) greatly degrade the electrical and mechanical properties of graphene and thus hinder the applications of graphene in electronic devices. The seamless stitching of graphene flakes can avoid GBs, wherein the identical orientation of graphene ...

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  • Network communities within and across borders.

    abstract::We investigate the impact of borders on the topology of spatially embedded networks. Indeed territorial subdivisions and geographical borders significantly hamper the geographical span of networks thus playing a key role in the formation of network communities. This is especially important in scientific and technologi...

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  • Ten-year experience of tricuspid valve replacement with the St. Jude medical valve.

    abstract::Bioprosthetic valves for tricuspid valve replacement (TVR) have become increasingly popular in recent years, but mechanical valves remain valuable, particularly for the patients who want to avoid reoperation for bioprostheses malfunction. The aim of this study was to review our 10-year experience in adult patients who...

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