TPA induction of Epstein-Barr virus early antigens in Raji cells is blocked by selective protein kinase-C inhibitors.


:We have shown that modulation of intracellular calcium in EBV latently infected cells could induce the expression of viral antigens, and suggested that a protein kinase-C (PKC) may play a major role in the EBV genome activation. We now report further investigations on the role of PKC using 2 selective enzymatic inhibitors [1-(5-Isoquinolinylsulfonyl)-2-methylpiperazine] (H-7) and Staurosporine. We show that these inhibitors can abrogate the inductive effect of TPA or the combination of TPA plus n-butyrate. The inhibitors have no effect on induction by calcium ionophores or by viral superinfection. In this context the effect of verapamil (a specific calcium channel blocker) and of several calmodulin antagonists was investigated. No inhibitory effect of these agents could be demonstrated on any of the induction systems examined. These observations strengthen the idea that in some instances cellular PKC plays a role in the expression of viral antigens; however, alternative regulatory mechanisms cannot be excluded.


Int J Cancer


Lazdins J,Zompetta C,Grimaldi S,Barile G,Venanzoni M,Frati L,Faggioni A




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1987-12-15 00:00:00












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  • Cross-signaling among phosphinositide-3 kinase, mitogen-activated protein kinase and sonic hedgehog pathways exists in esophageal cancer.

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    abstract::The E5 oncoprotein of human papillomavirus type 16 downregulates surface MHC Class I and interacts with the heavy chain of the MHC complex via the first hydrophobic domain, believed to form the first helical transmembrane region (TM1) of E5. TM1 contains 4 equally spaced di-leucine (LL1-LL4) motifs. Di-leucine motifs ...

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  • HOXA11 DNA methylation--a novel prognostic biomarker in ovarian cancer.

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  • Study of chromatin remodeling genes implicates SMARCA4 as a putative player in oncogenesis in neuroblastoma.

    abstract::In neuroblastoma (NB), genetic alterations in chromatin remodeling (CRGs) and epigenetic modifier genes (EMGs) have been described. We sought to determine their frequency and clinical impact. Whole exome (WES)/whole genome sequencing (WGS) data and targeted sequencing (TSCA®) of exonic regions of 33 CRGs/EMGs were ana...

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  • Natural cytotoxic reactivity of mouse lymphoid cells against syngeneic and allogeneic tumors. II. Characterization of effector cells.

    abstract::Studies were performed to characterize the effector cells responsible for natural cytotoxicity of mouse lymphoid cells against a variety of syngeneic and allogeneic tumor lines. Since spleen cells from normal nude mice were found to be highly cytotoxic, they were used for most of these experiments. Only a small propor...

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  • Prognostic and diagnostic potential of local and circulating levels of pentraxin 3 in lung cancer patients.

    abstract::There is a well-established link between inflammation and cancer of various organs, but little data are available on inflammation-associated markers of diagnostic and prognostic clinical utility in pulmonary malignancy. Blood samples were prospectively collected from 75 resectable lung cancer patients before surgery a...

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  • Heterogeneity of HLA and EBER expression in Epstein-Barr virus-associated nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

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