Preserved brain metabolic activity at the age of 96 years.


:Loss of brain tissue becomes notable to cerebral magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) at age 30 years, and progresses more rapidly from mid 60s. The incidence of dementia increases exponentially with age, and is all too frequent in the oldest old (≥ 90 years of age), the fastest growing age group in many countries. However, brain pathology and cognitive decline are not inevitable, even at extremely old age (den Dunnen et al., 2008).


Int Psychogeriatr


Apostolova I,Lange C,Spies L,Ritter K,Mäurer A,Seybold J,Fiebach JB,Steinhagen-Thiessen E,Buchert R




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  • Leisure activities, education, and cognitive impairment in Chinese older adults: a population-based longitudinal study.

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  • Diagnosis and disclosure of a memory problem is associated with quality of life in community based older Australians with dementia.

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  • Statistical analysis, trial design and duration in Alzheimer's disease clinical trials: a review.

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  • Early symptoms and signs of cognitive deficits might not always be detectable in persons who develop Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Positive psychiatry comes of age.

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  • Qualitative analysis of the clinician interview-based impression of change (Plus): methodological issues and implications for clinical research.

    abstract::The Clinician Interview-Based Impression of Change, plus carer interview (CIBIC-Plus), is widely used in antidementia drug trials. It comprises Likert scales for disease severity and changes, and written accounts summarizing semistructured interviews evaluating behavior, cognition, and function. Studies using the CIBI...

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  • Clinical and economic characteristics associated with direct costs of Alzheimer's, frontotemporal and vascular dementia in Argentina.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The economic cost of dementia is high and can be predicted by cognitive and neuropsychiatric profiles. The differential costs of the various subtypes of dementia are unknown in Argentina, and this study therefore aimed to compare these costs. METHODS:Patients with a diagnosis of dementia of Alzheimer-type (...

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  • Efficacy of risperidone for treating patients with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Large randomized controlled trials have shown that risperidone reduces the frequency and severity of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) in patients with dementia. Since such trials are obliged to use very strict inclusion and exclusion criteria, their information about the efficacy is l...

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  • Geriatric Depression Scale as a community screening instrument for elderly Chinese immigrants.

    abstract::Depression is the most prevalent mental health problem among the elderly, including Chinese-American elderly. A Chinese-language version of the popular Geriatric Depression Scale Long Form (GDS-LF) and Short Form (GDS-SF) was developed. Based on the responses of 50 elderly Chinese immigrants to the U.S. (25 women and ...

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  • Relationship between cortisol level and prevalent/incident cognitive impairment and its moderating factors in older adults.

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  • The brief cognitive assessment tool (BCAT): cross-validation in a community dwelling older adult sample.

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  • Reconceptualizing models of delirium education: findings of a Grounded Theory study.

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  • Validation of the Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS) in a multicultural sample across five Western European countries: diagnostic accuracy and normative data.

    abstract::ABSTRACTBackground:With increasing cultural diversity and growing elderly immigrant populations in Western European countries, the availability of brief cognitive screening instruments adequate for assessment of dementia in people from diverse backgrounds becomes increasingly important. The aim of the present study wa...

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  • Prevalence and correlates of psychotropic drug use in community-dwelling people with young-onset dementia: the NeedYD-study.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Young-onset dementia (YOD) is defined as dementia that develops before the age of 65 years. The prevalence and type of neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) in YOD differ from patients with late onset dementia. NPS in dementia patients are often treated with psychotropic drugs. The aim of this study was to investi...

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  • Bedside clinical and electrophysiological assessment: assessment of change in vulnerable patients.

    abstract::Current approaches to the diagnosis of delirium are based upon the recognition of symptoms that emerge in the pathological state. As an alternative, we propose an approach to case identification for research purposes based on the recognition of significant changes in the cognitive or cerebral state of the individual p...

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  • Functional connectivity of the nucleus basalis of Meynert in Lewy body dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

    abstract::Cholinergic deficits are a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and Lewy body dementia (LBD). The nucleus basalis of Meynert (NBM) provides the major source of cortical cholinergic input; studying its functional connectivity might, therefore, provide a tool for probing the cholinergic system and its degeneration in ne...

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  • The use of CT in dementia.

    abstract::Neuroimaging has become part of the required investigations when assessing a patient with dementia. In this brief paper, we summarize the role of computed tomography (CT) in the routine work-up in dementia and provide some information about the role of the CT scan in the field of dementia research. Although CT is far ...

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  • A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of the discontinuation of long-term antipsychotics in dementia.

    abstract::The objectives of this randomized clinical trial were to investigate the impact of the discontinuation of long-term antipsychotics in residents with dementia in chronic care institutions and to identify clinical predictors of safe discontinuation. Subjects included 34 residents with dementia who were on antipsychotics...

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  • Five-year trajectories of social networks and social support in older adults with major depression.

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  • The neuropsychological sequelae of delirium in elderly patients with hip fracture three months after hospital discharge.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Delirium is a risk factor for long-term cognitive impairment and dementia. Yet, the nature of these cognitive deficits is unknown as is the extent to which the persistence of delirium symptoms and presence of depression at follow-up may account for the association between delirium and cognitive impairment at...

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  • Older women who died by suicide: suicide means, sociodemographic and psychiatric risk factors, and other precipitating circumstances.

    abstract::ABSTRACTBackground:US suicide rates among older women have substantially increased over the past decade. We examined potential differences in sociodemographic and risk/precipitating factors among older female suicide decedents who died by drug overdose versus firearms, hanging/suffocation, and other means, and postmor...

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  • The relationship between gait dynamics and future cognitive decline: a prospective pilot study in geriatric patients.

    abstract::ABSTRACTBackground:Walking ability recently emerged as a sub-clinical marker of cognitive decline. Hence, the relationship between baseline gait and future cognitive decline was examined in geriatric patients. Because a "loss of complexity" (LOC) is a key phenomenon of the aging process that exhibits in multiple syste...

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  • Midlife improvements in financial situation are associated with a reduced dementia risk later in life: the CAIDE 30-year study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Perceived financial strain is associated with various health conditions, but it is unknown whether it is associated with an increased risk for dementia. The goal is to examine the associations between midlife perceptions of financial situation and dementia risk later in life. METHODS:Participants were deriv...

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  • Clinicians' attitudes to spirituality in old age psychiatry.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The aim of this survey is to investigate professional attitudes to the presence and value of spiritual care from Old Age Psychiatrists. METHOD:All registered members of the Faculty of the Psychiatry of Old Age in the United Kingdom were asked to complete a 21-question semi-structured questionnaire. The firs...

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