Notch in fibrosis and as a target of anti-fibrotic therapy.


:The Notch pathway represents a highly conserved signaling network with essential roles in regulation of key cellular processes and functions, many of which are critical for development. Accumulating evidence indicates that it is also essential for fibrosis and thus the pathogenesis of chronic fibroproliferative diseases in diverse organs and tissues. Different effects of Notch activation are observed depending on cellular and tissue context as well as in both physiologic and pathologic states. Close interactions of Notch signaling pathway with other signaling pathways have been identified. In this review, current knowledge on the role of the Notch signaling with special focus on fibrosis and its potential as a therapeutic target is summarized.


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Pharmacological research


Hu B,Phan SH




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  • Exogenous glutathione increases endurance to muscle effort in mice.

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  • Protein kinase C and alcohol addiction.

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  • Diet-induced reduction in serum lipoproteins stimulates cell proliferation in weanling rats.

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  • Evaluation of beta-endorphin/beta-lipotropin immunoreactivity content in the CSF of patients affected by deafferentation pain syndromes.

    abstract::Beta-endorphin/beta-lipotropin immunoreactivity (BE/BLPH-IR) content was evaluated in the CSF of patients suffering by deafferentation pain syndromes. BE/BLPH-IR CSF concentrations of these patients were compared with those obtained in a group of patients affected by low back pain and in a control group without pain p...

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  • Calumenin and fibulin-1 on tumor metastasis: Implications for pharmacology.

    abstract::Tumor metastasis is a key cause of cancer mortality, and inhibiting migration of cancer cells is one of the major directions of anti-metastatic drug development. Calumenin and fibulin-1 are two extracellular proteins that synergistically inhibit cell migration and tumor metastasis, and could potentially be served as t...

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  • Cell-penetrating pepducins targeting the neurotensin receptor type 1 relieve pain.

    abstract::Pepducins are cell-penetrating, membrane-tethered lipopeptides designed to target the intracellular region of a G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) in order to allosterically modulate the receptor's signaling output. In this proof-of-concept study, we explored the pain-relief potential of a pepducin series derived from ...

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  • Pharmacological strategies to target oncogenic KRAS signaling in pancreatic cancer.

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  • Hypochlorous acid-induced responses in sheep isolated pulmonary artery rings.

    abstract::The formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) appears to play a significant role in many pathological states including cystic fibrosis and asthma. Although stimulated inflammatory cells represent a major source of oxygen metabolites and these cells are able to generate the potent oxidant hypochlorous acid (HOCl) effe...

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  • Gastroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects of resin from Protium heptaphyllum in mice and rats.

    abstract::The natural resin collected from the trunk wood of Protium heptaphyllum is used in folk medicine to treat inflammatory conditions and to hasten wound repair. In the search of new potential anti-inflammatory agents with gastroprotective property, the present study evaluated its effects in experimental models of gastric...

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  • Long noncoding RNA AK039312 and AK079370 inhibits bone formation via miR-199b-5p.

    abstract::Osteoporosis caused by aging and menopause had become an emerging threat to human health. The reduction of osteoblast differentiation has been considered to be an essential cause of osteoporosis. Osteoblast differentiation could be regulated by LncRNAs, and increasing evidences have proved that LncRNAs may be adopted ...

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  • The novel anti-inflammatory agent VA694, endowed with both NO-releasing and COX2-selective inhibiting properties, exhibits NO-mediated positive effects on blood pressure, coronary flow and endothelium in an experimental model of hypertension and endotheli

    abstract::Selective cyclooxygenase 2 (COX2) inhibitors (COXIBs) are effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs with improved gastrointestinal (GI) safety compared to nonselective nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as traditional (tNSAIDs). However, their use is associated with a cardiovascular (CV) hazard (i.e. inc...

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  • New perspectives in melatonin uses.

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  • The effect of manganese chloride on gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats.

    abstract::The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of manganese chloride on gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats. Thirty-six adult Wistar Albino rats were divided into six equal groups. They were injected with gentamicin sulfate (100 mg kg(-1) per day i.p.) and manganese chloride (2 or 20 mg kg(-1) per day i.p....

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  • The functions of ATP receptors in the hippocampus.

    abstract::The possible involvement of adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) receptors in the function of the hippocampus is reviewed. The involvement of these receptors in the hippocampus is suggested by data that ATP is released from hippocampal slices [1] and that it also induces fast synaptic currents in cultured hippocampal neuro...

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  • Antinociceptive effects of the hydrophilic alpha 2-adrenoceptor agonist ST-91 in different test circumstances after intrathecal administration to Wistar rats.

    abstract::The antinociceptive and motor effects of the hydrophilic alpha 2-adrenoceptor agonist ST-91 were studied after intrathecal administration to male Wistar rats in different heat-pain tests and different test settings. Intrathecal administration of ST-91 caused a dose-dependent increase in hind paw licking latency in the...

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  • Sulforaphane protects ischemic injury of hearts through antioxidant pathway and mitochondrial K(ATP) channels.

    abstract::Reactive oxygen species are important mediators that exert a toxic effect during ischemia-reperfusion (I/R) injury of various organs. Sulforaphane is known to be an indirect antioxidant that acts by inducing Nrf2-dependent phase 2 enzymes. In this study, we investigated whether sulforaphane protects heart against I/R ...

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  • The distribution of catecholamines between plasma and platelets in cyclosporin A-induced hypertensive rats.

    abstract::One of the most serious side effects of the immunosuppressive agent, cyclosporin A (CsA), is drug-related hypertension. As it is generally accepted, the sympathetic nervous system may play an important role in the development or maintenance of this abnormal pathophysiological situation. This study is aimed at assessin...

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  • Improved drug targeting of cancer cells by utilizing actively targetable folic acid-conjugated albumin nanospheres.

    abstract::Folic acid-conjugated albumin nanospheres (FA-AN) have been developed to provide an actively targetable drug delivery system for improved drug targeting of cancer cells with reduced side effects. The nanospheres were prepared by conjugating folic acid onto the surface of albumin nanospheres using 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethyl...

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  • Mfsd2a-based pharmacological strategies for drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier.

    abstract::The blood-brain barrier (BBB) keeps the central nervous system (CNS) safe from various brain diseases, while the BBB makes it difficult for effective drugs to enter the CNS. Mfsd2a is specifically expressed on the cell membrane of brain-microvascular endothelial cell (BMEC) and is implicated in the delivery of some su...

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  • Effect of praziquantel versus hycanthone on deoxyribonucleic acid content of hepatocytes in murine schistosomiasis mansoni.

    abstract::Cytophotometric measurement of the effect of praziquantel (500 mg/kg for 2 days) versus hycanthone (60 mg/kg for 3 days) on hepatocyte nuclear deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content was evaluated in Schistosoma mansoni infected mice. Drugs were given 8 weeks post-infection and repeated weekly for 4 weeks. DNA values of i...

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  • Anti-platelet activity of KR-32560, a novel sodium/hydrogen exchanger-1 inhibitor.

    abstract::We investigated the anti-platelet effect of a newly synthesized guanidine derivative KR-32560, a sodium/hydrogen exchanger-1 (NHE-1) inhibitor, together with the elucidation of the possible mode of action. KR-32560 concentration dependently inhibited the aggregation of washed rabbit platelets induced by collagen (10 m...

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  • Sirt3 is a novel target to treat sepsis induced myocardial dysfunction by acetylated modulation of critical enzymes within cardiac tricarboxylic acid cycle.

    abstract::Sepsis induced myocardial dysfunction (SIMD) results in high morbidity and mortality. However, the effective therapeutic strategies for SIMD treatment remain limited. Sirt3 is the main mitochondrial Sirtuin member and is a key modulator of mitochondrial metabolism and function. In this study, we aimed to investigate t...

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    authors: Xu Y,Zhang S,Rong J,Lin Y,Du L,Wang Y,Zhang Z

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  • TRAIL in oncology: From recombinant TRAIL to nano- and self-targeted TRAIL-based therapies.

    abstract::TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) selectively induces the apoptosis pathway in tumor cells leading to tumor cell death. Because TRAIL induction can kill tumor cells, cancer researchers have developed many agents to target TRAIL and some of these agents have entered clinical trials in oncology. Unfortunatel...

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  • The role of poly(ADP-ribose) synthetase inhibition in preventing endotoxemia-induced intestinal epithelial apoptosis.

    abstract::In this lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced endotoxemia model, the effects of 3-aminobenzamide (3-AB), a poly(ADP-ribose) synthetase (PARS) inhibitor, on ileal apoptosis were evaluated by light microscopy and M30 cell death staining. Moreover, the relationship between Bcl-2, iNOS expression, and serum nitrate (NO(3)(-)) ...

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    authors: Cinel I,Buyukafsar K,Cinel L,Polat A,Atici S,Tamer L,Oral U

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  • Interplay between nitric oxide and CGRP by capsaicin in isolated guinea-pig heart.

    abstract::Capsaicin at a concentration of 10(-7)m induced a significant increase in heart rate and increased coronary flow in isolated Langendorff-perfused guinea-pig hearts. This effect was completely blocked by 30 microm of N(omega)-nitro-L-arginine methyl ester (L-NAME), an inhibitor of nitric oxide synthase. Additional incu...

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