Neonatal bronchopulmonary dysplasia increases neuronal apoptosis in the hippocampus through the HIF-1α and p53 pathways.


:Neonatal bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) might lead to an increased risk for brain injury. The present study aims to investigate the effects of neonatal BPD on neuronal apoptosis in the hippocampus and cognitive function and to explore the underlying mechanisms. The results revealed that BPD model rat pups exhibited more apoptotic cells in the hippocampus and longer escape latencies in the Morris maze test. Both the caspase-dependent and caspase-nondependent signal pathways were activated. Further examinations showed an elevated p53 level by BPD via HIF-1α induction, while the caspase-3 in the hippocampus was suppressed by both HIF-1α and p53 inhibitor. These findings suggested that neonatal BPD caused impaired cognitive function and neuron apoptosis in hippocampus via p53 and HIF-1α. Although the precise mechanism requires further investigation, this study provided new evidence for and an explanation of the impaired CNS developmental outcomes of BPD.


Yin R,Yuan L,Ping L,Hu L




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  • Prolonged partial obstruction during sleep is a NREM phenomenon.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Prolonged partial obstruction (PPO) is a common finding in sleep studies. Although not verified, it seems to emerge in deep sleep. We study the effect of PPO on sleep architecture or sleep electroencephalography (EEG) frequency. METHODS:Fifteen OSA patients, 15 PPO + OSA patients and 15 healthy subjects unde...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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  • Embryonic development of endothermy.

    abstract::During embryonic development of homeothermic animals like birds and mammals transition from ectothermy to endothermy occurs especially in precocial species of both taxa. Based on some evolutionary aspects of the development of endothermy the review focuses on the prenatal development of endothermy and of the thermoreg...

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  • Effects of different forms of dyspnoea on pain perception induced by cold-pressor test.

    abstract::Although dyspnoea has been shown to attenuate pain, whether different forms of dyspnoea exert a similar inhibitory effect on pain has never been tested. We examined the effects of two different forms of dyspnoea, i.e., "air hunger" sensation (AIR HUNGER) and "work/effort" sensation (WORK/EFFORT), on pain induced by a ...

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  • Protective role of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor β/δ in acute lung injury induced by prolonged hyperbaric hyperoxia in rats.

    abstract::Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR)-β/δ is a transcription factor that belongs to the PPAR family, but the role of PPAR-β/δ in acute lung injury (ALI) induced by hyperbaric oxygen is unknown. In this study we investigated if PPAR-β/δ activation protects from hyperoxia-induced ALI in a rat model. ALI was ...

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  • Effects of five nights of normobaric hypoxia on the ventilatory responses to acute hypoxia and hypercapnia.

    abstract::This study examined the effects of five nights of normobaric hypoxia on ventilatory responses to acute isocapnic hypoxia (AHVR) and hyperoxic hypercapnia (AHCVR). Twelve male subjects (26.6 +/- 4.1 years, standard deviation (S.D.)) slept 8-9 h per day overnight for 5 consecutive days at a simulated altitude of 4,300 m...

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  • Epidemiological and immunological reasons for pertussis vaccination in adolescents and adults.

    abstract::The resurgence of pertussis has been the subject of considerable debate. Hypotheses to explain increased reporting in developed countries have focused mainly on three aspects: (1) increased recognition of the disease in adolescents and adults; (2) waning of vaccine-induced immunity and (3) loss of vaccine efficacy due...

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  • Impaired migration and cell volume regulation in aquaporin 5-deficient SPC-A1 cells.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Aquaporin 5 (AQP5) is widely expressed in various organ and tissues. In light of the novel oncogenic properties of aquaporins (AQPs), here we investigated the effect of AQP5 knockdown by RNAi on transmembrane osmotic water permeability, cell migration potential and cell volume regulation ability. METHODS:AQ...

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    authors: Chen Z,Zhang Z,Gu Y,Bai C

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  • Functional genomics of sleep.

    abstract::Functional genomics is a systematic and high-throughput effort to analyze the functions of genes and gene products. Functional genomics is divided into gene- and phenotype-driven approaches. Gene-driven approaches to the functional genomics of sleep have demonstrated that transcripts of many genes change as a function...

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    authors: Mackiewicz M,Pack AI

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  • Time course of ventilatory acclimatisation to hypoxia in a model of anemic transgenic mice.

    abstract::We questioned the assumption that polycythemia is essential for adaptation to chronic hypoxia. Thus, the objective of our study was to determine if anemic Epo-TAg(h) mice could survive in hypoxia despite low oxygen carrying capacity. We explored the possibility that ventilatory acclimatisation is involved in the strat...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Macarlupú JL,Buvry A,Morel OE,León-Velarde F,Richalet JP,Favret F

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  • The influence of pulmonary receptors on respiratory drive in a rabbit model of pulmonary emphysema.

    abstract::We have observed that pulmonary rapidly adapting receptor activity is greater in emphysematous rats than in controls. Pulmonary receptor activity, if modified by lung disease, may produce an inappropriate drive to breathe which may be perceived as dyspnoea. To investigate the efferent (drive) component of this hypothe...

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  • The cessation of breathing in the chicken embryo during cold-hypometabolism.

    abstract::The avian embryo toward end-incubation combines gas exchange through the chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) and pulmonary ventilation (V˙E). The main experiments examined breathing activity during cold-hypometabolism. Chicken embryos close to hatching were prepared for simultaneous measurements of oxygen consumption ( [Fo...

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  • Respiratory sinus arrhythmia in conscious humans during spontaneous respiration.

    abstract::Respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) is the beat-to-beat fluctuation in heart rate at the frequency of the respiratory cycle. While it is common to study RSA under conditions of controlled breathing, where respiratory frequency, and sometimes tidal volume and inspiratory:expiratory ratio are controlled, the effect of co...

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  • Unevenness of ventilation assessed by the expired CO(2) gas volume versus V(T) curve in asthmatic patients.

    abstract::Recently, we have shown that the expired CO2 gas volume versus tidal volume (VCO2-VT) curve is a useful tool for assessing unevenness of ventilation because it allows the separation of tidal volume into three functional compartments: (a) the CO2-free expired air (V0), (b) the transitional volume (Vtr), (c) the alveola...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章


    authors: Koulouris NG,Latsi P,Stavrou E,Chroneou A,Gaga M,Jordanoglou J

    更新日期:2004-06-25 00:00:00

  • Inter-individual differences in control of alveolar capillary blood volume in exercise and hypoxia.

    abstract::We compared by non-invasive technique the adaptive response of alveolar capillary network to edemagenic conditions (exercise and high altitude [HA, PIO2 107mmHg] in subjects with different resting sea level (SL) capillary blood volume (normalized to alveolar volume, Vc/Va): Group 1 (N=10, Vc/Va=16.1±6.8ml/L- mean±SD) ...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Bartesaghi M,Beretta E,Pollastri L,Scotti V,Mandolesi G,Lanfranconi F,Miserocchi G

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  • Ontogenesis of oxygen chemoreception in aquatic vertebrates.

    abstract::In aquatic vertebrates, peripheral O(2) chemoreceptors initiate compensatory physiological and behavioural responses to hypoxia, beginning at very early stages of development, to maintain sufficient gas exchange across the skin or gills. This review highlights the morphological and physiological studies, particularly ...

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  • Trophic factor expression in phrenic motor neurons.

    abstract::The function of a motor neuron and the muscle fibers it innervates (i.e., a motor unit) determines neuromotor output. Unlike other skeletal muscles, respiratory muscles (e.g., the diaphragm, DIAm) must function from birth onwards in sustaining ventilation. DIAm motor units are capable of both ventilatory and non-venti...

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    authors: Mantilla CB,Sieck GC

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  • Hypercapnia attenuates inspiratory amplitude and expiratory time responsiveness to hypoxia in vagotomized and vagal-intact rats.

    abstract::A negative influence of central chemosensitivity on peripheral chemoreflex response has been demonstrated recently in a decerebrate-vagotomized rat preparation in situ with separate carotid body and brainstem perfusions. Here, we report similar negative influences of hypercapnia on the hypoxic respiratory response in ...

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    authors: Tin C,Song G,Poon CS

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  • Effects of cigarette smoke and chronic hypoxia on airways remodeling and resistance. Clinical significance.

    abstract::Previously we have reported that association of cigarette smoke (CS) and chronic hypoxia (CH) interact positively to physiopathologically remodel pulmonary circulation. In present study we have exposed guinea pigs to CS smoke (four cigarettes/day; 3 months; CS) and to chronic hypoxia (12% O(2), 15 days; CH) alone or i...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Olea E,Ferrer E,Prieto-Lloret J,Gonzalez-Martin C,Vega-Agapito V,Gonzalez-Obeso E,Agapito T,Peinado V,Obeso A,Barbera JA,Gonzalez C

    更新日期:2011-12-15 00:00:00

  • New insights into the mechanisms controlling urea excretion in fish gills.

    abstract::Not long ago, urea was believed to freely diffuse across plasma membranes. The discovery of specialized proteins to facilitate the movement of urea across the fish gill, similar to those found in mammalian kidney, was exciting, and at the same time, perplexing; especially considering the fact that, aside from elasmobr...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: McDonald MD,Gilmour KM,Walsh PJ

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  • Effects of bi-level positive airway pressure on ventilatory and perceptual responses to exercise in comorbid heart failure-COPD.

    abstract::This study tested the hypothesis that, by increasing the volume available for tidal expansion (inspiratory capacity, IC), bi-level positive airway pressure (BiPAP™) would lead to greater beneficial effects on dyspnea and exercise intolerance in comorbid heart failure (HF)-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) t...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Souza A,Sperandio PA,Mazzuco A,Alencar MCN,Arbex FF,Oliveira M,Medeiros W,Rocha A,Nery LE,O Donnell DE,Neder JA

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  • Vertebrate brains at the pilot light.

    abstract::While the brains of most vertebrates are unable to tolerate more than a few minutes of anoxia, some freshwater turtles (Trachemys and Chrysemys), crucian carp (Carassius carassius) and frogs (Rana pipens and Rana temporaria) can survive anoxia for hours to months. Obviously, anoxia tolerance has evolved separately sev...

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    authors: Lutz PL,Nilsson GE

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  • Airway nociceptors activated by pro-inflammatory cytokines.

    abstract::The present studies evaluate whether the vagus nerves link the lungs' immune and neural systems by transmitting information through pulmonary nociceptors. Single unit activities from pulmonary nociceptors [C fiber receptors (CFRs) and high threshold Adelta fiber receptors (HTARs)] were recorded from the cervical vagus...

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    authors: Yu J,Lin S,Zhang J,Otmishi P,Guardiola JJ

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  • Multidimensional aspects of dyspnea in obese patients referred for cardiopulmonary exercise testing.

    abstract::We investigated the contributions of obesity on multidimensional aspects of dyspnea on exertion (DOE) in patients referred for clinical cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET). Ratings of perceived breathlessness (RPB, Borg scale 0-10) were collected in obese (BMI ≥ 30; n = 47) and nonobese (BMI ≤ 25; n = 27) patients...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Balmain BN,Weinstein K,Bernhardt V,Marines-Price R,Tomlinson AR,Babb TG

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  • Maximal O(2) consumption: Effects of gravity withdrawal and resumption.

    abstract::Maximal O(2) consumption (V(O)(2) max) is an index of integrated cardiopulmonary function. After having defined it, discussed its limitation, and described its measurement, we present data during and after space flight and simulation. During gravity withdrawal, V(O)(2) max stays unchanged. It suddenly drops when the s...

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    authors: Ferretti G,Capelli C

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  • Neutrophils in asthma--a review.

    abstract::Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease, with an array of cells involved in the pathogenesis of the disease. The role of neutrophils in the development of bronchial asthma is found to be complex, as they may trigger activation of immunocompetent cells and are a potent source of free oxygen radicals and enzymes partic...

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    authors: Ciepiela O,Ostafin M,Demkow U

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  • Pulmonary blood flow generates cardiogenic oscillations.

    abstract::Cardiogenic oscillations are small waves produced by heartbeats, which are superimposed on the pressure and flow signals at the airway opening. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of the two main factors believed to generate these oscillations: (1) contact between heart and lungs and (2) pulmonary blood ...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Tusman G,Suarez-Sipmann F,Peces-Barba G,Climente C,Areta M,Arenas PG,Bohm SH

    更新日期:2009-07-31 00:00:00

  • Effects on breathing of agonists to μ-opioid or GABAA receptors dialyzed into the ventral respiratory column of awake and sleeping goats.

    abstract::Pulmonary ventilation (V̇I) in awake and sleeping goats does not change when antagonists to several excitatory G protein-coupled receptors are dialyzed unilaterally into the ventral respiratory column (VRC). Concomitant changes in excitatory neuromodulators in the effluent mock cerebral spinal fluid (mCSF) suggest neu...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Langer TM 3rd,Neumueller SE,Crumley E,Burgraff NJ,Talwar S,Hodges MR,Pan L,Forster HV

    更新日期:2017-05-01 00:00:00

  • Whole blood hypoxia-related gene expression reveals novel pathways to obstructive sleep apnea in humans.

    abstract::In this study, our goal was to identify the key genes that are associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Thirty-five volunteers underwent full in-lab polysomnography and, according to the sleep apnea hypopnea index (AHI), were classified into control, mild-to-moderate OSA and severe OSA groups. Severe OSA patient...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Perry JC,Guindalini C,Bittencourt L,Garbuio S,Mazzotti DR,Tufik S

    更新日期:2013-12-01 00:00:00

  • Responses induced by acetylcholine and ATP in the rabbit petrosal ganglion.

    abstract::Acetylcholine and ATP appear to mediate excitatory transmission between receptor (glomus) cells and the petrosal ganglion (PG) neuron terminals in the carotid body. In most species these putative transmitters are excitatory, while inhibitory effects had been reported in the rabbit. We studied the effects of the applic...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

    pub_type: 杂志文章


    authors: Soto CR,Ortiz FC,Vargas RV,Arroyo J,Alcayaga J

    更新日期:2010-07-31 00:00:00

  • Effect of acetazolamide on respiratory muscle fatigue in humans.

    abstract::Previous studies have demonstrated that carbonic anhydrase inhibition with acetazolamide reduces exercise capacity. The mechanism responsible for this early fatigue is unclear, but may be partly mediated by impaired respiratory muscle function. Inspiratory muscle strength and endurance were assessed in seven healthy m...

    journal_title:Respiratory physiology & neurobiology

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    authors: Gonzales JU,Scheuermann BW

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