A mechanistic study on the metastasis inducing function of FUS-CHOP fusion protein in liposarcoma.


:The FUS-CHOP fusion protein has been found to be instrumental for specific oncogenic processes in liposarcoma, but its ability to induce metastasis and the underlying mechanisms by which this can be achieved remain unknown. To dissect its functional role in this context, we stably overexpressed this protein in SW872 liposarcoma and HT1080 fibrosarcoma cell lines, and were able to demonstrate that forced expression of FUS-CHOP significantly increases migration and invasion, as well as enhances lung and liver metastasis in the in vivo chicken chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) model, that is proliferation independent. Additionally, FUS-CHOP enhances the expression of matrix-metalloproteinases -2 and -9, and transactivates their promoters in vitro. Mutational analysis showed that C/EBP-β- (-769/-755), NF-κB (-525/-516) and CREB/AP-1 (-218/-207) sites were important for MMP-2 and NF-κB (-604/-598), AP-1 (-539/-532) and AP-1 (-81/-72) for MMP-9 transactivation. Moreover, a direct in vivo interaction of FUS-CHOP was observed in case of the MMP-2 promoter within region (-769/-207). siRNA data revealed that MMP-2 expression is essential in the FUS-CHOP induced metastatic phenotype. MMP-2-mRNA and protein expression correlated significantly with FUS-CHOP positivity in 46 resected patient liposarcoma tissues. We have for the first time provided substantial evidence for the FUS-CHOP oncoprotein as an inducer of metastasis that is due to the transcriptional induction of specific tumor-associated proteases. Insights gained from this study not only support a deeper understanding of the mechanistic properties of FUS-CHOP, but also open up new avenues for targeted therapy.


Int J Cancer


Patil N,Ahmed Kabeer Rasheed S,Abba M,Hendrik Leupold J,Schwarzbach M,Allgayer H




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2014-06-15 00:00:00












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    abstract::A new antigan has been revealed by means of antisera against Rauscher virus in mice with Rauscher virus-induced leukemia. This antigen appears to be different from both Rauscher type-specific antigen and MULV-gs-1 (p-30), as shown by studies of electrophoretic mobility and immunochemical specificity. Except in leukemi...

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  • Cervical carcinoma: detection of herpes simplex virus RNA in cells undergoing neoplastic change.

    abstract::3H-HSV-2 DNA has been hybridized in situ to frozen sectioned tissue from human cervical biopsies. RNA complementary to the virus-specific probe was detected in cells undergoing pre-malignant changes, but not in the cells of the fully developed squamous-cell cancer. ...

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  • Microsatellite analysis and telomerase activity in archived tissue and urine samples of bladder cancer patients.

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  • Endoscopic screening for synchronous esophageal neoplasia among patients with incident head and neck cancer: Prevalence, risk factors, and outcomes.

    abstract::Esophageal squamous-cell neoplasia (ESCN) is a common second primary neoplasia found in patients with head-and-neck squamous-cell carcinoma (HNSCC). This study sought to identify the risk factors for synchronous ESCN and how they influence survival in HNSCC patient. Eight hundred and fifteen incident HNSCC patients we...

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