Assessment of anemia during CT pulmonary angiography.


OBJECTIVES:Anemia is associated with increased mortality in patients with acute symptomatic pulmonary embolism (PE). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of Hounsfield unit (HU) measurements on the single unenhanced trigger slice of pulmonary CT angiography scans for diagnosis of anemia. MATERIAL AND METHODS:150 consecutive patients (median age 64 ± 16 years) with suspected PE underwent pulmonary CT angiography. Two radiologists, blinded to laboratory results, performed HU measurements in the single unenhanced trigger scan independently by region-based analysis (ROI). HU values from ascending and descending aorta and the calculated mean of both were correlated with serum hemoglobin levels. Inter- and intraobserver variability was determined for HU measurements, and ROC analysis was performed for diagnosis of anemia. Calculated linear models were used to assess formulas for estimation of hemoglobin levels from HU measurements. RESULTS:HU measurements revealed high intra- and interrater reliability (ICC>0.981 and ICC>0.965, respectively). Calculated mean HU values showed a strong correlation with serum hemoglobin levels (r=0.734), which allowed generation of different formulas for calculation of hemoglobin levels from HU measurements. ROC analyses confirmed a high sensitivity (80.4 for men; 91.3 for women) and specificity (84.0 for men; 84.9 for women) for diagnosing anemia. CONCLUSION:Diagnosis of anemia and quantification of hemoglobin levels upon a single unenhanced trigger scan of pulmonary CT angiography is feasible. We suggest disclosing the anemic state in the radiological report, independent of the presence of PE, since anemia carries increased risks of morbidity and mortality.


Eur J Radiol


Jung C,Groth M,Bley TA,Henes FO,Treszl A,Adam G,Bannas P




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  • Multiple, thin-walled cysts are one of the HRCT features of airspace enlargement with fibrosis.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Airspace enlargement with fibrosis (AEF) has been identified pathologically as a smoking related change. We sought to identify the HRCT findings of AEF and search for distinguishing features from honeycombing. MATERIALS AND METHODS:50 patients (47 males; mean age 69) were evaluated. All had undergone lobectomy...

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    abstract::A total of 7 healthy volunteers and 31 patients have been examined clinically, by MRI, TRS, and biopsy. In those patients with established carcinoma, a CT examination was also performed. For the MRI study, a superconducting MR 2000 imager (Picker International) operated at 0.15 T was used with multiplanar SE and IR se...

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