Uptake of alpha-aminoisobutyric acid and phosphate by membrane vesicles derived from growing and quiescent fibroblasts.


:Membrane vesicles derived principally from the plasma membrane and endoplasmic reticulum of mouse 3T3 cells transformed by Simian virus 40 take up alpha-aminoisobutyric acid (AIB) and phosphate (Pi). When NaCl is added simultaneously with AIB or Pi, uptake rises two- to three-times above the equilibrium to accumulate AIB or Pi over the control value, in the presence of a Na+ gradient, is almost lost in membrane vesicles derived from benzpyrene-transformed 3T3 cells (BP3T3) arrested in the G1 phase of the cell cycle by serum starvation. When added to the membranes with NaCl and the uptake substrate, a combination of fibroblast growth factor (FGF) and epidermal growth factor EGF restores the ability of the membranes to accumulate AIB and Pi over the control value.


J Cell Physiol


Nilsen-Hamilton M,Hamilton RT




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1976-12-01 00:00:00












  • S100B causes apoptosis in a myoblast cell line in a RAGE-independent manner.

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  • Resistin effects on pancreatic cancer progression and chemoresistance are mediated through its receptors CAP1 and TLR4.

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  • The glioma cell-derived neurite promoting activity protein is functionally and immunologically related to human protease nexin-I.

    abstract::Protease nexin-I (PN-I, Mr approximately 43,000) is representative of a newly described class of cell-secreted protease inhibitors. PN-I has been purified to apparent homogeneity, partially sequenced, and monospecific antibodies have been raised against it. PN-I is a potent inhibitor of urokinase, thrombin, plasmin, a...

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  • Rab22B is expressed in the CNS astroglia lineage and plays a role in epidermal growth factor receptor trafficking in A431 cells.

    abstract::The expression profile and functions of the brain-enriched Rab22B/Rab31 small GTPase had remained uncharacterized. Using specific antibodies against Rab22B, we found the protein to be exceptionally enriched in nestin and RC2-positive radial glia of the embryonic mouse brain. In the adult brain, Rab22B is rather specif...

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  • Core Binding Factor β Plays a Critical Role During Chondrocyte Differentiation.

    abstract::Core binding factor β (Cbfβ) is a partner protein of Runx family transcription factors with minimally characterized function in cartilage. Here we address the role of Cbfβ in cartilage by generating chondrocyte-specific Cbfβ-deficient mice (Cbfb(Δch/Δch) ) from Cbfb-floxed mice crossed with mice expressing Cre from th...

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    abstract::The Belgrade rat has a hypochromic, microcytic anemia inherited as an autosomal recessive mutation. Although transferrin binds normally to reticulocytes and internalizes normally, iron accumulation into cells and heme is much slower than normal. We have investigated the role of the transferrin cycle in this mutant by ...

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  • The role of autophagy in bone homeostasis.

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  • Biosensors for real-time monitoring of physiological processes in the musculoskeletal system: A systematic review.

    abstract::Biosensors are composed of (bio)receptors, transducers, and detection systems and are able to convert the biological stimulus into a measurable signal. This systematic review evaluates the current state of the art of innovation and research in this field, identifying the biosensors that in vitro monitor the musculoske...

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  • Galactosemia: the good, the bad, and the unknown.

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  • Heparan sulfates of mouse cells. Analysis of parent and transformed 3T3 cell lines.

    abstract::Heparan sulfate from the surface of a variety of mouse cells at different cell densities was examined by ion-exchange chromatography. The results of this analysis show that: (1) The heparan sulfate from new isolates of Swiss 3T3 cells transformed by SV40 virus (a DNA tumor virus) elutes from DEAE-cellulose at a lower ...

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  • Rapid in vitro formation of smooth endoplasmic reticulum aggregates within peptide-producing islet cells.

    abstract::We report here that heptanol (3.5 mM) induces in vitro a rapid formation of smooth endoplasmic reticulum aggregates (SERA) within isolated islets of Langerhans. SERA appeared after only 15 min of exposure to the alkanol and increased in number during the first 30 min of incubation. At that time, SERA represented 2% an...

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  • Intracellular localization of ClC chloride channels and their ability to form hetero-oligomers.

    abstract::ClC chloride channels (ClCs) can be classified into two groups in terms of their cellular localizations: ClCs present in the plasma membranes and those residing in intracellular organelles. Members of the latter group, including ClC-3, ClC-4, ClC-5, ClC-6, and ClC-7, are often co-expressed in a variety of cell types i...

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  • Sulfated malto-oligosaccharides bind to basic FGF, inhibit endothelial cell proliferation, and disrupt endothelial cell tube formation.

    abstract::The interaction of basic FGF (bFGF) with heparin, heparan sulfate and related sugars can potentiate or antagonize bFGF activity, depending on the size of the saccharide used. Oligosaccharides based on heparin structures, as small as six sugar residues, have been demonstrated to bind to bFGF and block its activity, whi...

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  • TGF beta alters growth and differentiation related gene expression in proliferating osteoblasts in vitro, preventing development of the mature bone phenotype.

    abstract::This study examines the mechanism by which TGF-beta 1, an important mediator of cell growth and differentiation, blocks the differentiation of normal rat diploid fetal osteoblasts in vitro. We have established that the inability for pre-osteoblasts to differentiate is associated with changes in the expression of cell ...

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  • 1,7-Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1,4-heptadien-3-one induces lung cancer cell apoptosis via the PI3K/Akt and ERK1/2 pathways.

    abstract::1,7-Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-1,4-heptadien-3-one (EB30) is a diarylheptanoid-like compound isolated from Viscum coloratum. This curcumin analog exhibits significant cytotoxic activity against HeLa, SGC-7901, and MCF-7 cells. However, little is known about the anticancer effects and mechanisms of EB30 in human lung cancer....

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